Effective Marketing Tips For Your Next Hybrid Event

Effective Marketing Tips For Your Next Hybrid Event

Effective Marketing Tips For Your Next Hybrid Event

As the world steered with the complexities caused due to the pandemic, the event industry quickly adapted to digital technology. With the restrictions imposed on large social gatherings to ensure health safety even today, hybrid events have become the new normal. A hybrid event format is an effective way to make things work in the digital arena. Leverage the right virtual hybrid event platform to host your upcoming event and reap the maximum benefits out of it.

A coalescence of live physical events and virtual events is known as hybrid events. It is organized at a physical on-site location paired with a virtual component. Thus appealing to remote attendees in the most dynamic way. Hybrid events enable a small gathering of people to attend an event in-person by visiting an event venue. Whereas a diverse set of attendees partake in sessions virtually from their remote settings. Enabling remote attendees to access the event minimizes the number of in-person attendees without affecting the business revenues.

However, the most promising hybrid event having the most stellar content can fall flat on the face, if marketing is not done properly. Right marketing plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of the event. Event marketers must curate a list of marketing techniques to create a buzz about the upcoming hybrid event.

It is sure to create awareness among the most potential prospects and drive ample registrations. Marketers need to deploy creative and innovative marketing techniques that are low at cost and deliver magnificent results. Comprehending an out of the box approach is a must to fast-track the registration numbers.

In this post, we have scrutinized the best tips to market your hybrid event effectively and reach your potential target audience. Incorporating these effective tips in your marketing plan is sure to accelerate registrations at your virtual hybrid event.

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Effective Marketing Tips For Your Next Hybrid Event

  1. Share Event Glimpses on Social Networking Channels

Social media channels are well-known promotion engines that spread awareness about the upcoming event to a diverse audience instantly. It is an effective place to promote your upcoming hybrid event as it has millions of active users around the globe. Continuously, posting about making registrations in every post or tweet will result in leaving your audience annoyed and baffled. Thus, resulting in unfollowing your page.

However, tweaking a social media marketing strategy for your upcoming hybrid event will do wonders. Promoting the registration link is an effective marketing tactic, it will make your audience aware of your upcoming virtual hybrid event. Offer another incentive in-line to motivate attendees to register.

Highlighting your keynote speakers, a glimpse of the debate questions, and so forth can be a brilliant way to show your attendees event snippets. Additionally, you can even share the sneak peek video of your upcoming hybrid event to attract attendees by showcasing what they can expect out of the event.

Utilise the Power of Event Hashtags :

Curate an effective and eye-catchy event hashtag for your upcoming hybrid event. The power of creative hashtags works wonders by making your event reach millions. While posting any news or update about your upcoming hybrid event utilise the well-curated creative event hashtags. It helps in compiling all the feeds about the event that comes in searches when one shares an event post.

Ask your registered attendees to use the event hashtags while posting anything before, during, or after the event. It helps in marketing your upcoming virtual hybrid event effectively while boosting event attendance. Leveraging the power of event hashtags is one of the easiest and effective strategies to promote your next hybrid event. You can even opt to organise a hashtag contest and offer incentives for the most shares after the event gets over. However, it results in leaving attendees feeling happy and excited.

Leverage Speakers to Market your Hybrid Event

Involving the event participants in promoting your upcoming hybrid event is a cost-effective and brilliant marketing strategy. Leverage your speakers as influencers to promote your upcoming hybrid event. Your keynote speakers have their own following and they love to see what they post.

Ask your keynote speakers and exhibitors to talk about your upcoming hybrid event on their social handles. It will make a wide segment of attendees specifically the relevant ones aware of your upcoming event. It may result in increasing attendance at your event with the most potential target attendees.

Co-branding is a Powerful Marketing Tactic

Hosting a hybrid event with a partner is an effective marketing tactic. Co-branded events are a cost-effective way to bring your events to the notice of a wide segment of diverse attendees. Events that are co-branded can be directly promoted to the audience of both partners. But, selecting the right co-branding partner is a must who can fill in the gap of what you miss. Keep the following things in mind while selecting a partner:

  • What is the expertise of your partner and is that complements your event type?
  • Can you both together can deliver what the potential audience is looking for?
  • Does your co-branded partner fill the area where you are lacking?

However, in A Co-Branding Event, Both Partners Promote the Event. One’s Success Is Another’s Success Too. Ensure that The Event Partner You Selected Adds Value to Your Hybrid Event.

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Tap on Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective marketing tool to promote your upcoming hybrid event. Push emails to prospective clientele and customers to notify them about the upcoming event. If your potential attendees have already signed up to receive your email notifications they are likely to attend your event. You can even plan out an effective event campaign to run over email to promote your hybrid event. Give an insight into what your event holds in your marketing campaign that you created to send all subscribers.

Optimize Event Landing and Registration Pages

The registration page is the most important place where potential attendees come to seek relevant event information. A gateway to turn potential prospects into registered attendees. Optimizing the event landing and registration pages with creative video and blogs is sure to lure in more attendees to make registrations.


Marketing plays a crucial role whether you are planning to host an in-person, virtual, or hybrid event. It can make or break the event. Pulling off a successful virtual hybrid event seems a challenging task. But, with the right set of marketing strategies you are sure to host a magnificent hybrid event. In this article, we have summarized effective tips to market your next virtual hybrid event and achieve optimal results. Hope this article will help you out to take corrective measures while planning your virtual hybrid event marketing plan!

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