Email Marketing Tips to Acquire More Personal Training Clients

Email Marketing Tips to Acquire More Personal Training Clients

Email Marketing Tips to Acquire More Personal Training Clients.

What defines you the best in the fitness industry – A freelance personal trainer? A gym owner? Or an Online fitness coach?

How profitable are you?

And what challenges are you facing – is it with the cash flow? Or with attracting new clients? Or in retaining existing clients?

Whatever the hurdles you currently face, there are many marketing strategies and tools such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Email, etc., you could use to drive customers.

In this article, you will specifically learn about the one major thing that will get you more clients and help you make more money.

And that is EMAIL MARKETING!!!

Email marketing for a fitness business can be more than just a newsletter and promotions. When you put the right email marketing strategies into practice, you could make a massive impact on your fitness business. Yes, you will be astonished by the result you get.

Does that excite you?

As you read ahead, you would learn more with regards to building your email list and about the marketing strategies you can apply to that email list properly.

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Build a List with Your Prospect’s Email Address

Do you already hold a website for your business, a fitness blog, or a Facebook business page?

When you have any of these online presences, you might already have a community built. And this will be of immense help in making the email list.

And what if you don’t have any online presence?

Maybe you are just starting out, and you don’t have a presence online. Do not worry, and you can still build an email list using an email lookup tool such as, Lusha,, etc. These tools find emails quickly. is reported to be highly efficient with excellent customer support and outstanding accuracy of all the email search tools. The best part is that you can try the freemium package of this tool, and based on the result, you can decide if you should go for the paid plan or not.

With this tool, you can find anyone’s email address in a fraction of seconds. You have to inscribe your prospect’s first name, last name, and company domain. And the rest is taken care of by this fantastic tool.

Did you find this tip helpful?

Besides this, you can run social media ads for a minimum budget and drive traffic to your squeeze page.

A squeeze page is a web page with no other pages linked to it. You can use this page to offer a free report on fitness or fat loss report in exchange for your prospects’ email addresses.

Hence, with such minimum spending, you can make sure that your email list is constantly growing.

Be Consistent

You have to keep building your prospect list constantly. Hence, keep it a habit to add 10 to 20 people a day to your prospect list.

You may often feel overwhelmed with your continuous efforts, but it is essential to stay consistent. And to help you save your energy and time, you may use the email search tools mentioned above.

Keep Your Prospects Engaged

Now that you are consistently growing your email list, what’s next?

In the fitness industry, the average email open rate is forty percent, as per Hubspot.

At least once a week, you have to deliver content that adds value, gives information, or entertains your prospects.

You can create a content calendar with topic ideas snd schedule content ahead of time.

What else can you do to build your prospect’s trust?

Posting case studies!

You can share the case studies of your existing customer with your prospect list. When you do this, your prospects may relate to the problem that your existing customer had initially and be inspired by how your service has helped them transform completely.

With such inspiring success stories, you can showcase your expertise and knowledge through your client; This builds goodwill for you.

What else can you share?

You can even share diet recipes, and everybody is going to love it!

Don’t be Desperate in Selling Your Fitness Course/ Session.

You can quickly make money or get more clients effortlessly when people recognize, admire, and trust you.

When your target audience sees you as a person of authority and a local expert in the field of fitness, they would be automatically drawn to any fitness session or workshop you conduct.

However, when you are desperate, you will focus more on making your prospects pay you money by opting for your service instead of giving them value.

Will you spend time reading an email where the sender tries to sell his product every time he sends you an email and provides you no value? Never. Instead, you will stop reading his email or unsubscribe to his newsletter or mark him as spam.

This is how the people on your list also behave if you keep pitching your service.

A Warm Welcome Email Matters

The welcome email is for prospects you send an email for the first time and to the new joiners.

Use your welcome email to thank them for being a part of your journey. Guide your prospects or the new joiners with the following steps that they should take and tell them more about your fitness sessions.

The way you draft your welcome email could re-assure them that they have made the right decision.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are fresh to the business of fitness or just inaugurated your gym, if you are ready to add value to your prospects, this email marketing strategy we discussed in this article will help you grow your business.

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