Important Features of Magento 2 Mobile App for Your Ecommerce Store

Important Features of Magento 2 Mobile App for Your Ecommerce Store

Important Features of Magento 2 Mobile App for Your Ecommerce Store. As Magento 2 mobile app solution is the preferred one across the globe, developing an app using this platform offers umpteen customization in your app. The best thing you can choose is to find a ready-made Magento mobile commerce solutions for your business. This is because Magento mobile app solution will offer you different pros like quick build, room for customization, technology integration, less time to time market, and uncompromising performance since it provides native experience.

Thought Behind Magento 2

Magento 2 was launched to give a customized client experience to both the seller and the buyer. The high level features that permit small and large ecommerce business organizations convey excellent administrations. Magento 2 sites can be intended to fit any gadget.

The thought behind Magento 2 is to make a structural change that improves speed and execution, give a user-friendly dashboard, rich scraps to enhance SERPs.

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Modifications in Magento 2:


New technology included Magento 2 guarantees the best store execution and includes the latest form of NGINX, Zend, Apache, Composer and Symfony


The new updates in Magento 2 have overthrown Magento 1 and significantly with user-friendly architecture.

Convenient Dashboard:

Now you can effectively manage your store proficiently, as the admin dashboard in Magento 2 enables you to discover data effectively, making you manage your store productively.


Magento is extensively known for its SEO pleasant assistance that has now broadened more with Magento 2 introduced by that supports business SEO.

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Features of Building Magento 2 Mobile App for Android and Ios

Flexible customization:

You can customize your Magento app for both the Android and iOS platforms the way you need. Integrating any number of APIs and technologies into the Magento mobile solutions has made easy. Bigziel renders you a highly customizable UX/UI designs for your app.

Native User Experience:

You can be able to craft an innovatively lustrous, feature affluent Magento app for your customers to make them enjoy their shopping experience. The native mobile application offers a user-friendly experience and augments the customers’ engagement in a mobile platform.

Push Notifications:

With Bigziel, you can notify your consumers directly from browsers with our Push Notifications. This extension provides you the capability to contact your customers in a new-fangled way. There is a higher probability that your customers will read your messages because they will not be concealed in their email inbox and you will be in a position to easily deliver your message to them.

The most excellent thing is that your consumer doesn’t have to stay on your site to get the notifications. They can even close the tab of your site and you can still manage to send them messages and notification through Bigziel Magento solution. Even if the PC is turned off, the notifications will be received right after turning the system back on.

Promotional Mechanisms:

Our Bigziel Magento app facilitates you to send your best buyers a coupon for a discount on a particular product. You can even offer free shipping for purchases beyond a certain amount. Scheduling a promotion for a stipulated time has become much easier with price rules. You can enable your promotions in advance, so they bounce into action whenever the necessary conditions are met.

Multiple Language and Currency support:

You can provide a cozy shopping experience for your customers by exhibiting the products in the Magento app in their local language. You have been given all the possibility in your hand to not lose your trustworthy customers by providing various currencies they wish to pay for their purchase.

If your store operates at the global level, you perhaps need to agree to payments in different currencies. Or, accept payments in currencies that can be transformed into the main currency later. You can include this functionality with the default Magento features into your app.

Deep Linking:

A deep link is just a hypertext link to a page on a Website which is not their home page. The “deep” indicates the depth of the web page in a site’s structure of pages. The page which is below the top page in the site can thus be considered deep.

It is a tool used by different websites to make a visitor directly to a page within the website instead of the landing page or front page of the site. Bigziel Deep linking allows visitors to go directly to the data they require, which may be accessible on a certain page of the website, but not on the web page to which the basic link leads.

Auto Synchronization:

Integrate Magento with many cloud applications and relational databases through  Bigziel. You can able to load your Magento Customers, their Orders, Products, Invoices directly to/from foremost cloud and on-premise data sources or in a nutshell you can synchronize data in both directions. Commanding mapping settings in Magento app will allow you to load and synchronize Magento data with various sources having a different data structure. You can even schedule the time for your integration operation to execute it automatically.

Google Analytics Integration:

Google Analytics affords detailed figures about visitor traffic to your site. To use Google Analytics with Magento app, you must first sign up for a Google Analytics account at and get a unique Tracking ID.  After setting up a Google Analytics account and having the Tracking ID, you can easily configure it for Bigziel Magento app. Unlike any other e-commerce apps, you want to install a separate plugin or module to use Google Analytics. Magento embraces Google Analytics support by default.

Social Media Integration:

Nowadays social networking is an indispensable part of any online marketing and PR actions. Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Twitter are working as a perfect advertising platform that offers the most reliable testimonial for your potential customers. To connect your brilliant Magento app store with popular social network websites and make your business grow, Bigziel Magento app endows with many options.

Either you need to have a simple bookmark and content sharing buttons, the option to log in by means of a social media account or with deep “Magento social networking” integration, you may be able to find a suitable solution among our Magento 2 mobile app builder social media integration.

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