4 Productive Content Writing Tricks To Ramp Up Your Organic Traffic

4 Productive Content Writing Tricks To Ramp Up Your Organic Traffic

Content Writing Tricks To Ramp Up Your Organic Traffic. In this digitally advanced age, search engine optimization (SEO) is no longer only a buzzword. It’s now a necessity for all businesses looking to promote their brands on various digital marketing platforms. Content writing is one of the key digital marketing strategies to boost SEO, increase organic traffic and acquire more leads.

Whether your website is about an e-commerce product or academic tools such as a word counter, useful content can help you gain better search results and attract leads.

How? Good quality content -> More Organic Traffic -> Increase in Revenue.

Each of these factors is intertwined – the more useful content you produce, the higher are the chances of an increase in traffic and revenue. It is no wonder most B2B and B2C companies focus on creating more quality content to generate more traffic and high ROI.

As organic traffic depends on your content’s quality, you must learn the tricks to create the perfect content for your target audience. With the following content writing strategies, you can improve engagement and outrank your competition.

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4 Must-Know Content Writing Strategies To Boost Your Organic Traffic

#1. Identify Your Target Readers & Write for Them.

Let’s say your website is about a referencing generator. You want to promote the services of the tool to the right audience with relevant information. To ensure your content provides correct answers to the right users at the right time, you must answer these questions before creating the content:

· Who is my target audience?

· Where are they from?

· What are their issues?

· What content are they looking for (such as hacks, tips or user guides)?

#2. Determine the Correct Writing Tone to Connect with Your Audience.

The ‘tone’ of the content is a crucial element that most content writing strategists ignore. Choosing the right tone of writing will set you apart from the rest of the content creators online.

Your tone can be playful, optimistic, humorous, professional, friendly or even pessimistic. Understanding the tone can bring your target audience closer to you.

People want answers to their queries. Research and analyse how your target audience reacts on various social media platforms. Instead of sounding smart, aim to help your readers with useful and straightforward content.

#3. Follow the Kiss Principle for Optimum Results.

“Keep it simple stupid” or the KISS principle is widely prevalent among developers, writers, and other professionals worldwide. The main idea of this principle is to deliver your message in the simplest form.

Don’t complicate your content unnecessarily. Google appreciates posts that serve a purpose and benefit the readers to the maximum capacity. Hence,

· Write short and straightforward texts.

· Avoid jargon, outdated terms and acronyms.

· Cut out fluffs and wordiness.

· Break down chunky paragraphs

· Avoid passive voice

· Follow a clear content structure.

· Use unique, SEO-friendly H2s and H3s.

· Correctly use relevant keywords.

· Maintain similar length for bullet points

#4. Leverage the Power of Storytelling.

Believe it or not, people connect to captivating stories. It doesn’t matter whether you are writing about beauty products, life hacks, or academic tools; use the storytelling tool to communicate with your audience and increase engagement. To use this tool in a meaningful way:

· Define the core idea of the content

· Determine the purpose (for instance, educational, sales promotion or brand awareness)

· Paint a vivid picture with relevant images, quotes, and video

· Devise a suitable call to action.

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Wrapping up

To generate organic traffic, content writing strategists should focus more on quality over quantity. If you hit the right chords with your content and meet your target audiences’ expectations, your website ranking in the Google search results will improve and drive more traffic to your website.

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