Coolest Ways To Use Phone To Control Home Gadgets. Many years ago, children watched “The Jetsons” cartoon and were entertained by the possibilities of a fully automated home. These days, smart home technology has become more of a reality than ever before. Many people are now using their smartphones to activate and control their smart homes through unique apps and voice commands.

Homeowners are now tapping into their lights, thermostats, and smoke detectors through mobile phones. In addition to those, ADT also allows you to automate your home security from your phone.

Coolest Ways To Use Your Phone To Control Your Home Gadgets

Coolest Ways To Use Your Phone To Control Your Home Gadgets:

Lighting has become much smarter:

The days of flipping a switch on or off to control lights are slowly fading out. Nowadays, there are smart homes which use smart light bulbs and hubs. These lights connect over the home’s Wi-Fi network and are controllable through phone apps. A number of companies are involved in the “smart bulb” revolution. Homeowners simply install the bulbs in locations around the house and set up an app.

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Once the setup is complete, lights can be turned on, off, dimmed, or switched colors from the tap of a button. In addition, some apps involve special settings to create “routines” for automated lights while away from home. Lights can be scheduled or “randomized.” That helps to create that look of being home when one isn’t.

Use Your Phone Control Your Home
Control smart home heating

Easily control a home’s inside temperature:

Another significant development among smart home device makers has been the creation of smart thermostats. Homeowners are able to regulate the temperature even while they’re away from the house. Some of these thermostats allow for specifying an increase or decrease in temperature while one is on their way home. With the use of an app on a smartphone, a homeowner can make sure they have the temperature just right ahead of their arrival.

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Many of these apps feature customized settings. These can help to create special routines to conserve energy when trying to keep one’s home warm or cool, depending on the latest climate or weather conditions. Some of these smart thermostats also respond to voice commands via phone or home speaker devices.

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Home security at the fingertips:

Many security companies and security device manufacturers have also created smarter systems for homes. For example, ADT allows you to automate your home security from your phone. A smartphone app allows a homeowner to easily arm or disarm their home security system by tapping on a button on the screen. Security camera video feeds can easily be monitored, recorded, and stored, or sent off to someone else for assistance.

The company is considered the leader in home security with over 140 years of experience in the industry. Thanks to their experts, homeowners are able to discuss the right setup for their home and have it easily implemented. An ADT security system might include security keypads, motion detectors, door/window sensors, and glass break sensors.

ADT has integrated their smart home technology into mobile phones, providing control of thermostats, lights, garage doors, and home security. Their technology will send an email alert in the instance that a door was opened or if the home security system has been disarmed. It provides reassurance and peace of mind that one’s home is being protected.

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Technology keeps getting better thanks to smartphones and smart homes. Years ago, the idea of controlling home functions from miles away using a device in one’s hand seemed absurd. However, technology is advancing rapidly towards the future. Many companies are paving the way for smarter homes. It’s now become easier for homeowners to integrate smart home technology like lights, thermostats, and security systems into their busy lives!

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