Mobile App Technologies for Every Business

5 Futuristic Mobile App Technologies for Every Business

In today’s mobile-driven world, we have a mobile application for almost everything. From booking a cab to ordering your favourite meal, millions of people use mobile applications to perform various tasks, search for stuff, and shop for various items.

Extensive usage of mobile applications has compelled companies to introduce a customized mobile app solution. At the same time, it is a challenging task for newcomers to face increasing competition in mobile applications.

As an entrepreneur, you can use a mobile application development company to get a creative and functional business app.

Given below is a list of five mobile app development trends that can boost your business prospects this year:

  1. Android Instant Apps

Android Instant apps eliminate the need to download and launch an app on your smartphone. These apps enable the Android device user to experience mobile-like functionality through a URL or the web browser.

A mobile app can have some drawbacks, including consuming more memory and space of an Android device and deflecting the user from the actual purpose for which they launched the app.

Instant apps allow businesses to work around such limits as a mobile app.

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  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages

A Google report says that nearly 53% of site visits are abandoned when the website does not load in  3 seconds.

Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source invitation that aims to boost mobile websites and web application performance. This process includes three major components- AMP HTML, AMP JS Library, and Google AMP Cache.

However, businesses still rely upon responsive designs for optimizing website performance. Hence, Accelerated Mobile Pages can only be adopted and implemented if businesses rely heavily on a mobile browser to provide their users with a great experience.

  1. Mobile DevOps Tools

DevOps can be described as a revolutionary transition of culture from the convectional IT service delivery model.

A set of practices is involved in automating processes between the coding and other IT teams to ensure that software applications are designed, created, tested, and released faster while adhering to the regulatory compliances.

DevOps tools are available with individual functionality or integrated solutions. In a rapidly evolving technological world, DevOps is fastly emerging as an essential requisite for almost every software team.

  1. Bots & Chatbots

It is an automated conversational interface that makes use of messaging platforms for conversation.

Chatbots are gaining popularity across a wide range of sectors of the Service industry. Chatbots work upon predefined algorithms, scripted responses, and advances with the help of cognitive learning.

Bots are apps or microservices that invoke certain use of an API, applications or services to respond to a request.

  1. Progressive Web Apps

The use of Progressive Web Apps has proved incredibly productive in delivering quality output into the demanding time frame.

With the ever-increasing use and great dependency of users on smartphones to search for desired services or products, businesses choose creative experiences through Progressive Web Apps.

PWAs give options such as full-screen, address bar, push notifications, control bar, and creating a shortcut on the app screen.

Summing it up, the five technologies mentioned above have it to boost your business’s future mobile app strategy. In today’s competitive scenario, almost every business needs to embrace the latest and innovative technologies to stay ahead of the competition.

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