How Age Verification Businesses Can Survive in a Post Coronaconomy

Age verification services are swiftly becoming a company norm for industries that are excited about reducing down losses starting from online scams and identity scams. But not all Know Your Customer authentication is conducted to reduce expenses and costs.

But not all ID age verification differs from one business to another. Now the advantages of using secure age verification from an authentication Know Your Customer provider differ from one business to another. Let’s discuss age verification and how it is done in post Coronaconomy around the world.

How age verification assists businesses in post Coronaconomy

As the term suggests, Age verification is done to check for the age of the client or potential customer of a business. Normally, a client gives an experimental age or sometimes their DOB while signing up for a service or enrolling a business remotely.

While a standard age verification will be checking for liveness detection and verification of the ID software by a client, an advanced Know Your Customer system will also verify for the age of an end-user to ensure that the age bracket or the DOB given by the customer is authentic. 

How the age verification process is done?

Like standard DOB authentication, age authentication is also done with the assistance of legitimate ID documents. It is vital to check the verification of an ID before it is done to determine the age of the end-user.

Mostly, a business that requires to conduct age verification for its clients also gives an age-limitation to Know Your Customer provider. At the beginning of the age authentication, a client is requested to tell their age by the electronic software.

Furthermore, a distinct screen is shown, instructing the client to present a verified ID with their DOB clearly shown on it.

IDV cross verifies the DOB with the given system and then conducts age verification by verifying that whether a client comes under a distinct age limit or not, and that the client is within the provided age bracket or not given by the company.

Clients might also believe that a company would acquire to conduct Lifetime Analysis for its customer if they already verified the DOB of a customer. Quite an interesting question! Here is your solution.

In standard DOB authentication services, IDV software only checks that the DOB provided by a customer is also disclosed on the legitimate ID. Age verification goes a layer extra from that. It not only checks the DOB from a verified ID but this service also ensures that a client comes under a specified age limit. 

Why is age verification done in companies in post coronaconomy?

Age authentication can be done for a number of reasons and it all relies on the business method of the company that requires the use of this type of authentication services. Social networking platforms specifically for teenagers can employ age authentication to ignore users that come under the age bracket of thirteen to nineteen.

Financial institutions or businesses around the world adopt age authentication to assist clients to enroll for age-limited services such as retirement sponsor enrollment, old age healthcare plans and many more associated packages. 

Age authentication can also come in use for companies that desire to only enroll or purchase services to a specified type of customer to combat encountering online scams and unwanted client traffic. This type of IDV and age verification is also an ideal option for businesses that don’t desire but that want to limit their customer to specified age limits for the concept of analysis and user behavior studies. 


To conclude this, age verification is the need of the dire to guard the companies against the bad effects of age-limited services and items. 

Companies have the CSR to safeguard clients and to stop the use of their services to fraudsters. Online age authentication is one of the most smooth and cost-efficient techniques to adopt ID age verification methods.

Age authentication enables safe and secure onboarding to a client in an extensive range of companies involving telecommunication, financial industries, gaming industry. By making sure client protection is in the spotlight of protection laws, companies should offer age-exclusive services or products to their clients.

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