Why Is Live Video Shopping Already A Hit?

Why Is Live Video Shopping Already A Hit?

Why is Live Video Shopping so popular?

In Asia, two phenomena, in particular, have grown in popularity in recent years: live shopping also known as live online shopping and social commerce.

The most appealing aspect of livestream shopping for customers is its participatory and the entertainment factor, which combines aspects of both entertainment and eCommerce. Beauty and skincare companies, for example, often offer lessons during live streaming commerce, allowing viewers to learn about a product while also asking individualized questions about it or how to use it – something that is not feasible with conventional films.

And these advantages have made Live shopping a big hit:

Through Live video shopping, consumers are made aware of the existence of a product or service. New goods can stand out and get recognized by consumers if they have compelling video storytelling.


Consumers gather additional information about a product or service in order to make an informed choice. Customer’s confidence in their purchasing choice is bolstered by intimacy offered by the brand by discussing and demonstrating a product in real-time.

Furthermore, watching a trusted presenter try products during a live shopping show establishes the product’s legitimacy as a safe and genuine purchase.

Live commerce boosts sales and pushes the boundaries of what can be offered online

Fashion is just one of several industries that are experimenting with Live Stream Shopping. Traditional product categories may now experiment with digital channels in the live age thanks to the live video shopping platform.

Live Video Shopping is fun, and it’s particularly good for unique and uncommon items like collectables, trendy streetwear, artisanal goods, and even food and drinks.

When audiences have a strong emotional attachment to the company, they are more likely to convert and support it in the long term which eventually leads to more sales.

The brick-and-mortar footprint is being reinvented by live stream shopping

Live online shopping does not pose a threat to retailers that already have a brick-and-mortar presence. Rather, conventional store owners are redesigning their spaces in order to compete with internet merchants that provide a more immersive shopping experience.

We anticipate online purchasing habits to continue in the post-COVID era. This does not preclude businesses from converting their storefronts into concept shops or distribution centres. Consider the home repair projects that many of us worked on during the lockdown to demonstrate the advantages of this hybrid approach. For individuals who prefer in-store shopping, several businesses have found success by implementing new COVID-friendly delivery methods through a live online shopping platform.

The role of sales employees as online ambassadors is being redefined by live streaming shopping

While sales employees played an important role in in-store experiences, the introduction of live shopping hosts opened up a whole new level of interaction.

Brands and customers are interacting more directly than ever before

Live streaming shopping or live commerce allows for more direct contact between brands and customers, who can be guaranteed product quality and make quick and easy purchases without having to leave their homes. The lockdown has boosted such consumption patterns, pushing even companies with strong ties to physical commerce, to begin their digital transformation in order to stay in touch with their consumers.

Offering Personalization

Selling in a human way is critical for certain businesses in order to provide a hyper-personalized experience to customers. Brands that sell bespoke clothes or provide resizing services, for example, need face-to-face contact. Such personalized sessions are also accounted for by live shopping. It has already been extremely popular since it offers consumers trust by giving product and gift suggestions, as well as addressing size and fit concerns in real-time.

Live shopping is, at its core, a combination of e-commerce and entertainment. We don’t believe that live shop advisers or hosts will completely replace salespeople. However, we believe there is a potential to transform conventional salespeople into storytellers who can also captivate audiences online.

The advantages of utilizing livestream shopping:

  • It improves the shopping experience and boosts sales conversions.
  • As a consequence, shoppers spend a long time on brand’s website.
  • As a consequence, the average amount spent on each purchase increases.
  • d2c Livestream e-commerce platform attracts new consumers by offering relevant information that addresses their concerns.
  • This is taken into account by Google when determining search placement.
  • It has a greater click-through rate and is shared more often.

Live streaming commerce or livestream e-commerce is an excellent sales and marketing tool. If you want to concentrate on branding in the online world, the total outcomes you want to accomplish is a major factor to consider. One thing is certain: tremendous possibilities come with branding, therefore it’s a smart idea to use livestream shopping to better brand your business. Channelize.io provides a Livestream Ecommerce Platform that helps brands engage, convert, and attract consumers.

Additionally if you are on Shopify then you can leverage our Live Shopping App for Shopify and start your live selling journey.

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