Step by Step Tips to Implement PPC For Your Campaigns

There are numerous approaches to digitally market your brand and reach out to the past, existing and potential customers. Out of the paths that you can take, PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising is becoming one of the preferable choices of business owners, primarily because of the monetary advantage it extends to them.

Compared to other digital marketing forms like display advertising or native advertising, in a PPC campaign, the advertisers have to pay only when the user clicks on the ad. Hence the name, Pay-Per-Click. Through PPC services in India and overseas, even if a thousand users glance at the advertisement and only ten users click on it, the business owners have to pay the publisher only for those ten users, not for everyone.

PPC is a powerful digital marketing tool, and as an advertiser, you must invest your efforts besides resources in efficient PPC campaigns. Your role is not limited to hiring an SEO agency in India, but working with them to make the campaign more fruitful, because no one understands your products and audience better than you. Therefore, you will find a step-by-step guide and tips on implementing PPC into your marketing campaigns successfully in this article.

Put Yourself In The Customers’ Shoes

The first step towards setting your PPC campaign is gathering customer’s demographics and other details to create their persona. Get into their minds and ooze out their interests, shopping patterns or inclinations, etc.

Conduct A Rigorous Keyword Research

Once you have customer personas in your hand, it’s time to level up the keyword game. “Keywords” are phrases that your users type in the search bar to find information. All you have to do is get as close as possible to those keywords and use them in your content. It is recommended to hire an SEO agency in India for conducting keyword research since they are experts in the field.

Match Your Keywords With Your Budget

Remember, all the keywords come with their price tags. The more the competition for a particular keyword, the higher will be its cost. Therefore, please pay attention to the keywords’ pricing structure before finalizing them and keep your budget in mind before running the PPC campaign.

Preparing Ad Copies

Ad copies play a crucial role in advertising your products or services. Without influential and robust ad copies, it is impossible to retain your customers, let alone the potential ones. Hence, lay focus on four parts of your ad copies- headline, display URL, description and call-to-action.

Choosing The Right CTAs

CTAs or Call-To-Action are the buttons that allow the user to connect with your business through numerous means like signing up, shopping, learning, etc. Picking up relevant CTA phrases are crucial for your PPC campaign to avoid confusing your users and compel them to click on the ad and indulge in your offer. Since CTAs are incredibly vital for your ad copy, you should hire PPC services in India to choose the right ones.

Increase The Relevance With Ad Extensions

You need to keep your ad copies short, crisp and precise to develop a feeling of excitement within your customers. To grasp the audience’s attention and direct them towards your service/product, you must consider including Ad Extensions into your ad copies. Such extensions can help you add more information to your ad without crossing the word limit or spoiling your advertisement’s desirability.

Meaningful Landing Pages

Furthermore, the landing pages where the user comes after clicking on your advertisement should not be incongruous with the CTA of the ad copy. For example, if your ad copy asks the user to sign up for free, the landing page should not ask for registration fees.


Finally, a campaign is only successful if you keep tracking its performance and make improvisations accordingly. Peep into your customers’ minds and understand how they look up rummage through the internet for products or services that fulfil their requirements.

Remember to prepare ad copies that will never fail to target and entice the users. There might be downfalls initially, but that’s how you learn and ideate better marketing strategies. Whether you hire an agency or not, you must understand how to run a PPC campaign for brighter and boosted results.

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