6 Tips to Increase the Battery Life of Laptop

6 Tips to Increase the Battery Life of Laptop

How to Increase the Battery Life of Laptop.

When you all are working from home, it becomes more essential that your laptops last longer because every corner of the house where you would like to work may not have a convenient socket. Although the latest laptops are more efficient, you still have to make some effort to ensure that your laptop lasts longer with a one-time charge.

Most companies advertise that their laptops can serve you for a longer time with a one-time charge, but that is just an outlandish claim. Many modern laptops claimed to be better and unsurpassed than the others, but when it comes to serving long hours with a single battery charge, these laptops are still not perfect.

Companies are trying to brainstorm new technology to expand the life of the laptop’s battery. However, you can also follow some tricks to increase the battery life of the Laptop.

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Increase the Battery Life of Laptop

Do Not Block Airflow

There is no denying that now laptops do not require as much maintenance as they used to require a decade ago, thanks to improvement in battery technology. However, heat is one of the reasons that reduce battery life quickly.

This happens because you block the ventilation port, primarily when you work from home. You keep a pillow or blanket under it that obstructs the ventilation fan to keep it cool. The heat keeps circulating inside and damages the battery sooner rather than later. Try to keep your laptop clean because dust builds up quickly in the ventilation ports. You can use a can to spray compressed air to blow out dust particles.

Reduce Display Brightness

Display brightness is also one of the significant reasons that reduce your battery life. If you find that your laptop’s battery is draining quickly, you should check the display brightness. Do not max out the brightness because it will not give a comfortable experience to your eyes.

Go to settings > system > display to reduce the brightness. You can also go to the Control Panel, in which you will find the Windows Mobility Centre, where you can adjust the display brightness.

Turn Off Keyboard Backlights

Keyboard backlights can also drain the battery of your laptop quickly. When you are not using it, you should keep it off. You can turn on and off the keyword backlight by visiting the Windows Mobility Centre.

Close Unused Apps

Apps running in the background drain the battery quickly. For instance, if you are using a Microsoft doc to write something or watching a video, you should try to close other tabs or apps. The memory that is in use consumes a lot of power.

Use one application at the moment and close the rest. It is like turning off lights when you are not using a room. Of course, you will have to keep both applications open when you are moving back and forth between Chrome and Word documents.

However, you can close other apps, including tabs opened in Chrome that you are not using at a particular moment. Even if your laptop has a great memory, you should close all applications you are not using at the moment. Do not forget to close applications running in the background like backup software. Likewise, make most of the system memory.

Run only those applications that do not use much RAM. Otherwise, your laptop’s battery quickly plummets, and you will end up finding a socket for a plug-in. The one-time charged battery can serve you longer if you close all unnecessary tabs. You should try to avoid using hard applications like games and movies. They put a lot of pressure on the battery. The more such apps you use, the sooner your battery will drain.

6 Tips to Increase the Battery Life of Laptop

6 Tips to Increase the Battery Life of Laptop

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Upgrade Your Hardware

If your laptop’s battery is quickly draining, you should check the quality of the hard disk. If you have been using an old laptop model, it may have a mechanical hard disk. Replace this disk and use an SSD because it does not consume too much battery when your laptop is in use.

You can also increase battery life by switching to internal graphics. You should use powerful graphics only when you are running heavy applications, including games. However, note that this kind of setting is not available on every laptop. You will have to check if your laptop allows for it.

Take Power Management Steps

Apart from the ways mentioned above, there are several other ways to expand the life of your laptop’s battery. You may not know, but this is true that keeping the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on when you are not using it can lead to a quick drain of your battery.

You can turn off the wireless card in your Mac laptop using the button found at the top of the toolbar. Similarly, you can disable Bluetooth if you do not need to use this feature. Avoid using the standby mode when you do not have to use your laptop.

It is advised to shut down your laptop when you are not using it. If you are on a break for half an hour, for example, you should shut it down instead of keeping it on a standby mode. Although standby mode can allow you to use your laptop immediately, it consumes too much battery. Do not forget to turn off unused ports.

Further, use power-saving hardware profiles. You may need to use your laptop at a coffee shop or restaurant. It might be challenging to carry a power bank with you all the time, and secondly, you cannot get access to a socket all the time in such public places.


You can increase the battery life of your laptop by taking the practical steps mentioned above. You should try to buy the latest laptop because they come with more efficient batteries.

In case you are using an old version, and it does not support battery life, you should either get it repaired or buy a new laptop.

If you lack money, you can take out guaranteed loans for the unemployed. However, note that it does not mean that you do not need to take care of it yourself.

Description: You can improve the battery life of your laptop by several means. This blog discusses some of the steps you can take to do so.

These are the Tips to Increase the Battery Life of Laptop

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