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How AI Is Transforming Future Digital Marketing Plans

While many consider Artificial Intelligence to be in its infancy, it is already showing a great deal of impact across various industries. Establishments and organizations have become increasingly enticed with the various efficacies and potential benefits of deploying AI to carry out various business-related operations.

As such, the marketing department is no different, and it seems like AI in digital marketing serves to be a perfect match to test and explore its capabilities even further. Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft are already deeply invested.

According to a recent study by Semrush, the global AI market is predicted to grow and reach $190361 billion market value by 2025. The forecasted annual growth of AI is 33.2% from 2020 to 2027.

Furthermore, by 2030 China will be the world leader in AI technology with a 26.1% share of the global market. Moreover, by 2022 companies are expected to have an average of 35 AI projects in place, with 80% of retail executives expecting their retail companies to AI-powered intelligent automation by 2027.

How AI Is Transforming Future Digital Marketing Plans

In light of this information, let’s take a quick look at some of the ways through which AI in digital marketing is transforming Digital Marketing and its future:

Augmented Data Analytics

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As a rule-based system, even the most basic of AI programs have an incredible tenacity to crunch huge chunks of information at blinding speeds.

This makes AI in digital marketing perfect for evaluating and drawing insights from data collected by corporations. AI-powered data analytics can provide tremendous insights and can even help businesses to forecast upcoming trends.

Apptus, the provider of eSales (a next-generation online merchandising solution for converting shoppers into buyers), is able to automate merchandising based on the predictive understanding of consumers.

It does this by combining Big Data and machine learning to determine the products that may appeal to a potential customer who is searching online or looking for recommendations.

Boosting Customer Service

Another way AI in digital marketing impacts the way we do business is by improving customer service. The combination of AI and digital marketing offers you the ability to provide 24/7 and uninterrupted customer support.

In recent times AI-powered chatbots are quickly showing the world how they can be used to keep your visitors informed and help gather data at the same time.

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For a more concrete example of AI for digital marketing, we can take into consideration Dialogflow CX agents at Google Cloud. These are virtual agents that handle conversations with your end-users, deploying NLP (natural language processing) capabilities to understand the nuances of human language.

Hence, when we talk about the digital marketing future, Dialogflow is a good example. It can translate end-user text and audio. It works during a conversation to convert audio/text to structured data. This structured data is understood by your apps and services.

Customized and Personalized Marketing

When we talk about AI in digital marketing, we simply cannot negate the fact that it can be used to deliver hyper-individualized experiences.

The digital marketing future and related case studies show how important personalized services have become in recent years. As such, AI and digital marketing have been merged together to develop content personalization software.*uS1z5J7mPzkHAIaBuzrBPw.png

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In the case of Netflix, you can observe this first hand where you receive personlized recommendations based on what you have watched previously.

If those recommendations work well, they become highly personalized and help you discover new content that you would love. Personalized user experiences are indeed the future of digital marketing 2021.

Dynamic Interactions & Engagement

Looking at AI in digital marketing, one simply cannot refute the fact that businesses want to build on interactions and keep their users engaged. In order to build a new digital marketing future, businesses have to implement AI for use cases that promote and nurture customer engagement and interactions.*9OKfpem-G6QAlLROYup5hg.jpeg

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A fine example of AI for digital marketing is Alie which is an AI-empowered recommendation engine for software applications that deliver ease of use and faster integrations. It is able to curate a personalized browsing environment for each visitor, thus building upon user engagement with its advanced machine learning and deep learning algorithms.

Enriched User Experience

It is highly important for marketers to deliver enriched user experiences that grab the attention of targeted audiences and attract them towards their brands and businesses. The digital marketing future emphasis that users find their experiences captivating, thus allowing businesses to leave a lasting impact on them.

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Taking into consideration AI in digital marketing, we have the example of CIMB Bank that offers 24/7 customer service by integrating EVA, a Chatbot-enabled mobile app enabling customers to perform a number of activities such as checking balance, paying bills, and transferring money.

The future of AI in digital marketing can also be observed with Syncron Uptime, an IoT-enabled product by Syncron that helps manufacturers provide after-sales support.

Fostering Lasting Relationships

Every establishment out there wants to pursue lasting relationships with its existing clientele. AI in digital marketing has paved the way for companies to adopt intelligence-based solutions with more intensity.

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Capgemini Research Institute’s case study reveals that the majority of customers are increasingly becoming familiar with the use of digital services and spreading the usage of non-touch systems based on AI.

Therefore, the digital marketing future is infused with the use of AI in customer experience as not just a temporary trend but as a new standard.

In fact, the future of digital marketing 2021 and beyond Amazon can be considered a good example where the more you interact, the more “lean back” the experience becomes as your signals lead towards greater personalized services.

The future of AI in digital marketing can also be observed through Salesforce that offers a customer relationship management service that also provides marketing automation, analytics, and application development.

Greater Integrations

There are countless ways businesses nowadays are integrating AI into their day to day operations.

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Here are some examples of how AI in digital marketing is being implemented:

  • FedEx and Sprint are using data to detect customers who may leave them for competitors.
  • Coca-Cola was able to use AI as their foundation to analyze Big Data and launched a new flavor called Cherry Sprite.
  • Target and Asos utilize AI for their ability to perform Visual Search to provide customers with identical products for images shared through a smartphone.
  • Nike is using AI-driven Big Data in conjunction with augmented reality apps to provide customers with tailor-made and customized shoes in a matter of hours.

Improving Productivity for Better Digital Marketing Future

With the power of AI, marketers and managers are able to make full use of their knowledge and increase their productivity levels.

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With AI streamlining processes and freeing them from monotonous and tiresome tasks, marketers can now finally spend more time on lateral thinking activities as well as improve their creativity and work on their intuitiveness. Young learners who opt for dissertation writing services UK are also hopeful of new and emerging AI technologies that can help them improve their productivity in academia.

Market Segmentation

AI can help establishments and corporations to improve their market segmentation process. With its huge appetite to gulp in huge chunks of data, AI-enabled software can categorize customers based on their past behavior, demographics, locality, preferences, age, gender, and socio-economic factors.*dIl6S6hqG3M7dYoL

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AI in Digital Marketing Reduces Cost

Finally, AI can help brands and businesses effectively lower their cost of operations and thus accomplish more in less time without the need for additional resources or benefits.*CufNPkIQIx-hlkIU

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It can optimize workflows for your organization and also point out redundancies in the business process along the way. In the end, AI can make systems more perfect and help marketers to optimize the use of given resources to achieve the best results.


AI is definitely and without question a great tool to amplify business intelligence. For marketers, AI holds the key to deliver a technology-driven process for analyzing data and delivering actionable information to help executives, managers, and workers to make informed decisions.

There is no doubt that with AI supporting them, marketers can be empowered through incredible insights to formulate strategies as well as accomplish more in less time.

I hope this post was able to offer you meaningful understandings regarding how AI is already transforming the future of the Digital Marketing landscape.

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