TheOneSpy Computer Monitoring Software - Complete Review

TheOneSpy Computer Monitoring Software – Complete Review

Out of hundreds of advanced spying software, TheOneSpy counts as the leading one. It took years for TOS to make its separate identity in the market. But a consistent transformation has made it the choice of millions.

TOS not only offers groundbreaking features for desktop computer spying Software but also provides highly supportive service 24/7. It guarantees to users that the targeted person will never get any clue in the whole spying duration.

In this article, we will share all aspects of TheOneSpy computer monitoring software. So, you could have more comfort in your personal and professional life.

Features of TOS Computer Tracker

TheOneSpy has 250 plus high technical features. Here, we are listing some important PC monitoring tools below.

  • On-demand Screenshot Capturing Feature
  • Live Camera Surrounding Viewer
  • Mic Bug Tool
  • PC Screen Recorder
  • Typed Key Strokes Spying Feature
  • GPS location Tracking Tool
  • Installed Apps or Software Tracker
  • Browsing History Monitoring Tool

TOS Advance Services

Not every company gives this much advantage to visitors and users. It is the only one which is known for its best reliable extra benefits. Just have a look at them.

  • 24-hour Free Support Service
  • Quick Technical Expert Support
  • Remote Blocking Access
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Discount Offers

Compatible OS

TOS operating system support windows 7 to 10 and work with all the common PC making companies.

How Parents and Businesses can take advantage of computer monitoring software?

TheOneSpy provides specific services for parents and businesses. Because these both get affected by advanced technology. So, TOS offers such features and functionalities, which are specifically designed for these two groups.

Let us discuss both separately to know what can be the situation where they require spying software.

Guardians Control Over Kids

A computer is a box for kids with plenty of attractive things. A child goes in curiosity and then search or click on everything.

Mostly kids play games, watch cartoons, use social accounts, or go in the wrong direction, like watching porn stuff, joining harmful groups, etc. All of these things gradually leave a bad impact on a kid’s mind and make them idle or ill.

So, parents can use TOS advance parental control solutions to protect their beloved ones from digital harm.

Employers Eagle Eye on Workers Activities

It’s not easy to work for continuously 7-8 hours, so there is a break for workers relaxation. But some who are not sincere to work takes breaks in work time as well. It’s out of boss consideration, which later on effects on individual productivity.

When a person has no fear, he/she doesn’t focus on assignments or tasks. Usually, non-serious employees spend time in gossips, outing, watching movies, playing games, or using social apps online. You can use the social media spy apps feature of the TheOneSpy and track them and secure your business hours.

Some workers badly use company devices then ask the boss for replacement with a new one. However, in all situations, the main problem is only a need for a proper check on workers.

So, if you still haven’t tried any spy software, then you must try TheOneSpy to keep a naked eye on all of their secret activities.

4 Simple Steps to Protect Your Teenagers and Employees

  1. The first step is to visit the website and find out a suitable plan.
  2. Contact them to become satisfied. Then go through the subscription payment method.
  3. As you will receive the official email, read instructions carefully, and install the software on your targeted person’s computer.
  4. As the installation process will complete, you can get access to all data instantly.

Plans and Pricing

TOS provides four different plans for PC containing specific features according to duration. Let us put an eye on each of them.

  • 1 Month Premier Plan Actual Cost is $65.99 and after discount only $40.
  • 3 Month Premier Plan Actual Cost is $89.99 and after discount only $60.
  • 6 Month Premier Plan Actual Cost is $169.99 and after discount only $80.
  • 12 Month Premier Plan Actual Cost is $220 and after discount only $110.

These discount offers are given throughout the year on special occasions. Like these days, TOS gives this opportunity to make the users’ Christmas and summer vacation pleasant.


At last, we concluded that TheOneSpy computer monitoring software functionalities and services are priceless. TOS provides all necessary tools to ensure your business is safe from external harm, and your kids are not much obsessed with the internet.


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