8-8-8 Triple Play Tomato & Vegetable Plant Food, Covers 250 sq. ft.

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8-8-8 Triple Play Tomato & Vegetable Plant Food is a premium granular fertilizer formulated for growing tomatoes, vegetables, fruits, berries, and herbs. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, 8-8-8 Triple Play is the ideal solution for bountiful plants and produce. Each 2.25 Lb bag covers up to 250 Sq Ft.
Proven protein & plant based formula for fast-acting results and keeps feeding for 6-8 weeks
Produces excellent results for tomatoes, fruit, vegetable, herbs, and berries
Ideal for use indoors and outdoors across all regions of the United States
Balanced Triple Play 8-8-8 formula: 8% Nitrogen for plant growth; 8% Phosphorus for fruiting and blooms; 8% Potassium for strong roots
Covers up to 250 square feet. Packaged in a resealable pouch for convenient storage when not in use

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