8 Reasons to Use VR in Progressive Web Apps 

8 Reasons to Use VR in Progressive Web Apps

8 Reasons to Use VR in Progressive Web Apps 

Native web apps enjoy a significant advantage over progressive web apps in terms of providing a higher level of visibility. This is because, for a web app, you always have to open up a browser. However, since a native app is installed on the system already, users can simply access it by clicking on the app icon. Regardless, the fact remains. That VR (Virtual Reality) is of pivotal importance for both.

Other than local presence, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) come with great offerings. They can work across platforms (mobile, desktop), run on different types of browsers, function offline, stay up-to-date, and remain secure owing to the HTTPS security protocol! Perhaps, the greatest offering is the ability to operate even without a stable internet connection or no internet at all. So, even if you’re not a subscriber of a good ISP like Charter Spectrum, you can still use the progressive web app! However, for other functions, you still need the internet.

Today, It Is Becoming Increasingly Important to Create Vr-Based Progressive Web Apps . Continue Reading Below to Find out More!

Recruitment Process

PWAs operating in conjunction with VR capabilities can provide great value to companies. They can streamline their recruitment process even more by using VR tech that makes the prospective candidate respond to a real-time challenge on a recruitment website. Simulated interviews and typical work environments can enable companies to shortlist ideal candidates!

Better Remote Collaboration

Companies can utilize the benefits from VR to enhance their collaborative nature of work. Workers working from home can conveniently hold meetings with the help of web video conferencing. With this technology, companies can arrange meetings in a virtual common room as well! As a result, companies can save all the costs related to travel and still be able to collaborate effectively and meet project deadlines.

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Idea Testing and Implementation

Another area that VR can enhance PWAs is in the field of testing and implementation. In a VR environment, companies can check their sales performance as well as their customer growth. Data visualization can aid in making the process smoother and more fluent. Take the example of product prototyping as well. Companies can use VR tech to check if a certain car design is good enough or not in a virtual environment. If there are any shortcomings then they can address them before sending the prototype to the manufacturing phase. The great benefit here is that all of this can be done offline as well!

Pain Management

In healthcare, the usage of VR in conjunction with PWAs can help to treat patients. Using VR headsets that are connected to a medical healthcare provider’s website, doctors can distract their patients during painful treatments such as high degree burns, broken limbs, open wounds, and cancer treatments.

Medical Training

Using VR, medical students can also learn faster. They can perform real surgeries on PWAs with VR capabilities to become better surgeons. Furthermore, the tech can also be used to train dentists. The application of medical knowledge in real-time without putting anyone’s life in danger is a great application of VR!

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Resolution and Management of Anxiety

In the near future, by integrating VR with PWAs, the treatment of anxiety can become far easier. Patients with flight or fight issues due to anxiety can be treated as well. VR can allow medical practitioners to monitor, record, and analyze the breathing patterns of such patients. Furthermore, using VR, the practitioners can put the patients in different scenarios to understand how their breathing patterns work. As a result, doctors can advise a better health treatment for such patients.

Treatment Paraplegics

Patients that are suffering from physical disabilities can use VR to enjoy real-life experiences even in their state of inability to move. On a PWA that has VR integration, they can visit real environments virtually. Another critical application in this regard is via VR headsets. Using them, doctors can confuse the patient’s brain into thinking that the person is actually moving. This, researchers believe, can be used to repair brain functions that are directly related to movement.

Leisure and Travel

VR over PWAs for the travel industry also allows visitors to visit holiday destinations all over the world. As a result, visitors can make an informed decision of where they want to go next. Or simply tour the locations without spending a single dime. Cool, right?

VR has found great application in the gaming industry. But the applications of VR in other industries are exponentially promising. With the help of VR integrated into PWAs, companies can increase ROI, boost customer retention, and improve their research! At the same time, users can also benefit greatly. If you subscribe to a good ISP in amazing prices like Spectrum internet prices you can enjoy an even more immersive environment. However, you can still go to a VR-based PWA, wear your headset, and start interacting with the website even if you’re offline!

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