Google Play Store Refund: Trick to Get Refund

Here is the guide to use google play refund feature 2021 for return an app or game that not worth your money.

On Google play store you can get a lot games and apps for your android smartphone, some of them are free and some are paid apps or comes with integrated app purchases. For, example i’ll go with the popular strategy game clash of clans, The app is selling gems for money, in this way game developers are making money, purchases made through the app are processed by google play store in-app purchase.

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You’ve bought something through google play store mistakenly and don’t want to leave your money useless? Get a refund be the good solution for it. Google play store refund request page help you with it. In this article TechinDroid show you all the possible way to get google play refund in-app purchases made over an app and also paid apps bought from play store.

Google has updated its help page to show in detail google refund policy on Google Play, extensively explaining for the first time the different terms that the user should know to request a refund of an application or integrated purchase.

Trick to Refund Game or App on Google Play store (Google Play refund)

These are the working google play refund tricks as of 2018, Using this way you can also get refund on google play books as well as apps and games. Google refunds most of the purchases made by mistake or product that not meet our needs during the time limit. Lets see google play refunds policy in detail.

In total, you have three periods to request a refund to google play purchase, and in each of them the refund is made differently according to google play returns policy:

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Methods to Get a refund from Google play:

During The First Two Hours After The purchase

The simplest and fastest way to return an application is to do it within the first two hours after its purchase. You can do it entering Play Store > Account > Order history and click on “Get refund. You will also find this option on the app or game tab. You can only return the same app once – if you buy it again after returning it, it won’t be possible to obtain a second refund. During this two-hour period, you will always automatically get our refund and cancel the purchase.

Google Play Store Refund

For the return of an integrated purchase or subscription, you must send a refund request to the google’s in app purchase refund section, using google play refund request page online or from the order history on the web version of the Google Play Store. Click on the purchase menu and in “Report a problem” you can ask for google play store refunds.

  • I prefer going with the order history, There you can all the purchases made through google play store.
  • Find the purchase that you want to request refund, Click on the “Three dots” on the right side of the order details and then select “Report problem
  • Now a small pop-up appears there you’ll be asked for the select the reason for the return. Select the option from the list.
  • And describe in a few words, whats wrong with your subscription and finally click “Submit” button.

Refund During The Next 48 hours After The Purchase

If you haven’t done a refund petition in the first two hours after the purchase, you won’t be able to do it from the Google Play Store application. You will have to do it from the web version of Google Play, from the order history by visit: refund or online form as if the app purchase were an integrated purchase. You can use this method only for the first 48 hours after the purchase. Although Google should communicate its decision within 15 minutes, it could take up to two business days. During the 48 hour period, you will normally get our refund. It’s very rare that Google does not accept our refund but, it could happen.

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More Than 48 Hours After Purchase

If you haven’t asked for a refund in the 48-hour period after the purchase, Google will inform us that they can’t really do anything – you have to contact the main developer of the app. From this point on wards, he/she will decide if you qualify for a refund. Nevertheless, You can always try and request a refund directly to Google Play anyway, following the previous steps to get your money back from google play. google play refund abuse and refund google play 2021

I hope this article help you with how to refund an app or game on google play store in 2019. What you think about google play app refund program? Have you ever got refund from google play? Let us know in the comments! and do share this guide with your friends!.

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