What is the Digital Marketing Funnel and how it Works?

What is the Digital Marketing Funnel and how it Works?

What is the Digital Marketing Funnel and how it Works?

Whenever we have a thought regarding the marketing process and sales process, the first thing we think about is the experience of a customer during the complete process. In this article, we will be discussing the Digital Marketing Funnel which gives us a clear picture of the customer journey. Let’s get started!!

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Digital Marketing Funnel

A digital marketing funnel is divided into three categories that are TOFU-Top of the Funnel, MOFU-Middle of the Funnel, and BOFU-Bottom of the funnel. All these stages play an important role in the customer’s journey and this can help you to apply various approaches and digital marketing strategy and tactics are used as per the journey of the customers and where they stand in their journey as we know digital marketing is necessary to the each company therefore dg royals s the best digital marketing institute in delhi they are providing best faculty of digital course there you’ll get and learn so many things about digital marketing join here.

Let’s Start with A Discussion and Understand These Stages in Detail.


At This stage, we are totally focusing upon the customers and targeting the relevant audience of the product, and reaching them with the message or the creative. Here our first step is to create brand awareness and attract the customer’s attention and for this, the marketers use the below ways to target the relevant audience. Let’s look at the below methods

a) Content Marketing or On-Page SEO make them aware of your product and services.

b) Social Media Marketing or SMM promote your product on various platforms to create brand awareness.

c) Digital Advertising or Marketing makes the users aware of your brand through various channels.

The top of the funnel stage does not focus on selling the products or leads the entire focus of this stage is to create brand awareness and make the brand popular amongst the right audiences and making a space for your brand in the industry.

Analyzing the Performance of Top of the Funnel

In order to know whether your strategies if Top of the Funnel stage is working as per the desired aim and goal it’s really important to analyze the strategy designed for the top of the funnel.

a) Analyzing the Website’s Traffic

b) Generating Audience via Social Media Marketing


In the middle of the funnel, we totally pay our attention to the audience who are more likely to buy our product and services rather than just enquiring and interacting with us and visiting our website. At this stage, we will be able to see a lot of audiences on your website, many social media followers and many subscribe to your channels and emails but a very few of them will convert.

Here at this stage, we will focus on the customers who are potential customers and have higher chances of conversion as we discuss above about dg royals institute why is best they are providing two demo classes of their course and you will learn there so many things for your career or help you to be a freelancer they’re providing best digital marketing course in delhi

At this stage, you really need to understand the demographics and the target audience, and the potential audience. Method to enhance conversion rate.

a)On-page SEO to Promote sales and conversion by targeting the right audience in your blogs

b) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps to target the keywords that are searched by the users maximum of the time.

c) Digital Advertising at the middle of the level is to promote sales and is intent based marketing only for the audience to have high conversion chances.

d) Automated Marketing is a need of the hour, the marketer can create beautiful and easy to understand landing pages and apply forms to generate leads or put a call button and many more automated options.

Analyzing the Performance of Middle of the Funnel

This stage aims at converting the potential audience to sales and generate revenue and focus on analyzing the strategy becomes important when you understand the loopholes and the area you are getting the maximum leads and sales from and targeting more on the best and improving the worst area.

1) How many Leads are Generated

2) Measuring the Organic Traffic

3) Analyzing the Conversion Rate and Cost Per Conversion


Once you have created the brand awareness in the Top of the Funnel and Target potential customers and got leads in the middle of the funnel the last stage is the Bottom of the funnel stage to convert these customers into sales. The methods to generate sales are

a) Content Marketing that focuses on case studies, comparisons, top products, and reviews can help customers to buy the product.

b) Marketing Automation helps at the bottom of the funnel too by automatically emailing the leads generated in the middle of the funnel stage and targeting the interested audience to generate sales.

c) Remarketing or Retargeting the audience and reaching them again for the motive of sales.

Analyzing the Performance of Bottom of the Funnel

Analyzing your strategies is important at all stages and at the bottom of the level it’s important to analyze the quality of leads you have generated and which eventually converted into sales and then analyzing the no. of sales and revenue generated by the company.

a) Number of Quality of Leads Generated and converted into a sale.

b) Sales and Revenue generated with quality leads

Wrapping up

Making a perfect sales and marketing strategy for any organization is of utmost importance and working and making strategies at the top, middle, and bottom level will help in brand awareness, targeting the potential audience, and finally converting leads into sales.

So it’s important for all organizations to have an excellent marketing and sales team which makes these strategies and channels them in the right direction. Only a perfect plan can help to generate great revenue for the organization.

You can contact a digital marketing consultant who will suggest you with the right strategy to capture your audience at the top of the funnel stage.


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