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Upcoming TV Shows That You Definitely Need To Check Out

Ever since the pandemic hit, TV productions came to a halt. Finally, after two years of surviving the pandemic, 2022 looks like a promising year for TV. Tons of new series and sequels from all entertainment genres are scheduled to release this year.

For viewers as well as for production houses, this is going to be a great year. If you are a production house owner, now is the time to invest in making a series. Audiences across the globe are entertainment-hungry after a long pause in new productions. Therefore, get a steady subscription for a reliable internet service such as Optimum business internet for your production house. After that, a great script, and an incredible cast, and you are good to go!

Upcoming TV Shows to Binge On

As mentioned earlier, viewers across the globe are craving entertainment-rich new content. The best part about new productions scheduled to release? All entertainment genres are covered. From scary shows to criminal series to teen dramas, your plate is full!

Viewers, we have got you covered with these binge-worthy TV titles. Get hooked!

The Afterparty

Coming to Apple TV+ in January 2022, The Afterparty is a comedy-mystery that is hard to miss. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are appearing again on TV after showcasing their performance on the big screen. This eight-episode series is a mix of comedy, romance, thriller, and musical. It follows a murder’s police investigation that happened after a high school reunion.

The cast is star-studded. It includes Sam Richardson, Tiffany Haddish, Ben Schwartz, Ilana Glazer, Dave Franco, Zoë Chao, Ike Barinholtz, and others. Every episode recounts the murder and its related events from different characters’ angles and perspectives. And this makes it an interesting watch!


Premiering on Netflix in January, the fourth season of the much-acclaimed Ozark is highly anticipated. Netflix will air part one of the 4th season. It has seven episodes. Fans can’t wait to see their favorite criminal duo, mom and dad. Jason Bateman and Laura Linney managed to escape unharmed in the third season. However, in this part, their safety is not guaranteed.

Apparently, the Byrde family and Navarro seem to be on good terms. However, the final season comes with a few unexpected surprises. Some dangerous threats are expected to come from blood and the past sins will reveal. The ending of part one seems unexplained according to the viewers. However, the wait is not very long. Fans will be able to watch part two of season 4 later this year where all the mysteries will unfold.

Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings – one of the most viewed, loved, and acclaimed series of popular culture to date! The trilogy has celebrated its 20th anniversary. Scheduled to air on Amazon Prime Video in September this year, fans can’t wait to binge on it. The series is set before all the events that took place in the books and movies. Set amid the Second Age of the Middle-Earth, the series is garnering massive interest.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is the most anticipating show on our list. Amazon has spent millions of dollars on this extremely expensive show. Amazon bought the TV rights for the series back in 2017. Knowing the amount of time and effort that needed to be invested in creating this immensely popular show, Amazon has taken its due time. That’s why the expectations and hopes of the fans are through the roof.

Get ready for the War of the Ring and Sauron’s dark legacy!

Stranger Things

COVID has delayed the fourth season of Stranger Things nearly by three years. Finally, it’s coming back and fans are very excited. Trailers and teasers have given a sneak peek of the new season, revealing to fans what to expect from the series. One of the biggest highlights is Hopper’s return, making the fans ecstatic. Other sneak peeks include Eleven restoring her powers, Will’s growth spurt, the return of Martin Brenner, Russia, and more.

Get ready to see more of the fictional town of Hawkins and its Demogorgon-infested chronicles. Season 4 of the flagship sci-fi Netflix original is perhaps going to be the most-watched season since the show began. The series will again unfold spooky events as Eleven, Byers, and the club will investigate the looming dark force. Set in the ‘50s, the show is expected to appease the expectations of the fans who have been waiting patiently.

How I Met Your Father

Remember the bursts of laughter we had when we watched How I Met Your Mother? Guess what! The series is coming back with a gender swap! This exciting series is coming on Hulu in January. Sophie shares with her son the story of how she met his father.

Following the same sitcom format, the show follows Sophie and her pals discovering the world of cringe-worthy dating apps popular among millennials. Sophie (Hilary Duff) is trying to meet the love of her life amid this casual millennial dating scenario.

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