DaVinci Resolve Is the Best Free Tool

Top Reasons Why DaVinci Resolve Is the Best Free Tool for Beginners

DaVinci Resolve Is the Best Free Tool. Are you planning to become a filmmaker and have no idea where to start from? Or do you wish to make a career out of editing or color grading or maybe you’re someone who is looking for tools for their creative needs or even casual editing? Well, to fulfill all these purposes, you need DaVinci resolve as it has been found out to be the best tool for beginners.

Now most people who are reading this topic might not agree with our statement and that is why we are also going to present you with top reasons why DaVinci resolve is the best tool for beginners. Take This Course experts team have enlisted 10 Best DaVinci Resolve tutorial and Courses 2021. Enlisted courses and tutorial are very helpful for beginners to advance level student.

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Reasons Why Da Vinci Resolve Is the Best Tool for Beginners:

Below are the top reasons that would convince you as to why DaVinci resolve is the best tool for beginners.

It Is Free of Cost:

Being a beginner, not many people have the resources to buy different types of video editing software. And that is why they look for free video editing software. But one problem that every free video software has is the lack of features which force people to look for paid versions of these software.

But unlike other free video editing software, DaVinci offers all the features for free except for a few advanced ones. You just have to download and start exploring the features. Thus, you can easily work with the Free version features and export movies up to 4K UHD resolution which is more than enough for all the beginners out there.

It Offers End to End Features:

This is another reason why we think DaVinci resolve is the best tool for beginners. It covers end to end post production workflows inside a single application that is suitable for movie production. The details of the end to end features that DaVinci offers are below.

  • It offers media page for assembling clips.
  • You can use the cut page for a quick rough cut.
  • Similarly, there is also the option to edit page for refined editing.
  • In addition, there is a fusion page for VFX and compositing.
  • Then there is a color page for advanced color grading and getting the film look.
  • Lastly, there is a Fairlight page for audio post-production.

Offers Frequent Updates and Enhancements:

Even though DaVinci is free to use, yet it offers frequent updates and enhancements for improving your workflow which is a great feature. If you ask any DaVinci resolve user, you’ll find them vouching for the fact that frequent updates and enhancements are very beneficial for them. The users find these updates and enhancements to be one exciting thing to look for. The updates are regarding the formats/codecs of new cameras released in the market, bug fixes, and more.

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Can Be Upgraded to Studio Version as Well:

So you are a beginner who wants to be able to use a video editing software but for free right? Yes, DaVinci Resolve has fulfilled the purpose and has offered majority of the features without even having to pay a single penny. Even though free version has most of the features, yet there also are some advanced level features which you are going to want to use once you become a professional in video editing.

So when that time comes, DaVinci resolve will give you the opportunity to unlock many new and advanced features that can enhance your post production post. Just with a onetime payment, you are going to get a lifetime access to all the beginner and advanced level features. Yes, you heard it right, a onetime payment is going to solve all your problems and give you access to the most advanced and amazing features.


Now that you know all the reasons as to why DaVinci resolve is the best tool for beginners, we suggest you not to waste time anymore and download the free version of DaVinci Resolve today and get in the race of becoming the best video editor.And also from All DaVinci resolve courses that you can find on Take This Course website choose the right course for yourself And don’t forget to stay safe, stay home, and never stop learning.

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