Top 7 Popular CRM Software Trends to Look for In 2021

Top 7 Popular CRM Software Trends to Look for In 2021

Popular CRM Software. A customer relationship management system (CRM) is a robust tool that stores customer data for analyzing and ensure business growth. This technology is capable of analyzing customer interactions, and the database gathered throughout the consumer lifecycle.

Online CRM software helps your business to enhance customer relationships by tracking, managing, and processing customer database in real-time. This updated customer database helps businesses to have a detailed insight into their business across various devices at the same time.

CRM system is an all-inclusive solution that helps businesses to make a strategic data-driven action plan to increase profits and expansion of the business.

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What Are the Most Popular CRM Software Trends You Should Look for In 2021?

Artificial Intelligence:

CRM software gathers a large volume of unstructured data for analysis. CRM integrated with AI is capable of analyzing the data to ensure personalization to provide a better customer experience. This technology gathers data from various sources, departments and accumulates it on a centralized platform for the entire workforce to access. AI is a potential tool to get detailed insights into real-time customer behavior, their purchase patterns to ensure a higher conversion rate.

Inbuilt AI in the CRM software will help automate most of the tedious tasks to reduce the burden on the workforce. You can create an algorithm that takes care of the laborious manual task to increase the productivity of your team. AI and machine learning are also capable of replicating human intelligence and accomplishing tasks quickly. Businesses can implement the best CRM software with AI as chatbots for their business that cloud answer to customer queries and grievances. This technology trend will help businesses find a quicker solution and better solution and reduce manual errors to a bare minimum.

# Voice Assistance:

Voice assistance bots are an efficient technology advancement for the SaaS industry. Research conducted by Adobe concludes that 94% of the users find voice assistance bots easy to use because it saves time and improves the quality of life. The best CRM software vendors have implemented this technology in their systems and are expected to grow more in 2021.

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# Internet of Things (IoT):

Internet of Things is a robust technology that changes we perceive and do business. Business leaders have started the use of data gathered through IoT to deliver improved customer service. The top CRM software will have IoT integrated to get an overview of the customer purchasing power and behavior to design a customized marketing strategy to increase the conversion rate.

For instance, the Internet of Things is capable of tracking the performance and maintenance issues of the business. Moreover, CRM software with IoT will help to track product performance issues and understand the potential problems with customer satisfaction. That is why IoT enables CRM will help to do an accurate predictive analysis of the business, products, and services. Thus one of the most popular trends to look for in CRM technology in 2021 is the Internet of Things.

# Mobile CRM:

The increase in the use of mobile phones has changed the paradigm of business operations in all aspects. Cloud-based CRM software can be easily deployed on portable devices like mobile phones and tablets. It is a potential tool to embrace the digital transformation of your business because your workforce can access and update the system on the go. Additionally, some advanced systems allow you to access the software offline and synchronize it when your team has an internet connection.

# Self-serve CRM:

Automation helps businesses to be available for their customer around the clock. The popularity of chatbots is increasing with time and decreases the work burden on the team. The algorithm of the chatbots is capable of engaging with customers, ask them a question to understand the issue, analyzing the data, and giving an appropriate solution based on the feedback. CRM software enabled with chatbots helps to answer customer queries and resolving them without human interference.

# Social CRM:

Social media is the game-changer for today’s businesses and has changed the aspects of marketing and sales. Social CRM software integrates the social media platforms into their business process to get detailed insights into customer preferences. Also, this trend tracks the customer feedback and overall perception of your brand. Social CRM helps to have higher customer engagement with the existing and potential customer base. It also helps to track the market trends to make necessary changes in the products and services.

# Analytics:

Businesses must have an in-depth analysis to understand the potential challenges and efficient solutions to overcome them. The best CRM software which understands your business requirements helps with detailed analysis about their sales pipeline, leads, and customer satisfaction. Many business leaders embrace analytics in their CRM software, and the use of this technology will increase in the future.


Automation, artificial intelligence, analytics, and other popular trends in the best CRM software in 2021 will help in business expansion. Business leaders embrace the technological advancements in their CRM to ensure business expansion, increased customer happiness, and revenue.


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