10 Benefits Artificial Intelligence Could Get for eLearning Systems 

10 Benefits Artificial Intelligence Could Get for eLearning Systems 

10 Benefits Artificial Intelligence Could Get for eLearning Systems

Description: Improving Accessibility, Real-Time Questioning, and Personalize Learning Are Some of The Benefits Artificial Intelligence Could Yield for E Learning Systems.


Students, as well as parents, have started to demand alternative learning solutions. Luckily, artificial intelligence for EdTech, Learning Management Systems (LMS), and eLearning systems has been around for quite some time.

This has allowed different schools and universities to slowly meet that particular demand. Plus, the current pandemic coupled with the emergence of new technologies such as ML and AI has brought a paradigm change in the education industry. Such technologies have not only impacted the eLearning systems but also other fields and domains.

Of course, for making the proper use of AI or ML, you should be equipped with a decent internet connection. This will also help you with interruption-free eLearning. Therefore, you should always keep an eye out for different ISP packages such as Spectrum deals that will help you stay connected at all times.

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AI & ML: What Are They?

Before proceeding further, it is important to know what AI and ML are. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the intelligence exhibited by machines that perform different tasks themselves. A common example of AI is a chatbot that you can see on almost every website today.

Machine learning, on the other hand, refers to the ability of machines to learn from their experience, much like humans. You can take it as a set of procedures that allows an automated system to better itself. This learning or change process can be supervised by individuals if required or they can be unsupervised where the machine will detect the patterns on its own.

There’s another type of ML called reinforced learning. This is based on a trial and error methodology where you can use the reward or punishment tactic to shape behavior.

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Benefits of AI for eLearning Systems

Implementing artificial intelligence in education has its perks. Here is how it can benefit eLearning systems.

#1. Improving Accessibility

AI can allow greater ease of access to students with disabilities. Almost everyone will be aware of Seeing AI from Microsoft or audiobooks from Kindle. Both of these tools are for the visually impaired. But what if it is reversed i.e. audiobook is converted to text or captions, this could certainly help the hearing impaired. This will allow people with disabilities to not only rub shoulders with their peers but also explore the world with a broader perspective.

#2. Real-Time Questioning

Students often fear asking questions to their trainers. This is because they are afraid of looking unintelligent. They would most probably try to look up the answers on the internet. But one should realize that not everything is available on the web.

However, if artificial intelligence is integrated into eLearning then this would eliminate the need of walking up to the trainer or looking up the internet whenever the student has some doubt regarding something. All they would need to do is ask the question to the AI engine and they would get the appropriate answer.

#3. Natural Language Processing

But what is NLP or Natural Language Processing? Well, it is a sub-field of artificial intelligence that is focused on powering computers to understand human languages. Or in other words, it is talking to the AI machines just like humans do with each other and that too in the language you prefer.

There are many students who wish to conversate with the instructor in their native language or to communicate with the eLearning platform in their preferred language. AI has now made that possible! This means that you can ask queries to the AI engine in your language, making learning a lot easier.

#4. Personalize Learning

The same form of content is usually delivered to every learner, making it quite overwhelming for the trainer to fulfill the need of every single individual. This approach is certainly not right as everybody has their own pace of learning and style.

Artificial intelligence can help here! It can monitor the previous performance of a learner and using the data collected during the process, it can change their learning material, thus giving them a personalized learning experience. What’s more? AI can help monitor the progress of the learner and can help identify the areas where he/she lacks the most. But to make the most out of AI, one will need to be subscribed to a reliable network. I personally use the Spectrum Wi-Fi plan and for me, it works just fine!


Artificial Intelligence can bring about a revolution in the eLearning sphere if it is implemented the right way. However, it will take some time before AI takes over the entire industry. Considering how fast the technologies are evolving, one can safely say that the future of education looks exciting, to say the least.

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