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Twitter Tips-Manage Your Twitter List In Chrome Easily

Manage Your Twitter List In Chrome Easily
Manage Your Twitter List In Chrome Easily. Twitter Lists are one of Twitter’s most underrated features. They provide a way to follow groups of Twitter users without having them appear on your Timeline.

Twitter Lists act as an extension of the Timeline and allow users to better organize and keep track of accounts that interest them. Using Lists lets you instantly view only the content you want to see.

For example, Twitter users interested in sports often default to just following accounts like ESPN and Sky Sports. However, tweets from these accounts can be drowned out by the noisier, more active users on your Timeline.

Manage Your Twitter List In Chrome Easily

To fix this, you could create a Twitter List named “Sports News” and put ESPN, Sky Sports, and as many other Twitter accounts as you want on it. Then, when you visit that Twitter List, you’ll only see recent tweets from the users on it.

However, Twitter doesn’t do a great job of supporting Lists. Adding a user to a List from your Timeline requires three clicks across two pages. Often times, you may be scrolling down your Timeline and not want to lose your place to do this. Although you can open the account in a new tab, it’s a slow and discouraging process.

Luckily for Google Chrome users, Twitter Lists Redux makes managing your Twitter Lists much easier.

#Install Twitter Lists Redux:

Twitter Lists Redux can be installed from the official Chrome Web Store. Although the installation will place an icon in your extensions bar (right of the address bar), there is no functionality associated with the icon.

Manage Your Twitter List In Chrome Easily

All of Twitter Lists Redux’s features build onto Twitter, so you’ll need to go to the official website to see how it works.

Go to Twitter

If you’ve yet to create any Twitter Lists, make a few empty Lists that you think will be useful to you. You can do that by clicking Lists across the navigation bar of your profile page.

Manage Your Twitter List In Chrome Easily

After you’ve created some Lists, you’ll notice that Twitter Lists Redux makes them accessible via your Timeline. On the left-hand column, beneath your statistics and above the current Trends, you’ll now see your Lists.

Manage Your Twitter List In Chrome Easily

Already, this is a big step towards making your Lists easier to use. You can now get to your Lists straight from your Timeline instead of expending several extra clicks through your profile page.

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#Manage Your Lists:

You used to have to go all the way to a user’s profile, click the hamburger menu icon, and click “Add or remove from lists…”—now, you can add or remove a user to your Lists by hovering their username on your Timeline.

You can do this from any other page where hovering a Twitter username brings up the profile card, including your other Lists and other users’ Timelines.

Another feature that Twitter Lists Redux enables is sorting your Lists in alphabetical order.

By default, your Lists are sorted in alphabetical order. If you’d like to reset the sorting order, click the slider icon and then click Reset sorting. This will order your Lists based on when they were created, newest first.

If you ever want to sort your Lists alphabetically again, just repeat that same process: click the slider icon and then click Sort alphabetically.

Twitter Lists Redux is one of the smallest, simplest, and most powerful Chrome extensions for Twitter. Before installing it, Twitter Lists feel like a chore. After, they unlock a whole new way to use one of the world’s most popular social networks.

Excel Tips-How to Use COUNTIFS, SUMIFS, AVERAGEIFS Formulas in Excel

How to Use COUNTIFS, SUMIFS, AVERAGEIFS Formulas in Excel. The three most commonly used formulas in Excel that perform simple mathematical calculations are COUNT, SUM and AVERAGE. Whether you are managing a financial budget in Excel or simply keeping track of your next vacation, you’ve probably used one of these functions before.

In this article, we’re going to go through the basics of these three functions and their relevant and useful counterparts: COUNTIFS, SUMIFS and AVERAGEIFS.

How to Use COUNTIFS, SUMIFS, AVERAGEIFS Formulas in Excel

Let’s say we are starting a new online business selling mobile phones and we have a sheet that lists the sales that we have made in the first two months.


To know how many mobile phones that we have sold, we can quickly use the COUNT formula as shown below:


On the other hand, to get the total amount of sales that we have made, we can use the SUM formula as shown below:


Lastly, to find out the average sales that we made for all phones, we can use the AVERAGE formula as below:


The result should be as below:

COUNT, SUM and AVERAGE formulas will only work for records where the cell value is in number format. Any record within the formula range (i.e. E2:E16 in this example) not in the number format will be ignored.

So, please ensure that all cells within the COUNT, SUM and AVERAGE formula are all formatted as Number, not Text. Try to use the same formula, but with E:E as the range instead of E2:E16. It will return the same result as before because it ignores the header (i.e. Sale Price), which is in text format.

Now, what if we want to know number of sales, total amount of sales and the average amount of sales per phone, just for those sold in USA? This is where COUNTIFS, SUMIFS and AVERAGEIFS play an important role. Observe the formula below:

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Formula breakdown:

  1. =COUNTIFS( – The “=” indicates the beginning of a formula in the cell and COUNTIFS is the first part of the Excel function that we are using.
  2. D2:D16 – Refers to range of data to check to see if it satisfies the criteria to be included in the count formula.
  3. “USA” – Criteria to look for in the data range specified (D2:D16)
  4. ) – Closing bracket indicating the end of the formula.

The formula returns 6 which is the number of sales for products shipped from the USA warehouse.


Formula breakdown:

  1. =SUMIFS( – The “=” indicates the beginning of the formula again.
  2. E2:E16 – Refers to range of data that we would like to total, i.e. sale price in our example.
  3. D2:D16 – Refers to range of data to check to see if it satisfies the criteria to be included in the total amount.
  4. “USA” – Criteria to look for in the data range specified (D2:D16)
  5. ) – Closing bracket indicating the end of the formula.

The formula shows $6,050 total sales that were made for products shipped from the USA warehouse.


Formula breakdown:

  1. =AVERAGEIFS( – The “=” indicate the beginning of formula.
  2. E2:E16 – Refers to range of data that we would like to average. In this example, we want to get the average amount of sales for all phones sold in the USA.
  3. D2:D16 – Refers to range of data to check to see if it satisfies the criteria to be included in the average formula.
  4. “USA” – Criteria to look for in the data range specified
  5. ) – Closing bracket indicating the ends of the formula.

The formula shows we sold the product for around $1,008 per phone in USA.

All three formula can take more than one criteria. For example if we want to know the same figures (i.e. COUNT, SUM and AVERAGE) for products sold in USA, but specifically only for the Samsung brand, we just need to add the data range to be checked followed by its criteria.

Please see example below where a second criteria is added to the initial criteria checks. (Blue text indicates the first criteria and red indicates the second criteria)

=COUNTIFS(D2:D16,"USA", B2:B16,"Samsung")
=SUMIFS(E2:E16,D2:D16,"USA", B2:B16,"Samsung")
=AVERAGEIFS(E2:E16,D2:D16,"USA", B2:B16,"Samsung")

You will notice that Excel also has COUNTIF, SUMIF and AVERAGEIF formulas without the suffix “S”. Those are used similar to COUNTIFS, SUMIFS and AVERAGEIFS. However, those without the suffix “S” in the formula have the limitation of only allowing one criteria per formula.

As the syntax is slightly different, I would recommend using COUNTIFS, SUMIFS and AVERAGEIFS only as it can be used for either one criteria or more, if necessary. Enjoy!

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Window Tips-Useful Tips and Tricks For Microsoft Word

Useful Tips and Tricks For Microsoft Word

Useful Tips and Tricks For Microsoft Word. Some useful Microsoft Word tips to take advantage of could really help to improve your productivity and speed up your work.

Useful Tips and Tricks For Microsoft Word

Regardless of whether you’re new to Microsoft Word or have been using it for years, we hope that at least some of the tips mentioned below will be useful for you.

Here is the List of Useful Tips and Tricks For Microsoft Word:

#Paste Without Formatting:

Useful Tips and Tricks For Microsoft Word

If you need to copy something from elsewhere but don’t want the font to change from what you’re currently using in your Word document, copy it like usual, but then press Ctrl+Shift+V. Doing this will ensure that the contents get pasted but any formatting, such as text color, size, and font, will not be included.

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#Clear Formatting:

Useful Tips and Tricks For Microsoft Word

If you want to clear the formatting of a specific part of your document, simply highlight that area and click the Clear Formatting icon. The icon will look like a small eraser next to the letter A.

If you would like to clear the formatting on everything in your document, press Ctrl+A to highlight everything in the document and then click the clear formatting icon.

#Highlight an Area Of Text Quickly:

Instead of clicking and dragging to highlight an area of text in Microsoft Word, you can instead click once to place the text cursor at the start of the area you’d like to highlight, hold shift, then click at the end of the area you’d like to highlight.

#Quickly Replace Multiple Mistakes:

Useful Tips and Tricks For Microsoft Word

Have you just finished a lengthy document and just noticed you made a small mistake for a word, for example, writing land mark, instead of landmark? You can fix this within a few seconds by using find and replace.

First, press Ctrl+F and the find and replace tool will open. Next, click on Replace, then type in the word or phrase you want to replace. After, type the contents you’d like it be replaced by.

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#Quickly Copy And Create Lists:

Let’s say you need to go through a document and pick out certain words/phrases and create a list from them.

Instead of going back and forth, writing each item onto the list each time you see a word, you can simply highlight each word and press CTRL + F3. You can do this multiple times until you have found each word/phrase.

Once you are finished, go to the area in the document you’d like the list to be created and press Ctrl + SHIFT + F3 to paste all of the highlighted areas you’ve just copied. This feature is known as Spike in Word.

As a final step, you can then highlight the contents and use the bullets or numbering tools in the toolbar to turn the words/phrases into a more ordered list.

#Remove the Toolbar Ribbon:

Useful Tips and Tricks For Microsoft Word

If you want distraction-free writing, you can remove the toolbar ribbon that sits at the top of your document by pressing Ctrl + F1. If you need it back at any point, you can press Ctrl + F1 again to bring it back into view.

#Delete Words With One Key Press:

Need to delete a big chunk of text? Instead of holding down the backspace bar, you can instead hold CTRL and then press BACKSPACE.

Doing this will delete one word each time you press the backspace button, instead of just one character. Hold down the backspace button and the ctrl button together to delete chunks of text at lightning speed.

#Use ‘Tell Me What You Want to Do’:

Useful Tips and Tricks For Microsoft Word

If you are trying to find a function on Microsoft Word but are struggling to navigate the menus or can’t remember the shortcut, click the ‘Tell me what to do’ shortcut at the top of the toolbar ribbon.

From here, you can type in the action you’d like to perform and you’ll get contextual answers to take advantage of. For example, typing ‘create a table’ will give you some options for creating a table from within your Word document.

This tool is something that many old school Word users may not even know exists, but it’s incredibly useful.

#Quickly Lookup a Word:

Useful Tips and Tricks For Microsoft WordIf you are editing a Word document but need context, you can use the Smart Lookup tool. Simply highlight a word, right click and click Smart Lookup.

Doing this will open a small panel that contains information relating to the word. It saves moving to your browser and performing a search, but it’s just as powerful as doing so.

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#Disable Spelling and Grammar Check:

Firstly, it’s common knowledge that you can right click a word with a spelling error and click ‘Add to Dictionary’. This is useful if you are using abbreviations or fictional words. You can also turn off spelling and grammar check completely to remove those pesky red and green lines.

To disable spelling and grammar check in Word for only one document, click File, then Options, then click Proofing. You must then tick the two options for hiding spelling and grammar mistakes in the document you are currently writing in.

Useful Tips and Tricks For Microsoft Word

#Create Your Own AutoCorrect Settings:

Have some words that you just can’t spell right? Or, are there long words or phrases you write very often? You can use custom AutoCorrect settings to make your life far easier.

Simply click File, then Options, then click on Proofing. After that, click on AutoCorrect Options. You can then add your own custom words and then the correction you’d like it to be replaced with. Custom AutoCorrect can be an excellent way to increase your productivity.

Useful Tips and Tricks For Microsoft Word

Not only can you use it to adjust any common personal spelling mistakes, but you can use it to turn quick abbreviations into long words or phrases to save time.

#Change the Page Color For Easy Viewing:

Useful Tips and Tricks For Microsoft WordIt has become the universal standard for the color of a text document to be bright white. At times, this can become quite the strain on your eyes. To change the page color to sepia, which has a darker yellow hue, click on the ‘tell me what to do’ box, then type ‘change page color’.

In the results, click Page Color and you’ll have a number of options to choose from, including Sepia, which is far easier on the eyes.


Did you know any of the Microsoft Word tips we’ve mentioned in this article? If not, which ones do you think will be the most useful to you? Let me know, and feel free to share your own Microsoft Word tips in the comments below. Enjoy!

Android Trick-List Of Android Oreo Tricks Every User Should Know

Android Oreo Tricks

Android Oreo Tricks Every User Should Know. Android 8.0 Oreo was released by Google a few months back and it’s amazing. The update was immediately available for Google / Nexus devices and now other Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) shall follow too. Android 8.0 Oreo might not look all that different than the previous version, but there’s a lot that’s changed under the hood.

While most of the features of Android O are easily accessible, there are some nifty hidden features that you may not be aware of. So, if you’ve got Android Oreo on your smartphone and wondering how to make the most out of your device, here’s a list for you!

Android Oreo Tricks Every User Should Know:

#1. Customize Notifications via Channels:

Android 8.0 Oreo introduces Notification Channels or custom app-defined categories for notifications. YouTube for example, it splits notifications into two groups, offline notifications and general notifications. This way you see only important notifications that actually matter rather than having your drawer filled to the brim with unwanted updates. Google Maps has more than 30 separate categories for you to choose from. Third-party apps should follow integrate the latest option soon.

The way notifications are handled has also changed. Swipe right and you’ll see two icons: Settings and a new clock—touch the clock to snooze the alert for up to two hours. Also, if you long press a notification, you’ll be able to turn off all future alerts.

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#2. Picture – in – Picture:

When you’re watching a full-screen video on YouTube or Chrome, just press the home button and the video will shrink down to a window that floats on top of whatever else you’re doing. While this functionality has been there inside the YouTube app for ages now, the same flexibility can now be enjoyed system-wide.

Obviously, not all apps are supported right now because developers need to update them accordingly, but it won’t be long before this becomes mainstream. This feature is super useful on devices with large displays.

Go to Settings on your Android phone and tap on Apps and Notifications. Once done you will need to click on Advanced so you get more options, on this screen select Special App Access. Here among all the options, you need to pick Pick-in-Picture in the list. That’s all!

#3. Auto-Fill Data:

Android Oreo’s Autofill feature lets you store data like usernames, passwords, addresses, and phone numbers – something that has been a bare necessity on browsers for years now. This means when you reach an app that requires a saved login in Android Oreo, the fields will automatically populate using info from your personal password vault.

The cherry on the top is that this feature also works along with third-party password managers like Enpass and Dashlane. Head to Settings  Languages & input  Autofill service. Select the autofill app you’d like to use.

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#4. Notification Badges:

This feature has been around on various third party as well as OEM launchers for a long time. It’s good to see Android finally getting it natively. Notification Badge (it’s actually a dot) add iOS-like indicators to home screen app shortcuts. They double as powerful app shortcuts as well. As in, a long press will bring forward a preview of the most recent notifications about the app.

Go to Settings  Tap Apps & notifications  Notifications  Toggle on Notification Badge!

#5. Google Play Protect:

Google Play Protect is a new service suite that will scan your apps for threats, and constantly check for the latest risks, which will be found and detected via machine learning. To switch it on, Settings  Google  Security  Google Play Protect  Scan Device for Security Threats (toggle the option on).

Google Play Protect also lets you see the last location of your phone. Using this layer of protection you can make your phone ring if you cannot find it or if you think your phone is stolen you can access your phone remotely erase your phone’s internal memory. You can even lock the device remotely using a PIN or Pattern Lock. It is also available in older versions of Android via the Google Play Store.

#6. Smart Text Selector:

Android Oreo’s Smart Text Selection makes copy/pasting easy by automatically recognizing text content. When you highlight an address, phone number, email address, or name, you’ll get contextually relevant shortcuts to the dialer, Google Maps, and other applications.

Android will use machine learning to power this feature, but Google executives promised your text will stay on your device and not get sent to the cloud.

#7. Auto – Enable WiFi:

Android Oreo also comes with the ability to automatically turn on WiFi when you’re in home or office. It comes as a nifty little feature that while conserving battery, also allows you to automatically switch to high-speed networks. This way you don’t have to manually switch on / off WiFi every time you are near your place.

To enable this feature, go to Network and Internet  WiFi  WiFi Preferences. Then toggle on the setting. Your phone will then use its location knowledge to reconnect to networks like your home Wi-fi.

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#8. Smarter Storage Management:

Android Oreo comes with a feature called Smart storage. It automatically deletes images and video files which have been backed up on Google Drive after 30 days. You will also have the option to delete contents of the downloads folder or uninstall apps you haven’t used in awhile to free up precious space.

Open up Settings and then tap Storage & memory. After it has completed scanning your phone storage, you can select from a list of available options to clear.

Every Android version has its own Easter Egg and so does Oreo! From Settings, tap System then About phone, then tap Android version until you see the big Android O. Then, tap the O repeatedly before long-pressing it to get an octopus that… just kind of floats around!

Windows Trick-List of Best 3 Android Emulators

List of Best 3 Android Emulators
List of Best 3 Android Emulators. The Android operating system is indisputably the biggest, most successful operating system for mobile devices. Pick any smartphone at random and the chances are that it will be running Android.
List of Best 3 Android Emulators

This also means that plenty of applications are exclusive to this operating system and that it’s a hot platform to develop for.

An actual phone is not always the best place to work however. Some IM applications are more convenient on a computer keyboard than awkwardly tapping on a screen. There might also be an Android game you really want to play, but your phone just isn’t up to it.

Whatever your reason, there are many excellent Android emulators, that allow you to do some pretty interesting things with what’s essentially an Android virtual machine on your desktop.

List of Best 3 Android Emulators:

The three emulators that we’re highlighting here are arguably the most popular, but also the most refined. They are free and generally simple to use. So you are just a few clicks away from running an instance of Android on your desktop.

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#1. Bluestacks App Player:

Bluestacks (the company) has been around since 2009 and has become one of the biggest names in desktop Android emulation. It’s probably the first piece of software that comes to mind when most people think of running Android on a desktop.

It’s not an undeserved position either. Bluestacks App Player is a mature piece of software with excellent performance. In fact, according to benchmarks for the latest version of Bluestacks, it is six times faster than even the fastest smartphone you can buy. That makes it an excellent choice for intense Android game titles.

The player is however not optimized for productivity software, although messengers and other similar lightweight apps are no issue. The main downside of the software is that advertisements and partner content is used to fund it.

If you can look past a few ad pop ups, then this is one of the best Android gaming app players available today.

You can get Bluestacks App Player at www.bluestacks.com.

#2. Nox Player:

Bluestacks has some serious competition in the form of Nox Player. The biggest selling point for Nox is the fact that there are no ads and it is actually free. It’s also a much more customizable and flexible app player, but of course that comes at the cost of simplicity.

Like Bluestacks, Nox is aimed at people who want to play Android games on their computers. It allows you to fine-tune the emulators performance so that you can get great frame rates when you need it and give your computer some space to run other apps, as needed.

Since both of these options are free to download and use, it’s easy to compare the performance and customization options of both players for yourself.

You can get Nox Player at https://www.bignox.com/.

#3.Android Studio:

While Nox Player and Bluestacks App Player are unashamedly aimed at people who want to play Android games on a PC, Android Studio is all business. This is the premier, official, Google-approved development tool for people who want to make Android applications.

OK, to be perfectly honest it’s not really accurate to call this an Android emulator. Instead this integrated development tool contains a sophisticated emulator built specifically for testing the app you make.

The purpose of the Android Studio Emulator is not to simple run Android apps. It’s to actually simulate various real Android devices out in the wild. So that you, as a developer, don’t actually have to go buy a wheelbarrow full of expensive phones to make sure that your app will work on them.

Clearly Android Studio is not aimed at the general public, but if you have dreamed of making and selling your own app for the biggest mobile platform in the world, there is no other game in town.

You can get Android Studio at https://developer.android.com/studio/.

The Emulated Life

We’ve come a long way since the early days of Android emulation. From software that was glitchy and slow, to an experience that is in many ways superior to any phone running Android.

Whether you’re an avid mobile gamer looking to get an edge or a budding software developer looking for your big break, there’s an emulator out there that will give you exactly what you’re looking for.

These three leading titles are literally just the tip of the iceberg. Enjoy!

Android Tips-How to Turn Off Screenshot Sound in Android

How to Turn Off Screenshot Sound in Android

How to Turn Off Screenshot Sound in Android. So you just took a screenshot while your phone was on silent and you heard the capture sound. If you own a stock Android device such as Google Pixel, one of the Nokia series phones, Xiaomi Mi A1 or Mi A2, etc., they don’t disable the screenshot sound, even if you keep your phone on silent or vibration mode. Weird but true.

Not everyone is as lucky as Redmi or OnePlus users who have a built-in setting to turn off screenshot sound or even Samsung users who simply have to keep their phone on silent mode to avoid screenshot sound.

Well, if you own an Android device that doesn’t provide an option to disable screenshot sound, don’t worry. In this post, we let you Know some alternate methods to take screenshots without sound.

#1. Use Google Assistant:

All Android phones running Android Lollipop+ come pre-installed with Google Assistant. The Assistant, among other cool things, comes with an ability to take screenshots. And guess what? There is no sound when you capture a screenshot with Google Assistant in any sound mode. Meaning, even if all the sounds are enabled, you will hear no screenshot sound via this method.

To capture a screenshot using Google Assistant, open the screen that you want to capture. Then hold the home button until Assistant pops up. Tap on Share Screenshot option. You will then see the list of the apps where you can share the screenshot. Select the app. In case you don’t see the Share Screenshot option, type or say the command ‘Take screenshot.’

Note: The screenshot taken via this method will not be saved in your gallery. You need to select the Upload to Google Photos option from the sharing options to save it to your phone.

#2. Download Third-party Screenshot App:

If you don’t like the above method, you have another option of downloading certain third-party screenshot apps that enable this function.

Some of the apps that you can try are:

1. Screenshot Touch

This is my favourite in the list. Since I take a lot of screenshots related to my work, doing gymnastics with power and volume button isn’t my thing. Hence this app.

It is extremely easy to use. Once you install the app, tap on Start capture monitoring service. The button will turn red and you will see a floating camera icon. Now whenever you need to take a screenshot, simply tap this icon.

Your phone will vibrate after taking the screenshot. However, if you want, you can disable it in the app settings.

2. Screenshot Assistant

If you are not a fan of Google Assistant and can live without it, there is another way to capture screenshots without sound using the Screenshot Assistant app. With this app, you can take screenshots using the home button. Yes, you have guessed it right. You will not be able to use Google Assistant from home button if this is enabled.

Once you download the app, follow the onscreen instructions to change the Assist app from Google to Screenshot Assistant.

These were the two methods to capture screenshots on Android devices without sound. If you own a Redmi or OnePlus device, they have a built-in setting to turn the sound off. Here are the steps:

#Turn Off Screenshot Sound on Redmi and OnePlus:

Step 1: Open Settings and tap on Sound & Vibration.

Step 2: Scroll down and disable the Screenshot sound option.

Turn Off Screenshot Sound on Samsung Devices

Samsung devices have it a little differently. You need to keep your phone on silent or vibrate mode to turn off screenshot sound. To do so, simply lower the ringtone and notification volume to the minimum.

Tips & Trick-How to Organize Google Drive

How to Organize Google Drive
How to Organize Google Drive

How to Organize Google Drive. If you have used Google Drive, then you know how difficult it is to manage the drive (at least for beginners) because of lack of various organizing features. Few similar services like Evernote have a huge range of options to organize any content. Hope Google too adds such features in near future! Now, let’s know how to organize google drive with these limited available options.

How to Organize Google Drive


#Organize Google Drive Using Folders:

This is the first thing which comes in mind while organizing google drive. You can categorize all your content into different folders. All know this, nothing to speak more. Just click on “New” option at the top left of Google Drive’s homepage and create folders.

#Naming Convention for Files and Folders:

Naming Convention can be very useful in the long run. As the number of files increases in the drive, it becomes harder to recognize and differentiate files. Using thoughtful names for files and folder can help a lot in such situations. This can be a short name of the content in the file, sorted numbers, alphabets, etc.

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#Using Description for Files and Folders

A step ahead of the naming convention. You can add a description to your files and folders which can be longer than the traditional naming convention. This can help in recognizing the content of a particular file without actually opening it. To add a description, select the file or the folder, click on the “i” icon at top right and then click on “Add a Description” option.

#Sort Files by Size in Google Drive

There is no direct option to sort files in Google drive. Sorting files are useful especially while deleting files to save space in Google Drive. To organize Google Drive, this is the minimal option required, but it is not readily visible to first-time users. To sort files by size, hover over “Upgrade Storage” at the bottom left and then select “Drive” option. Then you can click on “Quota used” option to sort the files in ascending or descending order based on size.

#Add Files Without Increasing Size of Google Drive

This is the most interesting option in Google drive, though not readily visible. Using this option, you can make the presence of the same file at multiple locations without increasing the storage space of the drive. It is like hard linking in Unix based operating systems. In the back-end, drive stores only one copy of the file but has multiple links to open the same file.

This is applicable for both files and folders. To add a file at other location, select and highlight the file, and then press Shift+z on your keyboard (hold down shift and then press z). “Add here” options box will appear. Select the destination location and add the file there.

Few important thinks to note while using this option:

  • After you have created multiple links of same files, deleting any one of them will delete all the links.\
  • If you want to delete only a specific link and keep all other links as it is, select and highlight the link file, then click on “i” icon at top right and watch out for the location option in the sidebar. If multiple links are associated with the file, then all those locations will be shown. To remove a particular link, click on the cross mark beside the link’s location.

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#Add Star to Files to Organize Drive:

This is same as the starred emails option inside Google mail. Adding a star to important files or folders will make it available under the Starred option in the left sidebar. Click on the three vertical dots at the top right and select the “Add Star” option.

#Using Search and Filters to Locate Files:

The Search option in Google Drive is somewhat more powerful than other options to locate files with ease. This search can be filtered based on different criteria like type of file (pdf, word, ppt, text, audio, video, etc.), modification date, file name, words of the file name, owner of the file, location of the file, etc. Just click on the downward arrow next to the search bar in Google drive to view all the available filters.

#Using Different Colors for Folders:

By default, the color of a folder icon in Google Drive is gray. You can change it into something else to quickly recognize the folder without even looking at folder name. This can be more useful when used in combination with the naming convention of folders.

Select and highlight any folder, click on three vertical dots at the top right and then select the change color option. There is no option for custom color, and you have to choose from one of the existing colors.

#Manage Versions of the Same File:

This is a good option for organizing Google drive. You can upload multiple revisions of same files, and all of them will be available under one file name. This prevents cluttering of Google drive with various versions of the same file. Most of the times these changes are minute and naming each version is time-consuming and unnecessary.

Select any file, right-click on it and choose the option “Manage Versions“. You will be able to upload a new revision of the same file. One thing to note is that Google drive stores the older version only for 30 days. To keep it forever, click on the options menu beside the older version and select “Keep it Forever” option.

Internet Tips-VPN Router for Total Privacy and Security

VPN Router for Total Privacy and Security

VPN Router for Total Privacy and Security

Staying safe and secure on the internet has never been so serious. What with all the data breaches occurring almost everywhere we turn today.

VPN Router for Total Privacy and Security

Sensitive data is also being hijacked from time to time. Hackers are not slowing down in sniffing around your internet traffic pathways for something to pounce on. As if that is not enough, there is still the possibility of suffering data monitoring and harvesting from companies and the government – all while browsing from home.

All that can quickly become a thing of the past when you layer your home Wi-Fi router over a VPN.

VPN Router for Total Privacy and Security:

#Why do that at all?

You must have heard that the best and easiest way to secure and encrypt your Wi-Fi connection is by using a VPN. What you might not have heard that it is very cost effective to do so over a Wi-Fi router too.

You get to save the cost of buying a separate VPN app license for each mobile and desktop unit you want to connect within the house. That allows you to keep every member of the family safe and secure whenever they are on the world wide web.

Besides, you get to enjoy a better reach to other non-mobile/ desktop devices. Considering the fact that you cannot secure devices such as PlayStation, Xbox, and other smart home devices directly with a VPN, a secure Wi-Fi connection will be the best way to keep their data contained to your internet space.

You can’t also help but notice the ease at which this security model comes. Now, you never need to worry about setting up your VPN everytime you want to browse the web. As soon as the router is on, you are assured that the network is secure too.

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#Setting things up

If you don’t have a router before now, you would need to get one. Afterward, proceed to buy a VPN subscription from a preferred vendor. Install the app you get on the router during setup and you’ll be good to go.

Existing Wi-Fi router users will only need to get the app and set it up on their devices.

The above methods might be too time-consuming and tasking for those who are not so technically inclined. There’s a quick workaround for you: buying a router that has a VPN on it.

You would have to make sure of three things here:

  • The router you are getting should be of high quality
  • There should be different models of routers to choose from so that you can make the best choice and
  • The installed VPN app should be an offering from a top internet security company.

Considering all of the above, you can get a router that comes preinstalled with ExpressVPN. Seeing as these types of routers are developed by Linksys, you are ensured of quality.

They are also available in different models and have one of the best VPNs on the market on them. All you have to do is use the router as a ‘plug and play’ machine without all the hassles of setup.

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You don’t have to give an arm and a leg to ensure you’re always on a safe connection in the house. Likewise, you shouldn’t limit your home’s security to the mobile devices and desktop units only. Keep everything connected and secured without losing a breath by getting yourself on a VPN router network.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a running router or planning on a new one. If things start to look to technical, you know there’s always the choice of buying a router with a pre-installed VPN app.

Google Tips-How to Disable Google Smart Lock On Android and Chrome

How to Disable Google Smart Lock On Android and Chrome

How to Disable Google Smart Lock On Android and Chrome. Once upon a time, I was in love with Google’s Smart Lock feature. The ease with which it remembered and synced multiple passwords across Chrome and my phone made my work buttery smooth. No longer did I have to remember a strange combination of letters and alphabets. I let Google handle everything for me.

How to Disable Google Smart Lock On Android and Chrome

How to Disable Google Smart Lock On Android and Chrome:

But if your phone gets stolen, nefarious people could immediately gain access to all your passwords.  So, it got me thinking. Is Smart Lock worth the convenience? Or rather, should I trust Google with my passwords? If you have the same doubts, disabling Google’s Smart Lock is no rocket science. So, let’s see how to get it done.

#Disable Smart Lock on Chrome:

Step 1: On Chrome, go to the browser settings by clicking on the three-dot menu at the upper-right corner.

Step 2: Scroll down to the Passwords and forms option and click on Manage passwords.

Alternatively, you can type ‘password’ in the search bar above.

Step 3: Once in, toggle the switch for ‘Offer to save passwords off’. Meanwhile, also disable ‘Auto Sign-in’.

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#Disable Smart Lock on Android:

Disabling Smart lock for Passwords on Android is more or less a similar (and simple) affair. Simply open Chrome on your Android and go to Settings.

Tap on Passwords and toggle the switch for Save Passwords option and Auto Sign-in to off.

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#What To Do With the Saved Passwords?

Now that you have turned off Google’s Smart Lock, what do you do with the saved passwords? Surely you can’t have them lying around.

Go to Google’s Password account and click on the Delete icon. Alternatively, you can clear the browsing history to remove all the passwords from Chrome. Make sure you choose the Time range as All time.

However, for Google’s password account, you’d have to go the manual way of selecting and deleting.

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What About Smart Lock for Android

Now that we are talking about Smart Lock for Passwords, there’s another feature that comes under the Smart Lock umbrella — Smart Lock for Android.

Designed to make your life less miserable, this feature identifies a few trusted places and keeps your phone unlocked when at those locations. Similarly, you can mark a paired device (such as your car’s Bluetooth music system or your smartwatch) as trusted and your phone will be automatically unlocked when these devices are nearby. However, the ‘Expectation vs Reality’ scenario is quite different.

Firstly, this feature is pretty easy to compromise. Imagine someone running off with your phone and smartwatch together. In such a case, gaining access to your phone’s content would be a walk in the park. After all, you left the front door open.

To switch this feature off, head over to Settings > Lock Screen Security > Smart Lock. This can vary from device to device. In case you don’t find it here, merely search for the same in the search bar.

If it’s the Trusted Place you wish to deactivate, tap on the place and select Turn off.

What Now?

So with Smart Lock on Chrome gone for good, how am I managing? Besides remembering passwords, I have switched to Dashlane. Now, I just have to remember a master password (*smiles ear to ear*).

Besides using AES-256 end-to-end encryption, Dashlane also has a clean interface. Coming to the main point, it does an awesome job of remembering all your passwords and keeping them secure.

Other than that, it also comes with a Password Health feature and a security dashboard.

Windows Trick-How to Disable SmartScreen Filter in Windows 10


How to Disable SmartScreen Filter in Windows 10. The SmartScreen filter in Windows 10 helps protect your PC from suspicious and malicious apps and files. Additionally, the SmartScreen filter can also show a warning message when you try to run an unrecognized app. SmartScreen leverages Microsoft cloud power to quickly detect, warn, and block potentially unwanted apps from running. Typically, you can easily bypass the SmartScreen filter for unrecognized apps with just a few clicks and run the app or file as needed.

If you don’t like how the SmartScreen filter works, you can easily disable it in Windows 10. Here’s how.

How to Disable SmartScreen Filter in Windows 10:

The easiest way to disable the SmartScreen filter is to use the options provided by the Windows Defender Security Center. The best thing is Windows Defender lets you control SmartScreen settings for apps and files, Microsoft Edge, and Store apps individually.

1. First, search for “Windows Security” in the Start Menu and open it. Microsoft renamed Windows Defender to Windows Security, so to get quick access, search for Windows Security.

2. In the Windows Security window, go to the “App and Browser Control” tab appearing on the left panel.

3. On the right panel you can see that by default SmartScreen is enabled and set to warn when it encounters unrecognized or suspicious apps and files in all three categories.

To completely disable SmartScreen, simply select the radio option “Off” for all three categories.

When you want to enable SmartScreen, you can either select “Warn” or “Block.” If you select “Warn,” SmartScreen warns when you try to open an unrecognized app or file. You can choose whether to run the app or not. If you chose “Block,” SmartScreen will show a warning message and blocks the file or app from running.

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For system or network administrators, Windows has a specific policy setting within the Group Policy editor to quickly disable the SmartScreen filter in Windows 10.

1. Open Group Policy Editor by searching for “gpedit.msc” in the Start menu. In the Policy Editor go to “Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> File Explorer.”

2. Find and double-click on the “Configure Windows Defender SmartScreen” policy.smartscreen-win10-open-policy


3. In the policy settings window, configure it as follows:

  • To disable the SmartScreen filter, select the radio option “Disabled.”
  • To enable the SmartScreen filter, select “Enabled” and either select “Warn” or “Warn and prevent bypass” under the Options section.



To make the changes take effect, restart your system or execute gpupdate /force command as admin.

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Windows 10 Home users will not have access to the Group Policy Editor. However, you can use the Registry Editor to disable the SmartScreen filter. You just have to create a couple of values. Before editing the Registry, back it up.

1. Search for “regedit” in the Start menu and open it. Now, go to the following location.

2. To disable the SmartScreen filter, create a new DWORD value by selecting “New” and then “DWORD (32-bit) Value.” Name the value as “EnableSmartScreen.” Now, double-click on the newly created value and set its Value Data as “0.” That is it.smartscreen-win10-create-value-1


3. To enable the SmartScreen filter, first set the Value Data of “EnableSmartScreen” as “1.”

4. Now you need to set the SmartScreen blocking level. For that, right-click on the right panel and select “New -> String Value.” Name the value as “ShellSmartScreenLevel.”

5. Double-click on the new string value and set either “Warn” or “Block” as the value data.

  • Warn: shows a warning message, but you can bypass it.
  • Block: shows a warning message and blocks you from running the app or file.



Once you are done, restart your system and you are good to go.

Comment below sharing your thoughts and experiences regarding using the above methods to enable or disable the SmartScreen filter in Windows 10.

Facebook Trick-How to Force Facebook App to Open Links In External Browser


How to Force Facebook App to Open Links In External Browser. Those of you who use Facebook have probably noticed that the developers are continually making changes to the app. One development they made a few years ago was to use an in-app browser.

How to Force Facebook App to Open Links In External Browser

Anytime you click on a link, their own WebView interface opens to display the webpage. It does load quickly, but there are many reasons why you may want to disable Facebook’s browser and use your device’s default browser.

How to Force Facebook App to Open Links In External Browser:


In-app browsers are nothing but webpage viewers without all the other functionalities that browsers like Opera, Chrome, and Firefox have built in. The developers of apps like Facebook create these browsers to work only in their app. They cannot open independently, only through their app.

These browsers are used by companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail to keep you using their app instead of another one. They don’t want you to move out of their app.

Here are some of the reasons why you might not want to use Facebook’s in-app browser.

  • You can only one view one site at a time. You can’t open new tabs.
  • You can’t type in new URLs. There is no address bar in these browsers.
  • The in-app browser does not store login information, so you will have to retype it all in if you’re landing on a site requiring your password.
  • Options like “find in page” and “open desktop site” are not available.
  • Sometimes the pages don’t load properly, or they may crash shortly after opening them.
  • No browsing history is available, so you can’t go back and finish a story later without searching on Facebook for it.
  • You can’t bookmark a site. Facebook has a way to “save” the site URL, but it is different than the bookmarking action.

If you would like to force Facebook to open links in your default browser, here are some steps to make that happen.

1. Log into your Facebook account.

2. Tap the Menu icon in the top-right. (It looks like three horizontal lines.)

3. Scroll down and tap “Settings & Privacy.”facebook_browser_settings_privacy


4. Tap Settings.

5. Scroll down and tap “Media and Contacts.” It’s at the very bottom of the list.facebook_browser_media_contacts


6. Toggle the “Links open externally” setting to On. (It will turn blue.)



That’s all there is to it. From now on the Facebook app will load all links to other sites in your device’s default web browser instead of in the slimmed-down in-app browser. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work in iOS, only on Android devices.

Now that you have set Facebook to use the default browser of your choice and not theirs, you will never have to worry again about losing access to a link after closing the app. You’ll be able to use the history in your browser and continue reading. You will also be able to access sites that require login information much more quickly since you don’t have to retype everything if you have it saved in your default browser.

WhatsApp Trick-How to Save Others User’s Whatsapp Status on Android


How to Save Others User’s Whatsapp Status on Android. Whatsapp currently sits as the most popular messaging app in the world next to Facebook Messenger. Since Facebook’s acquisition in 2014, Whatsapp has transcended the status of just being a texting or messaging app. Over 1.5 billion of its monthly users can now enjoy voice calling, voice messaging, video calling, video and file sharing and WhatsApp statuses.

How to Save Others User's Whatsapp Statuse on Android

It has become so feature-heavy that it is nearly disingenuous to label this as anything else other than a social media platform (although most messaging apps fall under this umbrella now). One of the most popular features of the majority of social media applications are stories. The WhatsApp equivalent of this is statuses.

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How to Save Others User’s Whatsapp Statuse on Android:

On WhatsApp’s main interface for Android you get three chief headings for each section of the app: Chats, Status and Calls. Statuses are similar to Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook stories. A user uploads a picture, video or text which WhatsApp keeps up for twenty-four hours or until the user decides to delete it.

Note: This tutorial was done using WhatsApp version 2.18.293 on Android version 7.1.2.

What you’ll need is a file manager that allows you to see hidden folders on an Android smart phone. If the proprietary file manager running on your smartphone doesn’t allow you to view hidden files, I highly recommend Tetra Filer free or Total Commander, or you can get a list of awesome file managers here.

1. Open your file manager and navigate to the main storage of your device.

2. Navigate to the WhatsApp folder.

How to Find and Save Other Users’ Whatsapp Statuses on Android


3. If your file manager is showing hidden folders, you should see at least two here (.Shared and .trash). Select and navigate to Media. After this step you should be here: “/storage/emulated/0/WhatsApp/Media” or simply “/WhatsApp/Media.”

How to Find and Save Other Users’ Whatsapp Statuses on Android


4. Finally, select and navigate to the .Status folder. From here you should find all the statuses that WhatsApp has saved on your phone (“/storage/emulated/0/WhatsApp/Media/.Statuses”). I suggest that you copy them to another folder or change their names so WhatsApp doesn’t delete them twenty-four hours later.whatsapp-status-folder-android


With most file managers you can set a shortcut to folders so you don’t have to constantly navigate your way there. I highly recommend this.

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Adobe Updates Acrobat and Adobe Scan, Modernizing the PDF


The PDF has stayed much the same for twenty-five years save for a few interactive aspects, but Adobe is now ready to give what could be a tired format a lift, as it updated the subscription-based Adobe Acrobat DC, as well as the free apps, Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe Scan, to handle PDFs better. This could lead to more possibilities with the popular document format.

Adobe created the PDF (portable document format) in 1993 as a way to share documents without a need for both sender and recipient to have the same software, fonts, or image software.

It’s received some changes in the past quarter century in that it’s no longer just flat text and images; now it can include interactive content such as annotations, video, and form fields. It also includes the possibility of recipients signing it digitally, making it ideal for contracts and tax forms.

There is a variety of software and apps that can read PDFs, notably a collection that were created by Adobe themselves.news-adobe-pdf-document


This week Adobe revised their Adobe Acrobat DC, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and Adobe Scan, which will allow for more changes to the PDF format with expanded tools and most importantly artificial intelligence.

Adobe listened to users and instituted these changes. Filling out forms, signing documents, and reviewing PDFs can now all be done within the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. There’s no reason to leave the app.

Adobe Sign has now been included directly in the reader. Those wanting to edit PDFs on a tablet can opt for the paid option of Acrobat Reader.

Acrobat DC, the subscription-based software for the DocumentCloud, will now sync across all your devices.

You can also now get team feedback and edit PDFs via all members of the team. Users had suggested that reviewing and making changes as a team was tedious, so Adobe added new share and review tools.



Users will be able to add comments to a specific spot and annotate it and can also respond and give feedback in the tabs. Whoever initiates the team-editing process needs to have a subscription, but after that non-subscription holders can make comments via their web browser.

Adobe Scan now allows multiple business cards to be scanned in at once and then imported as separate contacts. Previously the software was updated to allow for business cards to be added in individually.

No matter who you are, you’ve undoubtedly encountered PDFs on numerous occasions. As much as they can be a boon and make the sharing of documents easier, then can also be frustrating, as they just never seem to work the way you want them to.

Hopefully these changes will improve the process so that it’s only a boon and not so frustrating. That being said, it may be that there are so many other ways to digitally share documents now that perhaps the PDF format is still just too outdated and no longer needed.

What’s your experience with PDFs? Has the team aspect often frustrated you? Have you wished that it would be modernized? Is Adobe just behind the times at this point? Add your thoughts and concerns about Adobe and the PDF format in the comments section below.

Android Tricks-How To Extend The Battery Life of Your Phone


How To Extend The Battery Life of Your Phone. We live in an era where almost everything is done through smartphones: from playing games to making phone calls to surfing the web. As a result, due to the continuous use of our smartphones, the battery doesn’t last very long. After maybe 2 or 4 hours of usage, you’re back to charging your phone. Since phones have become a necessity, what do we have to do to make them last longer?

How To Extend The Battery Life of Your Phone

How To Extend The Battery Life of Your Phone:

#1. Use Wifi Over Cellular:

This rule should only be applied if the Wifi has an internet connection. Leaving the Wifi on without connecting to a safe network drains a lot of your charge. Since your phone uses a lot of energy to transmit internet data provided by remote cellular networks, using the internet from the Wifi helps to conserve the charge because the network source is closer to the gadget.

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#2. Temperature:

Keep the phone away from heat over 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius) since high temperatures can easily destroy your phone’s battery. In case your phone feels hot after extended hours of usage, allow it to cool down for a few hours before you can use it again.

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#3. Control Your Apps:

If you’re not using an application, make sure that you close it. Use the back button to make sure that you don’t leave the app running. Avoid switching from one app to another using the home button since it leaves most applications running in the background.

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#4. Avoid Free Ad-Supported Apps:

When you download an application that supports ads, you put your phone’s battery life at risk. This is because your phone uses most of its energy to power the contents provided by the ad. Therefore, always avoid such applications. However, if you feel like you really need the application, it’s better if you pay a few dollars to get the ad-free version.


The above tips will help you use your smartphone for more extended usage on the things that really matter to you. You should also do more research to discover additional ways to make your battery last longer.

One thing that you should always remember is that putting your phone in airplane mode automatically switches off radio signals and cellular data and helps conserve your charge for longer. Use this setting when your phone has almost no charge left at all.

Windows Trick-How to Install Microsoft Store Apps on Windows 10 Remotely


Accessing the Microsoft store is generally done on the Web, regardless of device, but installing Microsoft apps traditionally was done via the Microsoft store app on your computer. This, however, is no longer the case. With Microsoft including the feature to install apps remotely on the Web version of the Microsoft store, it has put on a new face.How to Install Microsoft Store Apps on Windows 10 Remotely

This is more or less the equivalent of installing games on your Xbox when you are away. The criteria for this is to ensure your devices are connected to a Microsoft account. Then you can install apps on the store remotely on your Windows 10.

How to Install Microsoft Store Apps on Windows 10 Remotely:

The first step is to visit the Windows App Store on your browser and to sign in. This does not have to be a browser on Windows OS. You just have to sign in with the same Microsoft account you use on your PC.

Once in the App Store, browse or search for the app you want.windows-apps2


You have the option to “Install” if you already have the app and “Get” if you do not yet have the app and need it added to your Microsoft account. Browsing on Windows 10, you will often see the menu (…) sign beside “Get.” Click on the menu sign. Note that clicking on “Get” will install the app only on the current device you are using while browsing.windows-apps1


On the window that appears next, select one or more devices you wish to install that app on and click “Install on my devices.”windows-apps3


Next, click “OK” and the app will automatically start downloading on the devices you have selected. The devices selected should be powered on and online at the time of performing this process. If not, the download will not start until the next time the devices are powered on and online.

Note that the download process will only be visible on the PC the download is meant for.

Even though you can possibly access the Microsoft store on the Web, it used to be that you could only install apps through the Microsoft Store app on a computer. This new option Microsoft has added to remotely install apps on your devices has gone a long way in streamlining the app installation process and giving users more flexibility. As long as you use a uniform account across devices, each of your devices maintains the customized set of apps.

Chrome Tricks-How to Lock Google Chrome with Passwords


How to Lock Google Chrome with Passwords. Google has released several updates for Chrome over the years, often deleting useful features with hardly any explanation. One of the missing items in Chrome is a Supervisor profile which used to be handy in preventing others from snooping on your browser activity.

How to Lock Google Chrome with Passwords

How to Lock Google Chrome with Passwords:

To lock Google Chrome with passwords, you were once able to adjust the guest settings from chrome://flags/. Sadly, it is no longer possible.

The current option in Chrome to protect your browsing history is very confusing to say the least. You can log in to your Google account and set up multiple “personas” for surfing – all this while hoping that any guest who has borrowed your laptop refrains from overriding their access levels. What if someone casually takes a peek with the excuse of dropping in for a chat?

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Thankfully, there are easier ways to restore privacy. One of them is using a third party Chrome extension: PassBrow. Compatible with both your PC systems and Android phones, the highly-rated extension does a smooth job in ensuring total browser privacy.passbrow-password-for-chrome


After downloading the extension, simply enable it to protect your browsing activity. You might want to enable it in the Incognito mode for which the permissions are set separately. PassBrow Authenticator is a Google Play app which allows you to carry forward your privacy settings on Android phones.updating-passbrow-extension


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Set up your account information, security question and alphanumeric password. Write it down somewhere so you can remember. If you forget your password, you will have no choice but to uninstall Google Chrome from your computer and install it again.saving-passbrow-settings


As soon as you save your information and passwords in PassBrow, it will save your information in an encrypted file extension called “.passbrow.”passbrow-information-file-creation


Now, every time you open the browser, you will have to enter the saved password to access the contents. This might seem tedious, but at least your PC is now safe from prying eyes. Use the following shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + 9 to immediately block access to your browser when someone is snooping around your desk.

PassBrow works with Google Chrome for Mac but there are no iPhone apps available at the moment.passbrow-authenticator-android


The best part about PassBrow is its mobile extension unit, PassBrow-Authenticator. As soon as you check it, it will reveal a code. The Google Play app is automatically installed on your Android phone or tablet. Now you only have to enter the code to protect Chrome browser activities on other devices. There is also a QR code available.

PassBrow is highly suited to its role to lock Google Chrome with passwords. This is because the app company does not have any ties to Alphabet Inc. The extension itself is unable to access your browser activities, as it is only allowed to display notifications. There are a few advertisements in the mobile app but no adware to worry about.

Tips & Tricks-Useful Instagram Hacks You Should Use


Useful Instagram Hacks You Should Use. Whether you’re a business on the lookout for potential customers or just someone chasing those sweet, sweet likes, social media is a great way to connect with people around the world. The simplicity and immediate gratification associated with Instagram has made it one of the most important social networks around.

Useful Instagram Hacks You Should Use

However, while Instagram is an incredibly popular and important tool, it has some significant shortcomings. Fortunately, there are workarounds that enable you to bypass these annoyances.

Useful Instagram Hacks You Should Use:

For some reason Instagram does not allow users to add links in the captions of photos. You can add a URL to your caption, but it won’t go anywhere. The only place you can add an active, live link is in your bio. And there’s only room for one. While this might not be a huge issue for most casual users, power users might consider this a major headache. Fortunately, the web service Campsite offers a simple, easy to use workaround.instagram-campsite


When you sign up to Campsite, you are given a unique Campsite.bio URL. Users then place the Campsite URL into their Instagram profile. When followers click on the link, it brings them to a page that houses all of the links that you want your followers to have access to.

Furthermore, Campsite allows users to associate specific links with certain images, add text to a link and even provides basic analytics. While Campsite is free to use, there is a Premium version that removes the Campsite branding from your Campsite.bio page, gives more detailed analytics and more.

Instagram Stories allow users to post photos or videos that automatically disappear after 24 hours. The feature has been well received among users as Stories are given priority in your follower’s feeds. This is great exposure; however, the Stories feature has one significant drawback: they’re only fifteen seconds long. If you want to post a longer video, the only thing you can do is manually record fifteen-second clips and post them one at a time. Of course, this is tedious and can look unprofessional.instagram-stories


Fortunately, there are two apps that will automatically cut longer videos into fifteen-second clips. This way you can upload them to Instagram Stories one right after the other, giving the illusion of one long, uninterrupted clip. For iOS, you’ll want to install CutStory. It does a great job of cutting your videos; however, it does add a watermark, but you can always get rid of the watermark by shelling out some cash. Android users will want to check out Story Cutter; it’s not as polished as CutStory, but it’s totally free.

Chances are if you’re a business or trying to build a brand, you use the same hashtags fairly frequently. Having to manually type out these hahstags every time you post can be tedious, not to mention time consuming. Luckily, there is a way to automate the process to save you time and possibly even prevent carpel tunnel syndrome. To accomplish this, you can manually create text shortcuts that will automatically add your all of your hashtags when you type just a single keyword.instagram-text-replacement


For iOS devices, launch the Settings app. From there, select “General -> Keyboard -> Text Replacement.” Next, you want to tap on the “+” icon in the top-right corner of the screen. In the text box labelled “Phrase,” type out all of the hashtags you want to use. In the box labelled “Shortcut,” type the keyword you want associated with those hashtags. When you’re done, tap “Save.” The next time you have to type out your hashtags, you can simply type in your keyword.

The process for Android devices is very similar. Open the Settings app and tap on “Language and input.” (Note: this option may be hidden in “Additional Settings,” depending on the device.) Next, tap on “Gboard -> Dictionary -> Personal Dictionary.” If necessary, select the language you want to use. From here tap on the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen. In the text box labelled “Type a word,” enter your hashtags. In the box labelled “Shortcut,” enter a the keyword you want associated with those hashtags.

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One of the biggest selling points of Instagram is the ability to apply filters on your photos. This is a quick and easy way to manipulate the look of your photos and potentially set them apart from the rest.

However, with over 40 filters available, choosing the right one can be daunting. There are tons of studies that focus on which filters are the most used, which ones get the most likes and which ones are best for certain scenarios. Which ones you opt for is totally up to you, but if you’re a business, it is highly recommended that your photos have a uniform look, meaning using the same filters for the majority of your photos.instagram-manage-filters


If you find yourself using the same filters over and over, it can be annoying to have to scroll through all of the others to find the one you’re after. Fortunately, there is a way to remove the filters you don’t use, making finding the right one quick and easy.

To do so, simply hit the “+” icon to upload a photo. At the bottom of the screen you will see the filter list. Swipe to the end of the list and tap on the button labelled “Manage.” Here you can add and remove the filters by checking or un-checking them.

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Hashtags are incredibly important when it comes to Instagram. According to Buzzfeed, over 27,000 photos are uploaded to Instagram every minute. With that sort of competition, it’s likely that your photo will not reach it’s intended audience.

Fortunately, this is where hashtags come in handy. Hashtags group photos into categories, making it easy for users to browse photos within that category. Applying relevant hashtags to your photos can be the deciding factor as to whether your account goes viral or wallows in obscurity. While thinking up appropriate hashtags is tough, there is a quick and easy way to see which hashtags are suitable for your photos, and you don’t even have to leave the app.



Open Instagram and tap on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen. Type in a keyword related to your post. For example, if your photo is of a surfboard, you might type “surfing” as your keyword. From there, tap on the “Tags” column. This will list all of the hashtags related to that keyword, starting with the most popular.

Clicking on one of the hashtags will bring you to a page with all the posts related to that hashtag, as well as a list of associated hashtags. This will give you a good idea of which hashtags are appropriate for your posts.

iOS Trick-How to Create a Podcast Playlist on iOS

How to Create a Podcast Playlist on iOS

How to Create a Podcast Playlist on iOS. Apple has made a myriad of changes to the application, including the removal of basic features such as Podcast Playlists. For some odd reason, Apple has opted to move to this functionality to the “Up Next” feature, although it doesn’t work exactly the same.

How to Create a Podcast Playlist on iOS

This is why it’s helpful to be able to create a podcast playlist inside the iOS app. Here’s how you can easily queue up new episodes for all your favorite shows quickly and easily, without needing to rely on a third-party app to get everything lined up the way you want it!

How to Create a Podcast Playlist on iOS:

The first step to building your playlist queue in iOS is to find the shows – more specifically the episodes of those shows – that you want to load to the queue in your iOS Podcast app. Start by opening the “Podcast” app from your home screen.podcast-playlist-podcast-app


Next, tap on the “Library” icon at the bottom of the screen and choose “Episodes.” Find the first episode that you want to load into the queue, tap on the “Details” button, and on the next screen tap the icon with the three small dots underneath the episode’s avatar and description.podcast-playlist-ios-episodes


Note: users with a Force Touch-enabled device can also just tap and hold on the episode from the bar that appears at the bottom of the screen once the episode starts playing.

From here you should see the following menu appear. To start building your queue, select “Play Next.”podcast-playlist-ios-play-next


This will create the first episode in your queue. To add more episodes to the queue, find another show that you want to add and repeat the same process as above. The only difference is this time around you’ll be presented with two options, either “Play Next” or “Play Later,” which will add the episode to your queue next in line or at the end of the queue.

podcast-playlist-ios-play-laterUnfortunately the iOS Podcast app doesn’t feature any way for you to actually see the queue itself or where the episodes are placed within it, so for every new episode you add you’ll need to keep a mental note of where things are if you want to play episodes in a specific order.

Finally, if you want to remove an episode from your queue entirely, go through the same process as when you initially added the episode. The only difference is that this time, you simply tap on the “Remove” option (notated by the small trash can located at the right side of the button) to get it out of the playlist you’ve been building.podcast-playlist-ios-remove


And that’s it! While it’s not the most intuitive system out there, the Apple Podcast app is the way that millions of podcast listeners get their dose of information on a day to day basis.

Google News-New Google Maps Feature for Planning Events


New Google Maps Feature for Planning Events. Google seems to be making many changes lately to their various features. Google Maps is one of the services getting improvements. This new feature will help you plan events with your friends and family by allowing everyone to vote on a location of where to meet. It sounds really great except for one thing – it’s not really new.

New Google Maps Feature for Planning Events

New Google Maps Feature for Planning Events:

This feature will be available on both Android and iPhone. It will help you when planning where to meet up. You can choose a few different restaurants, bars, or other establishments as possible meeting places. You can share these possibilities within the Google Maps app, and that will allow everyone to vote on their choice.

Instead of using various other chat apps, such as text messages, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp, you can do this all right through Google Maps. Others can add or delete places from the list. It’s true collaboration.

And of course, since it’s through Google Maps, the choices are all shown on a map so that everyone will know how to get there and can ask for directions if needed. It makes the process sound much easier and of course is all very democratic.news-google-maps-south-elgin


You’ll need to have Google Maps installed on your device, of course, and will need to be signed in to your Google account, as will everyone else.

This all sounds exciting and new, except it’s not something revolutionary. It’s already in play in at least one other app.

It’s not a maps app but a calendar and reminder app. It has a ton of great features, but the one thing I really liked the most was the ability to plan events with your friends and family.

When you are setting up a calendar appointment, you can invite your friends/family to your appointment. Along with allowing everyone to place a vote on their preference for where to meet up, a meeting date and time can be voted on as well.news-google-maps-calio


It was my favorite feature of the app. Unlike Google Maps, all users don’t need to have the app installed. They could see the choices and vote on them through a web link. But what I had a problem with was getting people to use this feature. They still preferred to use a messaging app making it not a timesaver for me.

That’s what will be interesting about this Google Maps feature. Will people use it? Or will they still prefer just to plan events the old-fashioned way through a chat app?

This new Google Maps feature sounds like it could be revolutionary, at least to Google if not the mobile world as a whole. But it’s unknown if people will actually use it.

What do you think about this new feature for Google Maps? Do you think it’s something you will use? Do you think it won’t make a big splash since it’s already available on other apps? Let us know what you think about this feature in the comments section.

Android Tips-The Best Android Apps for Chromebook


The Best Android Apps for Chromebook. Ever since Google Introduced Chrome OS in 2011, the company has made a lot of efforts to upgrade the OS in a bid to improve the user experience. Launched as a simple cloud-based alternative for standard notebooks, the Chromebook is fast, light, and easy to use.

The Best Android Apps for Chromebook

Chromebooks are now more powerful than ever, thanks to the latest Google update that gave them full compatibility with Android apps. That means every new Chromebook will now come with the Google Play app. This also means that every Android app can now be installed on the Google Chromebook, which is a huge upgrade to the platform.

Which Android apps for Chromebook should you use? We’ve compiled a list of the seven Best Android apps that will give your Chromebook a huge boost.

The Best Android Apps for Chromebook:


We’ll kick things off with the most important and obvious apps. If Google Docs aren’t your thing, You’ll find Microsoft Office apps very useful. You can install Word, Excel, and Powerpoint for Android on your Chromebook and get the same experience you get on a smartphone or tablet.

In fact, these apps work better on a Chromebook because you’ll have a keyboard everytime you use them. Since these apps are designed for tablets, they work best on big screens.


Slack is a cross-platform service where you can chat with your coworkers or friends, with extra features to enhance collaboration and increase productivity. We use it here at MTE all the time as the primary means of communication. The Android version of Slack is great and user-friendly.

However, the same cannot be said for the web-based version, which is very frustrating. The Slack app runs flawlessly on Chromebook, and you’ll get the same experience you get on a smartphone.


Netflix has come a long way to become the best streaming service, and it would be hard to live without it. If you have ever used the Netflix app for Android, then you know how cool and flawless it is. That’s the very same experience you get when you install it on your Chromebook. Plus, the Android app lets you download content for offline viewing – a feature you won’t find on Netflix’s website. You’ll get to enjoy this feature on your Chromebook, too.

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If you love artwork, don’t let your mobile phone screen squash your creativity. Let your big Chromebook display unlock your inner creative genius. And Infinite Painter is the app to beat. Even if you are not the artsy type, you’ll love how well the app works on a Chromebook.

The app packs everything you need to create breathtaking imagery – from filters to layers, effects and transformations. But what makes Infinite Painter stand out are the brushes and how they work flawlessly on a Chromebook to bring your imagined creations to reality.


Evernote is a very powerful note-taking app, with more features than any other note-taking app out there. The Android app has a more touch-friendly user interface compared to the web version. The Android version of Evernote also boasts offline access – a feature you won’t find on the Web version. This app works very well on the Chrome OS and runs in the tablet mode. You can even transfer content from your Chromebook directly to Evernote and save it as notes.

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android-apps-for-chromebook-google-photosHigh-resolution photos look best on a big display. If you own an Android device, you have probably used Google Photos. The Google Photos app looks great on Android, especially now that it has a new design. This app also works well on Chromebooks.

Besides the benefit of viewing your cherished photos on a bigger screen, the app also lets you edit, use filters, and organize photos into albums. The Google Photos app on Chromebook gives you the same experience you would get on an Android device.


As you add more Android apps to your Chromebook, you’re going to need a handy app to help you manage your files the way you do on an Android device. The Chrome OS does have a built-in file manager that you can use, but it’s woefully frustrating. Solid Explorer is your best option, and it works perfectly well on Chrome OS.

The app works great with both mouse and touch gestures, which makes it the best option for Chromebooks. It’s also easy to use, thanks to its dual-pane interface and a drag and drop functionality.

Since receiving the ability to run Android apps, Chromebooks have become more capable than they were when they were first introduced. This apps list is by no means exhaustive. Other apps you can check out include YouTube, Quik, Instagram, VLC, and Unclouded, among others.

Tips & Tricks-How to Use What3Words for Precise Positioning


How to Use What3Words for Precise Positioning. When Chris Sheldrick found out that concert equipment was delivered to the northern part of Rome instead of the southern part, he knew something needed to change. The error occurred because of a mixed-up number in a complicated GPS location.

How to Use What3Words for Precise Positioning

Location services for remote areas around the world were too complicated using these long chains of numbers, so he and Mohan Ganesalingam developed the idea for a new addressing system called What3Words. Today people are finding more revolutionary uses for the technology.

The What3Words system divides the globe into a grid with fifty-seven trillion squares measuring three meters on each side. It encodes geographic coordinates into three English words for each three-meter square. For example, the Alamo in Texas has a What3Words address of “lived.serves.slice.” Buckingham Palace in London is located at “fence.gross.bats”what3words_world_grid


What3words is different from most other location encoding systems because they don’t rely on long strings of numbers or letters. Since What3Words uses recognizable words, there is a lower chance of making errors. In fact, the developers intentionally designed the algorithm so that similar sounding words would be far apart on the globe. If any inputting mistakes occur, it will be evident to the user.

It relies on a fixed algorithm and not a database containing every location on earth, so it works on devices with small storage capabilities and those with no Internet connection. The grid system is permanently fixed, so there is no need for updates to the code.

The system is now in twenty different languages, including some of the newest: Indonesian, Zulu, Japanese, Korean, and Hindi.

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If you want to explore What3Words, they offer apps for iOS and Android as well as an API that converts latitude and longitude coordinates into their three-word address.

To get the app, download it from the Google Play or App Store.

You can use the app to discover, search, and share a three-word address and to get directions.

When you open the app, it will locate your phone and give the three-word address for your current location. It’s more precise than Google Maps. For example, What3words gave me my exact location down to where I was in my house, but Google Maps said I was in between my driveway and the neighbors.

You can zoom in and move the pin around to see the three-word addresses as they change for every square.what3words_screenshot


To share your location, tap the “Share” button on the wordbar, and share it however you like. If you press the directions icon and choose a directions app, you can get directions to that location. There is no built-in navigation app. The system still relies on other apps for directions.

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Today what3words is already in use by organizations in underdeveloped countries. It makes it easier to deliver medical care to the sick and relief supplies to disaster areas. There are several countries such as Ivory Coast and Mongolia that are using the what3words address system for their mail deliveries.

Even if you live where street addresses are easily used, there are some uses for what3words that you may want to try.

Use what3words to share the precise delivery point for where you live or work. As drone deliveries become more common in the coming years, providing your What3words address will be more accurate. This system reduces the chance of it ending up at your neighbor’s house down the street because someone put in one wrong number on the address.what3words_drone


You can also use it to give locations. If your car is broken down on the road with no discernable landmarks, send the three-word address to a friend.  They can use the What3words app to get directions to find you.

Send the three words to friends to organize a meeting spot, event, or festival that may not have an accurate street address. List the what3words address on the invitations or advertisements.

For travel, use the three-word addresses found on some travel brochures to find the exact locations of things like monuments or natural wonders.

When looking or more remote locations, use it in navigation apps like those found in some vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz. It will find locations that are off the beaten track with only three words.

You can even use the app 3wordphoto to record the precise location where you took a picture so that others can recreate the view.

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What3Words does have its critics. They say that a private company should not control addresses because addresses are infrastructure. They believe that the What3Words team is using a closed, proprietary approach to mapping the world and trying to make themselves the standard.

The possibilities for a system like this are undoubtedly exciting to explore. Even if What3Words becomes a standard for addresses, it will probably be quite a while before it replaces traditional addressing. It may never do that. But remember, society considered adding numbers to houses revolutionary at one time.

Security Tips-Where Do Most Flaws in Windows Security Come From?


Where Do Most Flaws in Windows Security Come From. Flaws in Windows security are increasingly common. They wreak havoc throughout your operating system and consequently your life as well. Your friends, family, business associates and other email contacts receive odd emails that you never sent.

Your banking and financial institutions no longer respond to your inquiries because they believe you pose a security threat. Accessing your own money becomes a nightmare.

Where Do Most Flaws in Windows Security Come From?

Where Do Most Flaws in Windows Security Come From:

Let you think everyone is picking on Windows security, it happens to be the largest operating system that most computer users’ access. While Windows may have its issues, for the most part, their developers do a decent job responding to security threats. Prudent users follow best practices for computer security and avoid the biggest threats.

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#Common Sources That Lead to Security Leaks

The main reason Windows security flaws continue to exist is that users tend to want every latest and greatest app without doing their homework. Windows security is often compromised by third-party apps. Computer experts indicate consumers tend to double-click on ads offering free items such as music. If that free music download has a .exe extension, then it’s a functioning program fully capable of installing malware on your PC.

Another common mistake is being too quick to download programs before checking to see if they are the actual program you want or just one that closely resembles the correct URL. Spoofing legitimate websites is another way Windows security is often compromised by third-party apps.

When you’re in a hurry and download the first URL suggested through your browser, it’s likely the first thing you will do is log in with your username and password. Once that occurs, hackers use the information to access sensitive information and exploit it for their purposes.

Speaking of passwords, most consumers tend to stick with the same username and password for many websites for years at a time. You reduce your risk of being hacked by changing your password now to any random string of letters or words that are not easy to guess.

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#What You Can Do to Minimize Common Security Leaks

A surprising number of people do not update their security system or operating system on a regular basis. Microsoft, Apple, and other computer companies release patches on a regular basis. These patches fix or at least minimize damaging third-party software flaws.

According to the New York Times, security experts recommend installing safeguards such as ad blockers on your web browser. These same experts point out that Google and other web browsers do not always have the tightest control over ads on their sites. This allows malicious code to creep inside their ad networks.

The bottom line is that ads are fully functioning programs. They remain dangerous because of the malware they may contain that sneaks into your PC and compromises data you thought was secure. Check downloads for spoofed URLs and report them if found. Enable automatic updates for Windows security.

Log in as a regular user instead of one with administrator’s rights. Change your password often and randomly. The smart PC user does these things and minimizes hacking risks and scams.

For more tips and tricks to help you with computer security and issues that may come up, check out more of our articles here!

Windows Security-Best 5 Free and Useful AntiVirus For Windows


Best 5 Free and Useful AntiVirus For Windows. Antivirus for Windows is a contentious issue among users. There will always be debate about which is “best” and which provides the highest protection.

Manufacturers also are complicit in this, as they naturally promote their products and highlight their features so that users move from free software to a premium subscription. Whichever product users select will come down to choice.

5 Free and Useful AntiVirus Software for Windows

There are many free and useful antivirus products that will suit users of all levels, and what follows is a roundup, in no order of preference, to help you make a choice.

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Best 5 Free and Useful AntiVirus Software for Windows:

AVG is one of the best known antivirus programs and has both free and premium options. It gives you a little of everything for basic security and some features that other vendors lock behind their subscription model. AVG free has a real-time scanner, email, download scanning and a web filter to keep your browsing safe.

There are no real downsides to the product except that it may be too basic for some; however, the benefits of a great performance and the zero price point make it a good choice.


Avast is another popular choice for security. It has the benefit of scanning for nearly all threat types, and the installation gives a good degree of control on what users want and what they don’t. It doesn’t have the same bloat that some free software has.

Avast has a real-time scanner that works with web filtering to act as a defense. It has web submission for files you suspect may be malicious and as a bonus, Avast Wi-Fi scanner lets you know what devices are on your network. If this isn’t enough, Avast can scan your device for obsolete software or drivers.

The catch is that the free version offers no fix; it just simply points out the problem. The performance is good, and the software doesn’t get in the way of daily use.

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Kaspersky is an antivirus company based in Russia, but don’t let the current political climate influence your decision on their products. This year’s release is a return to form. As with the previous app mentioned, real-time scanning, email and filtering is normal, but Kaspersky is a step up on other providers.

The efficiency of the software is good for system resources, and the simplicity means anyone can install and forget. The interface is simple and is kept free of clutter. Give it a try.

Webroot is a curious beast. It has a good reputation for both home and business use, but personally, I don’t find it that effective. It follows a different philosophy as most vendors, and this is reflected in the footprint usage which is virtually none.

Webroot won’t hog system resources, which is a plus; however, it achieves this via the use of cloud-based detection. It requires users to have an active connection to be effective, and it could be argued that if a user is offline, they are at a lower risk, but what if files are already downloaded and perhaps not yet opened or unzipped? The software also appears to be a trial-based option as opposed to free, which may be confusing for some users.


Despite the cute name, Panda is a company with a serious attitude toward virus protection. It boasts a 100% detection rate and minimal footprint on system resources. It has a USB scan, along with a rescue kit to recover your device should some malware attack the boot partition.

As with the previous app, real-time scanning and a dedicated “gamer mode” mean that users are not disturbed by alerts when working or at play. Along with Webroot, this software relies on cloud-based detection and cleanup, which may be problematic in patchy signal areas or where the bandwidth is limited, such as public Wi-Fi.

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There are many other companies that offer virus and malware solutions, and as I said at the beginning, users will have their personal preference, and there is no right or wrong answer to the question of what free antivirus you should use?

The most sensible route to take is to test various products thoroughly before committing. Just as each system configuration is different, the response from each software vendor will be as well.

Internet Security-What Is a “Banking Trojan?”


As we’ve covered many times before, hackers are no longer satisfied with using their skills to destroy computers. After all, whats the point of putting yourself out there as a cybercriminal if all you do is perform petty damage? This is the reason why malware developers these days are putting efforts into moneymaking schemes, such as ransomware and sneaky bitcoin miners.

What Is a “Banking Trojan?”

While these are good means for a malware developer to make some money on the side, the golden egg is the means of accessing someone’s bank account. With online banking being so prevalent in this digital age, all it takes is to gain access to someone’s account, and a hacker can do some serious damage. Of course, making software that steals bank details is one thing – getting it onto people’s devices is something else entirely.



This is what a banking trojan aims to do. It disguises itself as a genuine app or software that users download and install. Once installed, it then positions itself in a way to access your banking details. How it positions itself depends on the malware, as each one has a way of taking the user’s details. Once it has the login information it needs, it can beam the details back to the malware developers to grant them access to the bank account.

The method of attack differs for each trojan. For example, the malware Zeus installs itself on Window’s computers via spam emails and drive-by downloads (files downloaded from legitimate sites that have been breached and infected). Once it’s installed, it uses keylogging (the ability to read a user’s keyboard inputs) to log the bank login details and send them back. It also connects itself to a botnet in order to receive further instructions.

The Marcher malware, however, is designed with mobile phones in mind. It comes with a few different means of attack, but one of its more ingenious methods is the ability to replicate official banking app screens. When the user goes to open an official bank app, Marcher springs to action and overlays its own fake screen on top of it. The user thinks they’re entering their details into their app, but instead they’re telling a banking trojan all of their login details!

This kind of attack can also be performed against browsers on a PC. This is known as a “man in the browser” attack, where malware changes what you see via redirection tactics. The goal is to redirect the user to a fake login page and get them to enter their details into the phoney site.


Unfortunately, banking trojans have been on the rise in recent months. In June, Checkpoint stated that banking trojans were on the rise by a massive 50%. Kaspersky Lab then declared banking trojans the “phantom menace” of Q2 of 2018 after they hit an all-time high. As long as banking trojans make the attackers lots of money, there will always be malware floating around the Internet looking for credentials to steal.


With all this talk of trojans, it can be worrying to hear that your bank account could be in grave danger. However, as long as you keep yourself safe, you shouldn’t encounter a banking trojan yourself. The following explains how to stay safe.

Keep Your Security Suites Updates:

If you have antivirus running, be sure to keep it topped up with all the latest virus definitions. As new trojans appear and old ones morph, security companies keep a log on what’s going on and update the virus definitions to identify the culprits when they appear. Keep yours updated so that you have the most up-to-date definitions of banking trojans.

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Download Apps and Files Only from Trusted Sources:

Malware has to get onto your PC or phone somehow, and the most common means is by downloading an infected file. Be sure to double-check what you’re downloading and where you’re getting it from – if the source seems too shady, try finding a better site. For mobile, always download apps from the official app store, and even then, be sure you’re not downloading a fake app by checking the download count and number of reviews of the app. A five-star review doesn’t mean much when it’s only a few people!

Keep an Eye Peeled for Suspicious Behaviour:

Does your bank login page look drastically different than you remember it? Perhaps it’s suddenly asking you for very personal information that you’d rather not share? If something “seems off,” be sure to check if you are where you think you are before entering any details.

Use Two-Factor Authentication if Possible:

Most banks realise the weight of losing your account to a hacker and have implemented a two-factor authentication method for a second layer of protection. This can include authenticator codes or a second password where you enter specific randomly-chosen characters instead of typing the entire thing. If your bank has this capability, definitely enable it. It could save your account!

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With malware being developed to steal money instead of destroying computers, a few attack vectors have spiked in usage over the months. With banking malware on the rise, it’s a good idea to learn more. Now you know how they work and how to defend yourself.

Tips& Tricks-How to Move WordPress from Localhost to Production Server


WordPress is arguably the most used CMS in the world. From simple personal blogs to complex ecommerce sites, it has proven to be a winner. This being the case, many developers often create their WordPress website on a local host or personal computer, then finalize development before transferring to a live server and making it available to the world.

If you belong to this group of people and have finished the development on the localhost, here are the steps to move your WordPress from localhost to a live server.

How to Move WordPress from Localhost to Production Server:

If your web host comes with cPanel, log in to the Cpanel, and click on “MySQL databases” in the Databases section.wordpress-hosting1-2


Under the new database text box, name your database and click the “Create Database” button. On the new window that is displayed, click “Go back.”wordpress-hosting2


Create new database user

In the next window you have to fill the textbox with a username and (strong) password, then click the “Create user” button. Record the username and password, as you will need it later.wordpress-hosting3


Once again, hit “Go back” in the newly displayed window.

Add user to database

Scroll down to “Add user to database,” select the user just created from the user dropdown list and also select the database just created from the database dropdown list. Next, click the “Add” button.wordpress-hosting4a


On the next window that opens, click the “All Privileges” checkbox, followed by the “make changes” button. Once again, click “Go Back” on the window that opens.

In the window that is displayed, double-check to see that your database contains the user you have just created. Once you are done, click on the Home button at the topmost left corner of the page.



On the local host open phpMyAdmin, or whatever database management program you are using.

Locate your WordPress database.wordpress-hosting7


Select the database, scroll down and click on “Check all.”wordpress-hosting7a


On the “Select with” dropdown menu, select “Export.”wordpress-hosting8


In the next screen ensure that the format is on SQL, then click on “Go.” Save the exported database with the extension “.sql.”



Importing the database

Go back to cPanel on your live server, and under “Databases” click on “phpMyAdmin.”wordpress-hosting20


On the left pane you should see a list of databases. From this list click on the name of the database you created at the start of the tutorial and click “Import.” Navigate to the sql file you saved on your local computer and import.wordpress-hosting21


If everything went well, it should bring you back to the phpMyAdmin main screen. You are now done migrating the database to the live server.

In your localhost, open your file manager and navigate to the WordPress folder (the folder that contains the “wp-admin,” “wp-content” and “wp-includes” folders). Compress the whole WordPress folder into a zip file.

In the cPanel in the live server, open the “File Manager” under the “Files” section. Select “Document root for” and make sure the domain you need to move your website to is selected and hit “Go.”



Make sure in the next window that “public_html” is selected on the left pane. Click on “Upload.”



Navigate to the location of the compressed zip file and upload it. Once complete, click the “Back to” link.

Your zip file at this point should display as a file in your “public_html” folder. If it doesn’t, click “Refresh.”



Select the zip file and click “Extract” at the top-left corner. Once the extraction is complete, delete the zip file.

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The last and final step is to edit the wp-config.php file to change all local host settings to production settings.

Return to your “public_html” in the File Manager. Select the file “wp-config.php,” and click “code editor.”wordpress-hosting22


Replace the database name with the name of the database you created in your cPanel. Also, change the “DB_USER” and “DB_PASSWORD” to the one that you created earlier.wordpress-hosting23


Check for the “WP_HOME” and “WP_SITEURL” values. If they don’t exist, add the following lines to the wp-config.php file:

Do remember to change the “your-live-url” to your actual domain URL.

Save the wp-config.php file and exit.

Once this is done, type your domain name in the address bar of your browser, and your site should be up and running. Go through every single page and log in to the admin panel to make sure everything is working fine.

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This is a comprehensive tutorial, and it may seem confusing. But after repeating this process once or twice, it becomes easy to follow for all your WordPress installations. Also, this method is more advisable when you do not have very large databases to upload.

Internet News-Google Announces Vital New Changes to Search Function


Google searches affect such a big portion of our overall searches that we no longer “search” or “look up” something we need to know – we “Google” it. As important as Google is, they don’t make changes very often, but when they do, it’s noteworthy. To go along with their twentieth anniversary, they have announced some major changes to their search function.

Ben Gomes, VP of Search, News, and Assistant, announced these changes in a blog post. He spoke of growing up in India with a thirst for information, leading up to a move to the United States to study computer science where he later landed with Google to become one of their first employees.

Seemingly to beat back allegations that search results are politically biased, he spoke about Google’s focus on making information available with a focus on the user, a goal to give users the most relevant, highest quality information, their algorithmic approach, and testing every change they make.



To go along with this huge milestone Google is approaching, they are announcing new changes, with Gomes explaining that they are looking to “make information more accessible everywhere.”

Their “next chapter” is driven by three shifts in the approach to search: the shift from answers to journeys, a shift from queries to providing a way to get information, and a shift from text to a more visual way of finding information.

And how will they make all these changes? With artificial intelligence. Google plans to improve the way they understand language, in ways that are possible in 2018 and beyond that weren’t possible twenty years ago.news-google-search-eyes


The thought is that neural networks can now help them search with concepts instead of words. Gomes explains, “neural embeddings, an approach developed in the field of neural networks, allows us to transform words to fuzzier representations of the underlying concepts and then match the concepts in the query with the concepts in the document.”

They call this “neural matching,” a process that allows them to address questions with the most relevant results, even if the words aren’t being used.

The first change is that when you visit the homepage on a mobile device, you’ll be introduced to a new version of the Google feed, one that was first introduced last year in the search app. They call this “Discover.” It will show surface content and relevant articles attached to what Google already knows about you.

Another change is that you’ll see information cards and images that will be called “Activity cards.” These will be shown at the top of your search results and will show previous searches and activity if Google feels it is useful to the current search. You can remove the cards that don’t apply.

The “Featured Video” cards feature will show up in a carousel if your search is related to a video. Additional tabs of information on a common topic will be offered in “enhanced topics,” those things that are searched for often. There will also be an option that will save your searches for possible use in the future. This will be called “Collections.”news-google-search-display


Since every other tech service is moving into “Stories,” so will Google. Just like Instagram and Snapchat, AMP stories will be available with curated text information, video, and images.

Image searches will receive more quality and priority in the pages that are used, and they are also integrating with Lens, their tool that will allow you to identify what you’re searching for by using your own photo.

But will all this really change the opinion of Google? They get such flack for gathering information on users, especially with regards to searching, and it seems like all these changes only have the propensity to make it worse.

Is that what you think too? Are you worried this will only make Google soak up more information on you? Let us know what you think about Google’s new changes in their search function.

Mining vs Trading Cryptocurrency – Which One Is Best for You


There are many ways to obtain cryptocurrency. Mining and trading are two of the more popular ways. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and depending on your knowledge and expertise, one might be better than the other. If you are wondering which is better for you, here is an article explaining the pros and cons of both.

Mining vs Trading Cryptocurrency – Which One Is Best for You:

If you are a techie, mining cryptocurrency is probably your first choice. You probably already have some equipment to get a taste of mining but are still wondering if this endeavor deserves the huge investment in better mining equipment. Here are some of the advantages of mining to consider while making up your mind.mining-vs-trading-01-mining


  • Less risky. Even though mining does have its risks, it’s still less risky than trading. For instance, when the prices of the currencies you mine drop big time, you might never repay your investment. You can also lose money if the electricity costs are higher than the value of what you mined. However, you can always sell your equipment for cash (though maybe not at a profit), while in trading if the coins in your portfolio lose value, you are left with nothing.
  • Less time consuming. Once you set your mining equipment, it basically goes on autopilot. With GPU mining you do have to occasionally update your software (such as when there is a fork) and occasionally restart your rigs if they go down, but this is nothing compared to constantly watching the market. Mining is a more passive form of income, and while there are tools to automate trading, trading is still much more time-consuming.
  • Less stressful. With all the fluctuations of the prices of cryptocurrency, trading isn’t for the faint of heart, especially when large amounts of money are involved. In regards to stress, mining is just a piece of cake.

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If messing with rigs and ASICs isn’t your cup of tea and you are good with numbers, trading is something you might want to try. These are some of its good aspects in comparison to mining.mining-vs-trading-02-trade-graph


  • Does not require equipment and technical skills. It’s easy to start trading because you don’t need any equipment. You do need some capital, but you can start with $10 or less, and after you get the knack of it, then you can invest more money.
  • Many more coins to choose from. With mining, your hardware limits your choice of coins. This isn’t the case with trading – since you are not tied to a particular coin or algorithm, there are thousands of coins to choose from. Not all coins are equal – some of them don’t have huge earning potential because of low trading volume and/or low price fluctuations, but even the good ones for trading can number in the hundreds.
  • Huge earning potential. All equal, with the same amount of money invested, with trading you can earn much more. While mining in better times, your equipment pays off in four to six months, yet with trading you can double your money in less than a month. Even if you are not the world’s greatest trader, if you play it safe, you can make three to five percent a day (or even ten percent or more on a particularly good day). Of course, never forget you can lose all your money, so don’t consider trading a sure way to get rich – if it were that easy and profitable, everybody would be doing nothing else but trading twenty-four hours a day!

Now when you know the advantages and disadvantages of mining and trading, you’ve probably already made up your mind which one is better for you. Even if you still haven’t, there is no reason not to do both – who says you must choose only one of them? If you are totally new to cryptocurrency, it’s safer to start with trading (small amounts only, of course).

On the other hand, if you already have some mining equipment, you can start with this. In any case, even if you are a miner, it won’t hurt to get some trading skills – this way you can maximize your profits (or lose them, if you don’t know what you are doing).

Tips & Tricks-Ebay Search Tips to Find Exactly What You’re Looking For


Ebay is a great place to find a bargain or track down a rare item. Unfortunately, combing through eBay listings can chew up valuable time and effort. Luckily, these search tips can help you find exactly what you’re looking for in a fraction of the time. Some of them can even save you money.

Ebay Search Tips to Find Exactly What You’re Looking For:

You’d be amazed as to how many careless sellers list their items under the wrong spelling. While eBay’s powerful search algorithm is able to compensate for some misspellings, it isn’t able to catch all of then. Unfortunately, this means that there is a good chance that you’ll completely miss out on a misspelled item. However, if you do manage to spot a misspelled listing, you could nab yourself a bargain.ebay-misspell


Because misspelled items reach far fewer people, there is much less competition. As a result, this means far fewer bids and better odds at winning the auction for significantly less cash. While you can manually search for misspellings, there are a number of websites that specialize in finding eBay listings with typos like Fat Fingers and Goofbid.

Boolean search is a type of search that allows people to find more relevant results. It achieves this by combining search keywords with modifying words like “AND,” “NOT,” “NEAR” and “OR.” Since Boolean logic is a core principle in search engines, you will be able to use these modifiers to help narrow down your eBay searches.ebay-boolean-search


For example, let’s say you were looking for a Nikon DLSR camera. Simply typing “DSLR” and “Nikon” in a search engine might yield results that you’re not interested in, like DSLR cameras from other manufacturers.

However, by adding the modifier “AND” to your search, your results will be limited to only those that include both search terms, in this case “DSLR” and “Nikon.” Many of us already use Boolean search terms without even realizing it, and they can help supercharge your eBay search results.

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When searching for items on eBay, you may have noticed the teeny tiny little box labelled “Include Description” directly underneath the big blue “Search” button. Given its diminutive size, you might not have given it much thought. However, that little box can be the difference between a fruitless search and success. Clicking this box tells eBay to use your keywords to search not only listing titles, but the listing description as well.ebay-include-description


For example, let’s say you’re in the market for a Sony Mirrorless camera. Your search results will only include listings with those terms in the title. However, let’s suppose a seller lists their Sony Mirrorless camera as a Sony DSLR in the title, but mentions it is a mirrorless system in the description. If you tick the “include descriptions” box, this listing will appear in your results. If you don’t, you might miss out!

Most folks who use eBay pop their keywords into the main search bar at the top of the page and call it a day. However, if you really want to refine your search, you need to use Advanced Search Page. Advanced search has a number of additional parameters to help you narrow your results and find exactly what you’re looking for. To access the advanced search page, just click on the link labelled “Advanced” next to the big blue “Search” button.ebay-advanced-search


Here, you can specify how you want the eBay search engine to interpret your keywords. You can tell it to search based on all the words you typed, some of the words you typed or the exact phrase in the order you wrote it. Furthermore, you can identify words you want to exclude from your search.

In addition to honing your search entry, you can also specify a number of other options. You can determine the price range of the search results and even specify your preferred shipping method. While advanced search has a number of other useful features, one of the most valuable is the ability to select where in the world the item is located. Since eBay prioritizes search results based on the country where you live, you can miss out on listings in other countries.

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Last year eBay unveiled a brand new feature within their mobile app called Image Search. It allows users to search eBay using pictures instead of typing in keywords. Users simply snap a photo of the thing they’re looking for, and the eBay app will fetch listings as close to the original item as possible.

Not only will this save time, but Image Search could solve the problem of not knowing what something is called. For instance, let’s say you were interested in a particular style of sunglasses. You hop on eBay hoping to nab a bargain, but you’re not sure what that style is called. You could type in a generic search term like “sunglasses,” but you’ll be inundated with a wide variety of styles that you’re not remotely interested in.ebay-image-search


Image Search eliminates this problem. All you need to do is fire up the eBay app and find the little camera icon in the main search bar. Tapping on the camera icon will make a pop-up box appear. Here, you want to select “Image Search.” This will launch an image capture interface.

Snap a photo of the item you want, in this case the sunglasses, and crop the image if necessary. Finally, hit “Search” in the top-right corner. Doing so will present you with all the listings on eBay that match the item you snapped a photo of.

Do you use eBay to track down bargains? Are you aware of any eBay shopping tips or tricks that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments!

Android Tip-5 Recommended Code Editors for Android


Coding on the go isn’t difficult with a good Bluetooth keyboard or the virtual approximation of a physical keyboard. The biggest challenge lies in finding a suitable compiler that will perform when inspiration strikes you. Check out the following Android code editors for when you’re away from the computer.

Whether you are a learner, a hobbyist or an enthusiastic developer, there’s something for everyone here. Although this list should not be viewed for its rankings, the coding apps have been progressively recommended for learners all the way up to professionals.

Turbo Editor delivers in terms of being a complete learner’s text editor. Supporting several languages including HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and Python, the editor does what it promises with fewer ad distractions. But there’s a feeling that somebody decided to cut corners. The biggest annoyance is a bug which doesn’t allow you to preview results. It can also be difficult to form indents or to find a line of code.

Turbo Editor screenshots for Android

Turbo Editor screenshots for Android

Pros: A neat Spartan interface to hone your coding skills in an Open Source environment. You can easily share your results over Hangouts and transfer files from your local SD cards.

Cons: Mostly a work in progress. But, if they fix the bugs, Turbo Editor has real potential.

Slightly more sophisticated, Quoda does exactly what it says on the tin, – “code productively away from PC.” You are never prompted to go for a paid version, and the app always promises to keep itself ad-free. Quoda supports several languages including Lua, Ruby, SQL, Perl, Python Class, etc., with syntax highlighting. It’s a fast and responsive editor with hardly any glaring bugs or issues.



Pros: This is the right fit if want to try out a sophisticated code editor for free. You can search any line of code, along with auto-completion of text. The paid version allows you to share files over Dropbox/Google Drive.

Cons: Normal tabs don’t work smoothly. There can be a few issues with Cloud file imports even in the Pro version.

Dcoder can save your day if you are trapped in long public commutes and could do with a few creative spells. It works decently even with your native Android keyboard. One of the best for learning IDEs, the app allows you to choose from over thirty languages. Featuring a rich text editor with syntax highlighting, the output is visible right on the window, which is reassuring. The “Design Now” feature is ideal for web developers. The app is generally free, but the paid version isn’t too expensive.

Dcoder Mobile IDE

Dcoder Mobile IDE

Pros: A nice Android compiler with zero troubles. Perfect for learners.

Cons: The GoPro version promises to be much more but is still not very profitable for serious developers.

DroidEdit deserves a mention because it is a complete code compiler that does nearly everything the previous apps do. Some people won’t like it because of the annoying ads in the free version. Still, DroidEdit manages to retain its popularity with many developers. The app also feels professional because of its support for tab indentation, going over lines, browser previews, quick scrolling and running scripts in SL4A directly.

DroidEdit Screenshots

DroidEdit Screenshots

Pros: The app is everything that a mobile IDE should be. Therefore, it is ideal for professionals.

Cons: Unless you cough up the money for a paid version, the app you’ll struggle to get work done because of annoying ads.

AIDE offers an expert interface and leaves nothing behind in its presentation as a full development kit. It has a comprehensive list of free learning tutorials along with support for the Eclipse project. The app feels intuitive at every step due to reduced compilation efforts. Whether you want to hone your web programming skills or develop your dream software, AIDE does not beat around the bush.AIDE Web Screenshots for Mobile IDK

AIDE Web Screenshots for Mobile IDK

The free version is quite self-sufficient, but you still have to go for the paid version to unlock the best features. However, there are no ads or interruptions in the free version.AIDE screenshots projects

AIDE screenshots projects

Pros: This is a lovely app. You can develop everything from mobile games to high quality apps right on your Android device.

Cons: None that might be of a major concern.

Although fun and helpful, many Android IDEs can disappoint in terms of responsiveness and stability. The criteria used for evaluation in this article had a lot to do with finding the best fit. The free app shouldn’t compromise on features or performance compared to the paid version. Less pop-up ads or no ads are always desirable.

What is your favorite mobile coding interface?

Internet Privacy-Which Email Providers Are Scanning Your Emails


If you’re not the customer, you’re the product.” This cardinal rule of the Internet has been proven true over and over again, and email is no exception. Luckily, not all providers are targeting you with the same intensity, and some are actually quite private.

Some, like Google, mostly scan emails to help with their AI functions, while others, like Yahoo!, are digging for information they can add to your advertising profile. But which email providers are rummaging through your inbox, and which ones can you trust?

Which Email Providers Are Scanning Your Emails:


It may come as a surprise that Google, the world’s biggest advertiser and tracker, does not scan your inbox as part of its targeted ads program. It actually did for quite some time but ended the practice in 2017 since the data they gather from email is relatively redundant to their other sources, and users probably found email-based advertising a little creepy.

However, Google does scan your email for security threats, high priority notifications, calendar events, and some of the other features you might enjoy, like Smart Compose. If you like automatic flight reminders and emails that autocomplete in large chunks, you can keep it on, but you can also go to “Settings -> General” and turn it off.

A bigger concern is that Google allows certain third-party app developers access to users emails, meaning that the contents could be mined for advertising data or even directly read by humans. Google says that these developers undergo a strict vetting process, but it isn’t exactly transparent. To check your third-party app status, you can look in your Gmail security settings.

Verdict: Surprisingly private, but it’s still Google.


Microsoft’s email service, like Gmail, advertises for revenue, but doesn’t use your emails to target those ads. They do scan for security threats, like phishing links and possible malware attachments, but no one is reading your emails at any stage of the process.

Outlook also supports third-party apps, though, and while the developer access policy isn’t as open as Google’s, some of them may still scan your emails and send it off somewhere. This is most likely with business users who have installed third-party productivity apps, but it may be worth checking your security settings anyway.

Verdict: Not reading your emails.


Despite the ups and downs of this company over the years, it remains one of the largest email services. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the only providers that scans your email content. Their algorithm looks at receipts, travel information, and other emails from organizations that it can use to serve you ads. The bright side is that this only applies to emails you get from companies, not to your personal correspondence.

You can opt out by going to your privacy controls page and toggling the interest-based ads option. It is turned on by default, however, so it’s up to you to turn it off.

One of the entities behind all this data collection is Oath, the Verizon entity that bought Yahoo! in 2017, and that also owns brands like Tumblr, MapQuest, AOL, TechCrunch, and more. In general, their privacy policies are not user-friendly.

Verdict: Reading your emails for aggressive ad targeting. Oath isn’t likely to fix it.


Believe it or not, AOL mail is still active, with an estimated 2.3 million active users. All you really need to know about its privacy policy is that it has also been acquired by Oath, so it’s pretty much the same deal as Yahoo! Mail. You can opt out, but if you don’t, your emails are being scanned for advertising data.

Verdict: If you’re still using AOL, you’re in a very special club. However, you are also in the club of people whose emails are being scanned by Oath.

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This Russia-based email service boasts over 50 million users but doesn’t have a strong reputation for privacy one way or the other. Their privacy policy does mention that the content of your emails may be used for advertising, though, and their revenue does come mainly from tracking you and serving you ads.

Verdict: A fairly solid company, but there’s a decent chance they scan your emails for more than viruses.


This email service isn’t well-known, but Zoho nonetheless boasts over ten million users (four times AOL’s numbers, if you’re counting). Since their primary business model is providing a suite of services to businesses, their personal email services are ad-free, and thus, creep-free. Beyond spam/security scans, they don’t collect any data from your emails.

Verdict: Smaller, but ad-free and private. A decent choice for anyone looking for a free account with a solid privacy policy.


Another lesser-known email provider, Germany-based GMX provides free email accounts that are advertising-supported but completely private. Your emails aren’t data mined, and even better, they provide user-friendly end-to-end encryption using PGP, one of the best available encryption standards.

Verdict: Ad-supported, but no reading/scanning/tracking and good encryption standards.


This Swiss email service was thought up by particle physicists at CERN. It’s ad-free but free accounts don’t offer much storage, as the service is primarily supported by paid users. The end-to-end encryption, Swiss privacy laws, and general data security focus are all very strong, though, which may make the price worth it to some.

Verdict: Want your emails not only to remain private but be encrypted and stored in Switzerland? ProtonMail may be right for you.

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Another Swiss email provider, KolabNow only offers paid email accounts and doesn’t have built-in encryption but enjoys the same strong privacy protections as ProtonMail.

Verdict: Simple, private Swiss email account, no scanning.

The number of companies mining your emails for advertising data is surprisingly small, especially since Google no longer does it. In general, just stay away from Oath-run companies and your email is likely to remain completely yours, though if you value higher levels of privacy, you should look into one of the smaller, more privacy-focused services that have gained popularity over the last decade.

Windows Trick-7 Ways to Customize the Taskbar in Windows 10


The taskbar is one of the most useful parts of Windows. The best thing about the taskbar is that it has a very minimal footprint on the overall screen but does a lot of work and gives fast access to all your favorite apps, the Start menu, calendar, background apps, etc. Here’s how you can further customize the taskbar’s look and feel or the functionality.

7 Ways to Customize the Taskbar in Windows 10:

Did you know that you can add toolbars with shortcuts to your favorite folders, apps, and files on the taskbar? This is one of the least known yet useful features of Taskbar. To create a toolbar, simply right-click on the taskbar and select “Toolbars -> Links.”

This will create an empty toolbar named Links. To add files, folders, or app shortcuts, simply drag and drop them onto it. Windows will automatically create a shortcut and add it to the Links toolbar. To view added files or folder shortcuts, click on the double arrow icon next to “Links” and click on any item to open them.



If you are curious, all the shortcuts you add to the Links toolbar are stored here “C:\Users\<username>\Favorites\Links.” You can create shortcuts in this folder, and they will appear in the Links toolbar.

Toolbars on taskbar can be used for much more than simple shortcuts. One such thing is the ability to display network speed. To display network speed on the taskbar, download and install a free app called NetSpeedMonitor. After installing, right-click on the taskbar and select “Toolbars -> NetSpeedMonitor.”



That is it. The app will automatically detect your active network card and display the upload and download speed on the taskbar. You can customize different settings like which network card to monitor, what speed metrics to use, etc., from the app settings. Just play with the app for a few minutes, and you will see a good number of options to customize the look and feel.

In Windows 10 you can change the color of the taskbar and also make it semi-transparent. Other than that, there is nothing much you can do. However, using a free app called TranslucentTB, you can make taskbar completely transparent, add blur effect, or even add Fluent design with a single click.customize-taskbar-win10-transparent-taskbar


Just install the app, right-click on it and select the design mode from the Regular menu. That is it.

By default, Windows positions the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. This is generally good enough for most users. However, using the settings app, you can change the position of the taskbar to the sides or top of the screen. Changing the taskbar position to the sides is particularly useful if you have a widescreen or ultra widescreen monitor because you will get more vertical space by removing it from the bottom of the screen.



To change the taskbar position, search for “Taskbar Settings” in the Start menu and open it. Now, select the new position from the drop-down menu under the “Taskbar location on screen” section.

If you’ve used Windows XP, then you know that Windows used to display taskbar icons with their labels. With Windows 7, Microsoft transitioned to display just the icons. This saves some space on the taskbar by combining the same app icons and looks nice too. But if you want to, you can make Windows 10 display labels along with the icons for active windows.customize-taskbar-win10-show-lables


To enable, search for “Taskbar Settings” in the Start menu, then scroll down and select “When the taskbar is full” or “Never” from the drop-down menu under “Combine taskbar buttons.”

If you look closely at the bottom-right corner of your screen, you will see a skinny button that lets you peek at the desktop when you hover over it. When clicked, it will take you to the desktop.

Though useful in some cases, I don’t remember the last time I used this feature for its intended purpose. In fact, from time to time I accidentally trigger this button and am left wondering why I’m looking at my desktop. So, if you are like me and don’t use the Peek to Preview button, you can disable it.



To disable peek to preview, search for “Taskbar Settings” in the Start menu and open it. Now, toggle the switch under “Use Peek to Preview” to off. This action will instantly disable peek to preview. You can still go to the desktop by clicking on it.

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If your taskbar is full, Windows will display a scrollbar so that you can move back and forth between all apps on the taskbar. If you don’t like this behavior, you can increase the taskbar height to create additional space.customize-taskbar-win10-unlock-taskbar


To do that, right-click on the taskbar and uncheck the “Lock the taskbar” option.customize-taskbar-win10-taskbar-height


Next, place your mouse on the top edge of the taskbar and drag it upwards. This action will increase the height of the taskbar. Once you are satisfied, right-click on the taskbar and check the option “Lock the taskbar.” It may not look pretty, but it does improve the usability on a crowded taskbar.

If you have any taskbar customization tricks that are not covered above, do share them in the comments section below.

Useful Tools to Help You Unfollow Non-Followers on Twitter


Twitter has become a hotbed of social media activity in recent years. Some of it good and some of it not so much. Like all social media, keeping tabs on those who follow you, as well as those you follow, is essential for getting the most out of your experience. Since Twitter has limits on how many people you can follow, you want to make sure you are following the best people. If you are on the platform for business and require many followers, you need to clear out your followers list.



The current limit for the number of accounts you are allowed to follow is 5000. If you are just on Twitter for fun, you’re probably not following over 5,000 people, so those limits don’t mean much to you. You can follow up to ten percent more accounts than people who follow you. So, if 6000 people follow you, you can follow 6600 accounts.

There are several tools available for helping you to effectively clear your Twitter followers of those who are inactive, don’t follow you back, or send out vast amounts of tweets each day and clutter your Twitter feed. The best tools will help you quickly and easily do the following:

  • Identify the people you are following who don’t follow you back
  • Point out the people who have gone inactive
  • Give you a list of people you might like to follow to improve your reach

Here are four tools to eliminate the Twitter clutter.

Circleboom is a popular app for Twitter management. It identifies all those you are following who are not following you and those who have gone missing. It also finds other clutter-causing accounts such as fake accounts, spammers, blasters, and eggheads (you know, those with no picture).



This tool helps you build your Twitter list after purging all those unwanted accounts by giving you access to other people’s followers. You can check the list and look for those who may help you with your Twitter goals. It also offers to search for hashtags or keywords to help you find others in your niche.

The cost of Circleboom seems middle-of-the-road in comparison with other tools offering unfollowing options. There are free, pro, and multi-pack versions. The pro lists at $11 per month, and the multi-pack plan is $33. However, these two levels have enormous discounts for paying yearly, up to 60%.

Unfollower Stats is a basic tool designed specifically for identifying those you follow who are inactive or not following you back. It doesn’t mention those other accounts like spammers and eggheads, nor could I find it on the dashboard. It offers one way to try and build your list: a list of trending Twitter topics. Find some relevant issues and tweet about them to find other like-minded people for your list. You have to scroll down a bit on the dashboard to see them, but they are there.



The tool is decidedly less robust than the others on this list, but that may not matter when you check the price. This tool is always free. There are ads on the site, but if you make a one-time donation to them of $5, they will remove the ads from your account forever.

Tweepi goes after all of those unnecessary Twitter accounts on your list, including spammers, blasters, and eggheads. It is AI driven and monitors Twitter for active users that will likely want to interact with your brand. It also tracks hashtags and mentions of your account to offer other accounts you may want to follow.



As far as the cost, this one costs a bit more. There is a relatively robust free version, but if you want more, it is $12.99 per month for the silver ($129 annually) or $24.99 per month ($249 annually) for the Platinum.

This tool used to be called SocialBro but is now part of Audiense Connect. It allows for mass unfollowing of Twitter nonfollowers and inactive accounts. It doesn’t mention the other types of accounts you may want to remove. The program does help you build up your list by searching for relevant potential followers and analyzing your competitors and others in the field.



The pricing was a little challenging to nail down. I saw several different pricing plans in various places on the Internet. They do have a free model and some plans ranging up to several hundred dollars a month.

If Twitter is an integral part of your social networking or business marketing plan, you should look into one of these tools. If you are nearing the magic number of 5000 accounts you are following, these will help you get started with keeping your followers list neat and clean.

How to Disable Shared Experience Feature in Windows 10


Microsoft introduced the Shared Experiences feature in Creators Update (v1703). This feature allows you to share web links, messages, app data, etc., with other Windows 10 PCs or linked Android phones. Additionally, the shared experiences feature also allows you to share or transfer videos, photos, and documents with other Windows 10 devices over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

This is quite useful if you have multiple Windows systems. But if you are not using this feature or don’t want to make your Windows 10 system discoverable by other devices on the same network, here is how you can disable the shared experience feature in Windows 10.

If you just want to disable shared experiences for only your user account, you can do that from the Settings. The benefit of this method is that all other users on your system can still access and use the shared experiences feature.

1. First, search for “Settings” in the Start menu and open it. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Win + I.

2. In the Settings app go to “System -> Shared Experiences.” On the right panel toggle the switch under Share Across Devices to “Off.”



That is it. You’ve disabled shared experiences for your user account.

If you want to disable shared experiences for all users on your system, then the best method is to use the Group Policy Editor. This method is particularly useful for network administrators.

1. Search for “gpedit.msc” in the Start menu, right-click on it and select “Run as administrator” to open Group Policy Editor with admin rights. Now, go to “Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System -> Group Policy.”

2. On the right panel find and double-click on the “Continue experiences on this device” policy. This is the policy that lets you control the state of Shared Experiences on the Windows system.



3. As per the policy info, select the “Disabled” radio option, and click on the “Apply” and “O,” buttons to save changes.



To make the changes take effect, either restart your system or open Command Prompt as admin and execute gpupdate /force to force update Group Policy changes.



If you want to enable shared experiences again, either select the “Enabled” or “Not Configured” options and you are good to go. If you select “Enabled,” you are explicitly telling Windows to enable shared experiences. If you select “Not Configured,” Windows will fall back to its default behavior. i.e. enabled.



If you don’t have access to Group Policy Editor, you can achieve the same thing by editing Windows Registry. It’s not hard, but you need to create a key and a value. So, just to be safe, back up the registry before editing.

1. Search for “regedit” in the Start menu, right-click on it and select “Run as administrator.” This action will open Registry with admin rights. Now, go to the following key. For ease of use, you can simply copy and paste the below path in the address bar.



2. Here, you should find a key called “System” in the left panel. If not, right-click on the “Windows” key, select “New -> Key” and name the new key as “System.”



3. On the right panel right-click and select “New -> DWORD (32-bit) Value” and name the value as “EnableCdp.”



4. Now, double-click on the value, and make sure that the value data is set to “0.”



That’s it, you’ve disabled shared experiences for all users in Windows 10.

If you want to re-enable shared experiences, either delete the “EnableCdp” value or change the value data to “1.”

Comment below sharing your thoughts and experiences regarding using the above methods to disable shared experiences in Windows 10.

How to Bulk-Delete Messages from Facebook Messenger


How far back does your Facebook message history go? If you’re a millennial, maybe elementary school – not exactly the pinnacle of your intellectual life. Regardless of age, though, scrolling through your Messenger history can be cringe worthy.

However, Facebook doesn’t really make deleting conversations a primary part of its messaging feature – they just naturally slide to the bottom as the chats fall into disuse, and the actual deletion function they’ve actually built in is painfully slow. Luckily, there are some browser extensions that can help you clean out your inbox a little faster.



Unfortunately, because you’re not the only participant in these conversations, deleting your side means very little. The other party still has it on their Facebook account, and even if everyone involved deletes the conversation, the records may still be living somewhere on Facebook’s servers. Because Facebook is not end-to-end encrypted by default (though you can enable this option), messages you exchange on it can potentially stick around in plain text for the lifetime of both accounts.



If your main goal is just to make sure no one who gets access to your Facebook can pry into your message history, complete deletion is definitely the best option. However, if you’re just looking to clear up your cluttered inbox, you may want to consider the “Archive” option. You can reach this by hitting the gear icon that appears when you hover over a conversation and clicking “Archive.” This moves it to a separate folder where your old messages can live, safely tucked away from your new ones.

There is a built-in way to delete your Facebook messages, but if you have more than a few, it’ll take you forever. Nonetheless, if you just want to clear a few, this is the quickest way:

1. Open Messenger on any device.



2. Click the gear icon that appears when you hover over a conversation.



3. Click “Delete.”

4. Click “Delete” again, or if you have second thoughts, click “Archive.”

If the one-by-one method feels a bit laborious, you might prefer an option more akin to what you can do in your email – checking boxes next to conversations and pressing “Delete” to clear them all at once. There are several Chrome extensions that offer this feature, but the frighteningly-named “Delete All Messages for Facebook™” is one of the better ones.

1. Install the Delete All Messages for Facebook Chrome extension.



2. Open Messenger in Chrome.



3. Scroll down to ensure that all the messages you want to delete are already loaded on the page. The extension needs to see them when it’s activated so it knows what to delete.



4. Click the extension’s button in the top-right Chrome extensions’ toolbar.



5. Select “Choose & Delete.” Be careful, as if you pick “Delete All,” the extension will delete all your messages. Only click that if you really mean it.



6. Select the messages you want to delete using the checkboxes on the far-left side. Then, click “Delete Selected Messages” on top of the page. This will delete only the messages you have selected.



If the checkboxes aren’t appearing next to messages you want to delete, try clicking “Choose & Delete” again with those messages already loaded on the page.



If you find yourself overwhelmed and/or disgusted by your Facebook messaging history, you’ll find this option pretty handy. There are plenty of Chrome extensions that work, but for convenience, we’ll stick with the one mentioned above: “Delete All Messages for Facebook™.”

Warning: this will delete all your messages! Only do it if you really don’t want them around anymore. If you just want to save a few, it’s a good idea to go through and archive the important ones so they don’t get caught in the crossfire.

1. Open Messenger in Chrome, and click on the extension’s icon in the toolbar on the top-right.



2. As with the previous function, you will have to scroll down until all your messages are loaded, otherwise they won’t actually all be deleted.



3. Click “Delete All Messages,” and click through the prompts that follow!



As clean as your Facebook inbox might look, your teenage rants are still haunting some server, somewhere, and can still be used as blackmail by your friends/enemies if they happen to look back that far. Forming a deletion pact with your conversation partners will make your messages pretty hard to access, but it’s still not 100% certain that Facebook’s servers aren’t immortalizing some of your words. As you go forward, be wiser than your young self and stick to encrypted messaging apps for sensitive conversations.

Tips & Tricks-How to Create Instagram Stories


Thanks to social media, you’re able to share a lot in very little time. One feature that helps you share anything you want is Instagram Stories. It’s a feature that’s been available for some time now, but that some may not have tried until recently.

Tips & Tricks-How to Create Instagram Stories:

When a friend has an Instagram Story to share, you’ll be able to find them as soon as you open the app. They will be the colored circles to the right of yours. One thing to keep in mind is that you can’t comment or like your friend’s story, but that doesn’t mean you can’t send them a message telling them you liked it.

If you know what Snapchat Stories are, then you know what Instagram Stories are. You can make up an Instagram Story of either videos or images that can only be seen once. What you share on your Stories won’t show up on your feed or profile grid.

By opening your story and tapping on the three horizontal dots, you can erase any video or picture. You can also mention someone in your Instagram Story, for example, by tapping on the camera icon in the top-left of your display.story-wheree


You can also swipe right anywhere on the news section, and after taking a picture or shooting a video, tap on the Aa. Type @, followed by the name of the person you want to mention, and select that user.

To the left of where you can view your friends’ Stories, you’ll see your profile picture with a plus sign. Tap on your profile picture, and the Story camera should be open. When the Story Camera opens, choose from the options at the bottom if you want to create a boomerang, superzoom,  rewind, hands-free, etc.story-bottom


If you want, you can also add content from your camera roll to your Instagram Stories. You can do this by swiping up when you’re at the stories camera; you should see the latest content you’ve added to your device.

At the top-right you’ll see an option that will allow you to add various images or videos to your Instagram Story. As you select what you want to add, you can see a small preview of the image selected at the bottom-left. Tap on the next button, and you can either share it with a specific friend, or you can add it to your Instagram Story.story-multiplt


By tapping on the happy face at the bottom-right, you can add some great effects to your face that will make an interesting story video. If you want to type out a message, tap on the A, and type out your message. You can change the style of the text to either neon, typewriter, strong, classic, or modern. The font option will be to the left of the Done option.story-colors


To add more color to your stories, tap on the pencil icon after taking a picture, and long-press on the white circle. All you have to do is choose the custom color you want to add.

Instagram Stories are a great way to share what’s going on in your life. As you can see, they are full of features that will help give the stories your own personal touch. How often do you use Instagram Stories? Let us know in the comments below.

Tips& Tricks-Powerful Keyboard Shortcuts For Google Keep


Powerful Keyboard Shortcuts For Google Keep. Google Keep is online Notes taking service. Google Keep is a note-taking service developed by Google. Google Keep is available on the web, and has mobile apps for the Android and iOS mobile operating systems. Keep offers a variety of tools for taking notes, including text, lists, images, and audio.

Powerful Keyboard Shortcuts For Google Keep

Powerful Keyboard Shortcuts For Google Keep:

Google is launched few shortcut for Google Keep. By using these keyboard shortcuts you can work fast with Google Keep.

Before we dive into the Google Keep shortcuts, let’s first add the Google Keep app shortcut for the Chrome browser. Sadly, it has no native app for Windows or Mac.

Create Google Keep App Shortcut for Chrome

Step 1: Open keep.google.com on Chrome. Once the Keep page is open, click on the three-dot icon at the top-right corner of Chrome.

Step 2: From the menu, select More Tools followed by Create shortcut.

Step 3: A pop-up window will open. Click on Create.

Step 4: Go to the desktop, you will see a new Google Keep icon. Double click on it and you have the Google Keep app.

Now let’s go to shortcuts. These will work on the web and Chrome app both.

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Shortcuts on Mac

In case you are wondering, how these shortcuts would work on Mac, well, simply replace CTRL by CMD key. Everything else will remain same.

1. Compose a New Note

Composing a note on Google Keep is quite easy even without a shortcut. However, if you want to use the keyboard shortcut, it’s a simple letter C. So to create a new note, press ‘C’ on your keyboard to start composing.

Shortcut: The C key


2. Navigate Between Notes

Unlike other pages or websites where arrow keys are used to navigate, in Google Keep you have to use the keys J and K. The key ‘J’ is used to go to the next note and the key ‘K’ to go to the previous note.

Shortcut: The J key for next note and K key for previous note.

3. Search Notes

Finding anything in Google apps is quite easy and powerful. With multiple search options to choose from, you also get a shortcut for search. All you need to do is press the ‘/’ key and you will be taken to the search box.

Shortcut: The / key

4. Compose New List

Similarly, if you want to create a list, press the ‘L’ key. This will create a list note with checkboxes.

Shortcut: The L key

5. Navigate Between List Items

Most apps allow using arrow keys to navigate between individual items. Not Google Keep. You have to use N and P keys for that. On an active list note, first hit the Tab key till x mark appears its end, and then use the ‘P’ key to move to the previous list item and ‘N’ to go to the next item.

Shortcut: P for previous list item and N for next.

6. Move List Items

Now if you want to change the position of the list items, Google provides a shortcut for that as well. You have to use the combination of Shift with N or P.

To move the list item to next position, press the Tab key first on an active list note and then use Shift + N. To go back to the previous position, use Shift + P.

Shortcut: Shift + N to move to next position and Shift + P to move it back

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7. Show or Hide Checkboxes

If at some point in time, you want to switch to a simple note from lists, you can hide the checkboxes. Alternatively, if you want to convert your note into a list, you can do that too. To show or hide checkboxes, use the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + 8.

Shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + 8

8. Indent List Items

Google Keep recently introduced the feature to indent list items. Basically, to let you make nested lists. To indent a list item, press CTRL + ]. To dedent it, hit CTRL + [.

Shortcut: CTRL + ] to indent the list items, and CTRL + [ to dedent.

9. Select Individual Note

If you want to perform an action such as delete, pin or archive on any note, you must select it first. To do so, press the ‘X’ key.

First, use the navigation shortcut (N or P key) to go to the preferred note, and then use the shortcut X to select it.

Shortcut: The X key

10. Pin or Unpin Note

Now that you know how to select a note, it’s time to perform more actions on it. Personally, I don’t like the messy interface of Google Keep so pinning the notes proves helpful.

You can pin a note by selecting it first and then press the ‘F’ key.

Shortcut: The F key

11. Delete Note

Similarly, if you want to delete a note, hit the ‘#’ (SHIFT + 3) key after selecting it. This will move the note to trash where it will be kept for 7 days and then will be deleted permanently.

Shortcut: # by pressing SHIFT + 3

12. Archive Note

At times, having too many notes can overwhelm you, so just hide it from the main view. You can do it with the archive option. To archive a note, select it and press the ‘E’ key.

Shortcut: The E key

13. Select All Notes

Quick test for you. What’s the shortcut for selecting everything on a page? Hmm? Yup, it is indeed CTRL + A combo. Well, the same shortcut is used here to select all notes. When you select multiple notes, you can take various actions on them together.

Shortcut: CTRL + A combo

14. Labels

If you are a stickler for organizing your notes, then consider adding a label to them. To add a label, you can type the letter # anywhere inside the note. This will bring the existing list of labels. Just choose your label from it. To create a new label, feed a name after # without using any blank space.

Note: Labels containing any blank space are not converted to a link. So, be careful.

15. Finish Editing

Once you are done editing your note, press the ESC key to save and go back to the main view.

Shortcut: The ESC key

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16. Toggle Interface Between List and Grid View

Google Keep provides two types of interface: list and grid view. If you want to switch between them, use the shortcut CTRL + G.

Shortcut: CTRL + G combo

View All Shortcuts

If you forget a shortcut, you don’t need to Google it, just hit Shift + / keys on Google Keep website and the shortcut list will pop up. Or simply click on the Keyboard Shortcuts option at the bottom of the menu to the left of the notes.

We hope you enjoyed these post and become a master of Google Keep using the keyboard.

Redmi 6-Budget Dual Camera Phone Rs. 7999


Redmi 6-Budget Dual Camera Phone Rs. 7999. Xiaomi just launched the Redmi 6, the company’s latest smartphone in India today(05th Sep). Buy Redmi 6 from Rs. 7,999* First Sale on 10th Sep 2018, 12 Noon exclusively available on Flipkart and Mi.com.

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Redmi 6-Budget Dual Camera Phone Rs. 7999

How to buy Redmi 6 from Flipkart:

1. Login / Register into Flipkart application https://www.flipkart.com

2. Visit Redmi 6 sale page.

3. Add Product to Cart.

4. Update Shipping Details.

5. Complete Your Order.


  • HDFC Debit, Credit and EMIs get Rs. 500 off for the first sale

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Sepecification of Redmi 6:

It has a 5.45-inch HD+ display 18:9 aspect ratio display with 80.7% screen-to-body ratio, is powered by MediaTek Helio P22 12nm processor and runs Android 8.1 (Oreo) with MIUI on top, packs a 12-megapixel rear camera with LED flash along with a secondary 5-megapixel camera for AI portrait shots. It has a 5-megapixel front camera with face unlock and AI portrait as well as AI beautify features.

It has a polycarbonate back panel with a brushed metal-like finish, features a fingerprint sensor on the back, has dedicated dual SIM and microSD card slots and Dual 4G VoLTE support that lets you keep two 4G or 4G VoLTE SIM cards active in your phone, in standby so that you can receive VoLTE call in any of your SIM cards at any one time.

It packs a 3000mAh battery, which is slightly smaller than the 3300mAh battery on the Redmi 5, but the company says that it is more power efficient with the new 12nm SoC. The Xiaomi Redmi 6 comes in Grey, Blue, Gold and Rose Gold colors is priced at Rs. 7999 for the 3GB RAM with 32GB storage version.

Google Pay/Tez Loot-1st Anniversary Offer Get Rs. 5 to 1 Lakh Cashback


Google Pay/Tez Loot-1st Anniversary Offer Get Rs. 5 to 1 Lakh Cashback. Google Tez now Changed there Name to Google Pay’s 1st Anniversary Offer. Get Rs 5 to 1 Lakh Cashback on doing 5 UPI Transactions. This offer is valid only till 18th September 2018.

Google Pay/Tez Loot-1st Anniversary Offer Get Rs. 5 to 1 Lakh Cashback

Google Pay/Tez Loot-1st Anniversary Offer Get Rs. 5 to 1 Lakh Cashback

How to Get Rs. 5 to 1 Lakh Cashback from Tez:

1. Download “Google Tez” | Click Here (You need to click this link and install Google Tez app to get Rs 51)

2. Login/Sign up your Account.

3. Now Add your Bank account and Setup UPI for Payments.

4. Now Initiate your 5 UPI transaction through UPI only.

5. You will be reward by Rs. 5 to 1,00,000

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Terms and Conditions:

  • Any eligible transaction occurring before 9:00 AM 1ST on the last day of the offer period will qualify you for the 1st Anniversary special draw.
  • Eligible transactions that qualify you for the 1st Anniversary offer and draw includes:
  • You will earn a reward if you successfully complete at least five (5) eligible transactions during the offer period on Tez.
  • The reward you earn will be worth Indian Rupee Five (INR 5) to Indian Rupee One-Hundred-Thousand (INR 100,000) based on the special draw occurring during the offer period.
  • You can earn a maximum of one (1) reward for this offer.
  • Tez 1st Anniversary Offer
  • To earn the reward, the Sender and Recipient of a transaction must be using Tez, additionally, the Sender must be using the latest version of Tez.
  • Each Tez Customer can only use one set of Tez credentials, which includes but is not limited to a Google Account, phone number, and form of payment, to qualify for each offer.
  • The Sender and Recipient of a transaction must have different Tez credentials.
  • The more transactions you make, the better your chances of earning the higher prizes.
  • Each reward amount earned will be deposited in your designated bank account. As such, you must have a UPI-enabled bank account attached to your respective Tez accounts to receive payment from Tez. Please be sure that you have a UPI enabled savings account linked to your respective Tez accounts within forty-five (45) days of claiming the reward, failing which the reward will be deemed to be forfeited
  • To participate in a Tez offer, you must agree to these offer terms and conditions.
  • Google may need to withhold the applicable taxes imposed on your prizes. As such, when claiming your prize, you must provide your permanent account number or any other document which Google may require for the purposes of complying with the applicable tax

Android Tips-Best SwiftKey Settings to Use All Features

Best SwiftKey Settings to Use All Features

Best SwiftKey Settings to Use All Features. You might be happy with the Gboard  keyboard its ‘s a solid and dependable option. One of the best alternatives to Gboard is the SwiftKey keyboard. In addition to the Gboard features present in SwiftKey,

Best SwiftKey Settings to Use All Features

Best SwiftKey Settings to Use All Features:

SwiftKey is Microsoft’s official Android keyboard. Many of you have already customized your keyboard and know all the ways to make it suit you best. But we realize some of you might have installed it, started using it and never looked back or delved into the Settings menu!

You might not know this but very few keyboard apps have a clipboard functionality. Many people wouldn’t know that such a feature exists in SwiftKey either. Not only that, you can even add new clips to the clipboard manually in Swiftkey. Cool, right?

Similarly, there are other such settings in SwiftKey that can be customized and we have handpicked the best of them for you. 

You can tweak these settings as you wish, for the best SwiftKey experience. 

Let’s start our journey on the road to becoming a Swiftkey Pro by learning to open the SwiftKey settings. Here’s how to do that.

# How To Access SwiftKey Settings

There are two ways to open the SwiftKey settings.

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Method 1: From the Keyboard

Step 1: Open the SwiftKey keyboard in any app. Then tap the + icon present at the top-left corner. From the options that appear, tap on the Settings icon.

Step 2: You will get a preview of the settings. Tap the Settings icon at the top-right corner to view full settings.

Best Swiftkey Settings 4

Method 2: From Apps

Since the SwiftKey icon is present under the apps, you can tap the icon there and you will be taken to its settings.

Best Swiftkey Settings 5

Let’s dive into the settings now.

#1. Change layout

Layout plays a very important role in the popularity of a keyboard. If the keys aren’t arranged in a way that we like, one would start looking for alternatives. But you don’t have to do that in case of SwiftKey as it offers multiple layouts. You can choose from AZERTY, QWERTY, QWERTZ, etc.

To change the layout, follow the steps:

Step 1: Open the SwiftKey settings and tap on Languages. Under Languages, add a new language or tap on the existing language for which you want to change the layout.

Best Swiftkey Settings 6
Best Swiftkey Settings 7

Step 2: Select the layout of your choice from the available layouts.

Best Swiftkey Settings 8

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#2. Add Background Image

No other app can compete with the number of themes offered by SwiftKey. But if you still want more, you can add your own custom image in the background of the keyboard.

Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Open the SwiftKey settings and tap on Themes. Then tap on the Custom tab.

Best Swiftkey Settings 9
Best Swiftkey Settings 10

Step 2: Under the Custom tab, hit Start, and on the next screen, select the background image and customize other keyboard settings.

Best Swiftkey Settings 11
Best Swiftkey Settings 12

3. Arrow Keys

Very few keyboard apps come with dedicated arrow keys. These keys help to navigate through the text easily. Once enabled in SwiftKey, you will find them at the bottom of the keyboard.

To enable them, do this:

Step 1: Go to the SwiftKey settings followed by Typing. Under Typing, go to Keys.

Best Swiftkey Settings 16
Best Swiftkey Settings 17

Step 2: Enable Arrow keys. 

Best Swiftkey Settings 18
Best Swiftkey Settings 19

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4. Dedicated Emoji Key

Who doesn’t like emojis? These days they are pretty much the essence of any texting, and hence, it’s important that they should be easily accessible via a dedicated emoji key. Thankfully, you have the power to enable or disable the dedicated emoji key in SwiftKey.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Go to the SwiftKey settings. Tap on Typing followed by Keys.

Best Swiftkey Settings 13
Best Swiftkey Settings 14

Step 2: Turn the toggle on for the Dedicated emoji key option. Once you do that, the emoji key will be placed on the left side of the space bar.

Note: If you disable this, the emoji key will coexist with the Enter key.

Best Swiftkey Settings 15

5. Emoji Predictions

Another setting that makes it easy to add emojis is the emoji prediction. While typing, you will get emoji suggestions for the words added in the text.

To activate this, follow the steps:

Step 1: Launch the SwiftKey settings and tap on Typing. Then select Typing & autocorrect.

Best Swiftkey Settings 20

Step 2: On the next screen, enable Emoji predictions. If you are not an emoji fan, you can turn off the suggestions here.

Best Swiftkey Settings 21

6. Typing Shortcuts

Similar to Gboard, SwiftKey also offers typing shortcuts. When typing, you can insert a period by double tapping the spacebar. Similarly, the words can be capitalized automatically after punctuations.

To enable these settings, go to Typing & autocorrect in the SwiftKey settings and enable Quick period and Auto capitalize.

Best Swiftkey Settings 22

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7. Change Keyboard Sound

Although I personally dislike the typing sound on my device, if you are the kind of person who likes to keep it on, SwiftKey offers multiple sounds.

To change the SwiftKey sound, follow the steps:

Step 1: Go to the SwiftKey settings and tap on Typing. Then select Sound & vibration.

Best Swiftkey Settings 23
Best Swiftkey Settings 24

Step 2: Tap on Keypress sound profile and select the sound of your choice. To test the sound, tap the keyboard preview icon at the bottom-right corner.

Note: If the Keypress sound profile is greyed out, check if the Keypress sound volume setting is turned on or not. It is present above the sound profile.

Best Swiftkey Settings 25
Best Swiftkey Settings 26

8. Add New Item to Clipboard

While the text that you copy will automatically show in the clipboard, if you want you can create manual clipboard entries with their shortcut. You can use this feature as a text-replacement tool.

To add new entries in the clipboard, do this:

Step 1: In the SwiftKey settings, tap on Typing followed by Clipboard.

Best Swiftkey Settings 27

Step 2: Under Clipboard, tap on Add a new clip and enter the clip content and its shortcut.

To use it, simply open the clipboard and paste it or type the shortcut.

Best Swiftkey Settings 28
Best Swiftkey Settings 29

We hope you liked the SwiftKey settings post. Now it’s time to open the settings and tweak it as per your need. 🙂

Tips-How to Protect Laptops From Physical Damage


How to Protect Laptops From Physical Damage. Laptops are very portable. That’s why we love them, but being moved around can expose them to accidents and damage. Here are four items that will help protect your device.

How to Protect Laptops From Physical Damage

#Laptop case

Courtesy of All Cases

The single most important thing you can do to protect your investment is to buy a proper laptop case. Do not attempt to use a regular backpack or purse. These cases are specially designed with padding to lessen the impact if the case is dropped or bumped, and they are more sturdy than a day bag. Some cases look like backpacks or purses but check the compartments to make sure they have padding. There should be room for a power cord and mouse.

Hardcover cases also shield against hard drops, like on sidewalks or pavement, and environment and moisture. If you are caught in a rainstorm, the covering will offer some level of protection. Accidents happen, and cases save the laptop from liquids and spills while traveling. Make sure to select the right size case.

The laptop should fit snugly in it and not bounce around. Be sure to close the case entirely before moving between offices, home, and traveling on airplanes. There are locking cases available. When traveling through airports or entering some corporations, you will need to remove the laptop. Make sure the lock is easy to handle. You should be able to lock and unlock it quickly and easily.

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Screen protectors

Courtesy of Small Biz Trends

Screen protectors are extremely thin sheets of clear plastic. They cover and protect the screen from accidental scratching. Some screen protectors act as glare guards or anti-glare shields, which help you see in overly bright situations. There are also things known as privacy screen protectors, which are used to help prevent onlooking passerby from reading your screen as they sit near you on the train or in the cafe.

In most cases, it usually works for those who are looking from the side, and makes the screen look darker and harder to read for them, while it looks completely normal to you as you sit directly in front of your screen. Most screen protectors are easily wiped clean and easily replaceable if cracked, which is much more affordable than replacing an entire laptop screen.

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Surge protectors

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A surge protector will protect your laptop from spikes of power. The surge protector is different from a power cord. A power cord allows you to plug in lots of devices to one power source. The surge protector will cut the power to your device when it senses the spike. This also results in protecting your files during a power surge, so you’re much less likely to lose that important presentation for work that you’ve been working on for weeks.

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Cooling Pad

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If you are going to be working in a warm environment, the laptop fan may not be able to keep up. The device may overheat. One method to keep it cooler is to place it on a specially designed cooling pad, which lifts the laptop up off the table so it can get more air flowing around it. Some pads come with fans built in them also.

You can find ones that are quiet and don’t disturb you with the fan sound as you work. They also make things convenient when you’re working on your laptop in bed on your lazy days.

These four devices are simple products specifically designed to protect a laptop from physical damage. They also make traveling convenient, and they adapt to many work environments. For more tips on laptop care or program usage, check out our other articles!

Tips-How To Extend the Life of Your Laptop

How To Extend the Life of Your Laptop. The main reason you probably purchased a laptop computer in the first place was for portability, but that convenience comes with a price. Computing on the go has changed the world, but it is also asking a lot from the machine. Here are four tips to keep in mind to make sure that your laptop lasts well into its golden years.How To Extend The Battery Life of Your Phone1

How To Extend the Life of Your Laptop

#Don’t Skimp on the Case;

Laptops are made to travel, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need protection. Don’t be cheap when it comes to the carrying case. Get something padded that will stand up to life on the road or in the air. A few extra bucks to keep a laptop screen from cracking is money well spent that you will not regret later on down the road.
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#Read Your Manual:

There are articles all over the Internet telling you how to get the most out of your laptop battery. Some say to let it discharge almost completely before charging to maximize the battery’s life.Others say to keep it on charge as much as possible. The real answer is not online, but in the box the laptop came in. Your manual will tell you exactly how to properly care for your laptop’s battery. Get it straight from the source. If you do turn to the web, stick with reputable sites and not a stranger’s blog.

#Skip the Food and Drink:

It’s tempting to have a nice latte next to you while you work on the road. It’s equally tempting to browse social media while chomping down on some takeout. Both of these could be detrimental to keeping your laptop in good working order for years to come.Let’s face the facts. Sooner or later you are going to spill your drink. That could mean sticky keys at best and a dead motherboard at the worst. Those crumbs will end up lodged in your keyboard no matter how careful you are. If you can’t swear off of eating and drinking while using the laptop altogether, at least keep it to a minimum.
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#Keep It Cool:

You probably work better when you are comfortable. Your laptop will too. It’s a beautiful thing how much computer power manufacturers can pack into a slender laptop frame these days, but all that power usually means heat. Laptop computers are notorious for running hot despite all the new cooling technology that we have these days.They make special surfaces designed to help keep the laptop cool and even help it not be so hot on your lap. Also, gadgets aside, there’s no better way to help your laptop cool down than giving it a rest. If you’ve been doing some serious work that is hard on the processor, let it rest from time to time. Use the opportunity to get up and stretch your legs. It’ll be good for both of you.Laptop computers can be your best friend if you are on the go, but remember that there are things you can do to protect your investment. Laptops aren’t cheap, so go that extra mile to make sure it will go that extra mile too.
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For more tips and tricks for your PC laptop or Android device, check out posts from this awesome site!References:Laptop Screens RepairThe New York TimesThe Strategist

(Loot)Google Tez App Loot-Earn ₹51 On Join+Refer & Earn+Extra Cash On Scratch Card

Google Tez App Loot
Google Tez App Loot

(Loot)Google Tez App Loot-₹51 on Sign UP+Refer & Earn+Extra Cash On Scratch Card. Finally Google India Has Launched The Fastest UPI Payment App For Indian Customer , They Have Unveiled The “Google Tez” App In App store For The Fast & Quick Payments , Transfers Using The UPI.

(Loot)Google Tez App Loot-₹51 Each Refer+Win Money With Google Tez Scratch Card:

Tez is a New Payment App by Google and Send money to friends, instantly receive payments directly to your bank account & pay the nearby café with Tez, Google’s new digital payment app for India.

Google Tez – How To Refer Friends And Get Rs.51 Per Refer:

(Maha Loot) Google Tez – ₹51 for Both/Each Refer, Earn Upto ₹9000 Free

  1.  First of All Download Google Tez From Here Download.
  2. Open App and Allow All Permission.
  3. Select Language and Enter Your Mobile Number.  Note- Add The Number On Which You have Bank Account.
  4. Verify your Mobile Number with OTP and thenLogin with Gmail Account.
  5. Create your Google PIN Or Use The Phone Security.
  6. Move to Dashboard and Skip Introduction.
  7. Now Just Go To Setting option > Bank Account > Select Your Bank > Create UPI PIN Or verify Your Bank Account With UPI PIN.
  8. Now Again Go To Dashboard Of The App > Click On “New” Under PAYMENTS Options.
  9. On Next Page In TO: Option Add Your Friend’s Tez upi id or You Can Use This Number If You Don’t Have Tez upi id To Send Rs.1.
  10. Now Send Rs.1 To Selected upi > Instantly You Will Get The Rs.51 In your TEZ account.
  11. Now Click on Invite Friends and Start Sharing your Refer Link.
  12. Tell your Friends to send Rs.1 in their Account and both of you will get Rs.51 in Your Account.
  13. You can earn Maximum of Rs.9000 from this Offer by referring your Friends.

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Google Tez Refer & Earn :

Google Has Announced The Refer & Earn System On Google Tez App , You Can Earn Upto Rs.9000 Via Sharing Your Refer Code. You will Get Rs.51 Rs per Refer when your Referred Friend makes First UPI Transaction Of Rs.1

You & Your Friend Both Will Get The Free Rs.51 Cashback On Directly In Bank When You Do Rs.1 Transaction.

Follow Below Steps To Know More About This Google Tez Refer & Earn.

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Google Tez App

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Term & Condtion Of This Offer :

  • Offer Expires On 1st April 2018
  • Invite Anyone To Tez And You Each Get Rs.51 When Your Referral Makes Their First Payment
  • Your Friend Must Sign Up Through Your Unique Tez Invite Link
  • Your Friend Must Successfully Complete A Payment Using The Tez App
  • You Can Earn a Maximum Rs.9000 Per financial Year.

Google Tez Scratch Card Loot Win Upto Rs.1000:

Google Tez is Giving Away Scratch Card When You Send Rs.50 Or More To Other Google Tez User.You Can Win Up to Rs.1000 By Scratching The Google Tez Scratch card.

Google Tez Scratch Card

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Follow Below Steps :

  • Just Send Rs.50 Or More To Any Of Your Google Tez User.
  • Instantly You Will Get The Google Tez Scratch Card
  • Just Scratch it You Will Earn Some Amount From Rs.1-Rs.1000
  • Enjoy The Great Cashback From Google Tez !!
  • You Can Win Upto 10 Scratch Cards In A week

Android Tips-List of Best Alternatives Of SHAREit App For Android


List of Best Alternatives Of SHAREit App For Android. SHAREit is a cool little app Introduced by Lenovo. It’s simple, fast and really easy to use. The SHAREit app is available for all Android devices. Even though the app is really good and works fine, it is bloated with ads and unnecessary features.

List of Best Alternatives Of SHAREit App For Android

List of Best Alternatives Of SHAREit App For Android

If you have been looking for alternatives to SHAREit app, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will explore the Android apps that offer similar features to SHAREit.

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#1. Xender:

Similar to the SHAREit app, Xender is cross-platform. It is available on a wide range of platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows PC. You can also transfer files using the web share feature where the second party doesn’t require the app and transfer takes place through the browser.

What I like about the Xender app is that it is not bloated and doesn’t show ads. Moreover, it doesn’t come with the stupid feed that is present in the SHAREit app. Even the user interface is simple and all the necessary features are apparent. Basically, you don’t get lost in its interface.

However, the thing about the Xender app that really annoys me is it’s unreliable and doesn’t work at times.

#2. Zapya:

Zapya is another great alternative to SHAREit. However, similar to SHAREit, it has ads. Thankfully, though, the interface is slightly better than SHAREit as it keeps the file-transfer tools separate from the unnecessary features.

The Zapya app also supports multiple devices. You can use it on iOS, Windows PC, and Mac. It has a separate web share interface similar to Xender.

However, unlike Xender and SHAREit, where the feature is built-in, you will have to download a separate app on your Android device as this feature is not available in the native Zapya app.

Zapya doesn’t require a data connection to work, it creates a Hotspot to send and receive files. It also supports phone replication feature present in the SHAREit app.

#3. SilFer File Transfer:

SilFer File Transfer
SilFer File Transfer
Developer: SilFer
Price: Free
  • SilFer File Transfer Screenshot
  • SilFer File Transfer Screenshot

Available across platforms, the SilFer file transfer app also gives a tough competition to SHAREit. It is a simple app made for just file transfer and hence, comes with a nice and clean user interface.

If you don’t like installing the PC app, you can access files via its web version. The files can be transferred over Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi-Direct, and Hotspot.

Interestingly, the SilFer app supports multiple transfers between multiple devices simultaneously. I really like the clean layout of this app and the ease with which you can transfer files using it.

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#4. Feem:

Minimal, clean, and fast is what the Feem app is all about. Unlike SHAREit, this app is not bloated but offers a no-frills layout. You have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network to share files. If the same Wi-Fi isn’t available, you can create a Hotspot to send and receive files.

Similar to the aforementioned apps, Feem is available for platforms like iOS, Windows 10, Mac, and Linux. You can also access files via browsers.

#5. Dukto:

Developer: Emanuele Colombo
Price: Free
  • Dukto Screenshot
  • Dukto Screenshot

Many apps on Google Play Store that have been abandoned by the developers still work perfectly. One such app is the Dukto app, which was updated last in 2014.

Even though the app was updated long time ago, it is still available for operating systems such as Windows and Mac. Since it doesn’t offer web share feature, it is necessary that both the sender and the recipient must have the app installed on their device.

You have to use the IP address provided by the app to connect your device. Once they are connected, you can send a message, share clipboard, or transfer any type of file.

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 #6. Send Anywhere:

Send Anywhere (File Transfer)
Send Anywhere (File Transfer)
  • Send Anywhere (File Transfer) Screenshot
  • Send Anywhere (File Transfer) Screenshot

Another interesting alternative to SHAREit is the Send Anywhere app. Besides being accessible on different platforms, you can create and share files through links. With the help of this feature, you can share files with anyone who is not near you.

Although it offers a clean layout, the app does include ads. You can also share full folders using this app.

#7. Sweech:

Sweech - Wifi File Transfer
Sweech - Wifi File Transfer
  • Sweech - Wifi File Transfer Screenshot
  • Sweech - Wifi File Transfer Screenshot

Unlike other file-transfer apps, Sweech is available on Android only. However, they provide you a URL that you can enter in any browser to send or receive files. You can then send any type of file and even share folders.

The web interface lets you view your full storage and also separates content according to their type. You can even share items on clipboard, the feature missing in the SHAREit app.

Tips-How to Get Most Out Of From Old Used Outdated Electronics

How to Get Most Out Of From Old Used Outdated Electronics

How to Get Most Out Of From Old Used Outdated Electronics. Once your electronics are outdated, you may be ready to get rid of them so you can get the latest tech on the market. New technology can be expensive, so you will want to try to get some money off your old electronics to help offset the cost.

How to Get Most Out Of From Old Used Outdated Electronics

Just because some of your tech is outdated to you, there is someone out there who may want it, even if it is just for parts, and will be willing to pay for it. Read on for some tips to get the most out of your outdated electronics.

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How to Get Most Out Of From Old Used Outdated Electronics:

Make a Trade:

One of the easiest ways to get money for your new tech is trading in old tech or gadgets. Many companies are willing to give you a significant discount on your new purchase if you trade in your old tech, especially if it is in excellent condition. If you have no use for your old tech, there is no point in keeping it, and it can help save you money on the items you want.


If you are not interested in trading, or if you do not have that option, you can always sell the old tech yourself. There are many sites online that will allow you to sell or auction off your tech easily. You can look online to figure out exactly what your items are worth so that you are getting top dollar as you sell.

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Donate or Recycle:

If you cannot sell or trade in your tech, there is always the option of donating it. There may be someone who can use it. If you do not donate it, make sure to recycle it properly.

Wipe Your Electronics:

It is important to reset your electronics to factory settings before you get rid of them. You do not want to leave any of your personal information on there for your own personal safety. You can also get more money for these items if they are in factory condition, as buyers do not want to have to do a lot of setup with their new device. If your cell phone is paired to a particular company like AT&T, you will either want to unlock it or specify the company; otherwise it may be returned to you.

You may be surprised by how much money you can get for those old electronics you have lying around your house. Do some research on what each item is worth. By trading in or selling, you may have enough money to get that new device you have been wanting.

For more tips, tricks, and ideas, check out our tricks category here!


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Consumer Reports | How to Recycle Old Electronics

CNet | Five websites that turn your used electronics into money

Windows Trick-How to Get Access to Blocked Websites

Accesss Block websitess

How to Get Access to Blocked Websites. It can be seriously annoying not being able to access a website because it’s blocked, particularly if you need to get something done urgently. In this article we explained all the ways you can access blocked websites at your home, college, work place, school etc without much difficulty.

Accesss Block websitess
Access Block websites

However, there are ways around this and if you’re clever enough you can open up the web to whatever you need. Let us discuss all the methods.

How to Get Access to Blocked Websites;

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#1. Recast the URL:

This trick works for the sites which are hosted on VPN and on Dedicated server Environment and have an unverified SSL installed for that domain name. To get access to such websites you have to implement 2 simple steps. They are:

1. Go to the address bar of the browser (Any browser)
2. Instead of typing www.websiteURL.com or http://www.WebsiteURL.com, try typing https://www.WebsiteURL.com
So, as the domain is unverified with SSL installation, it will show up a security notice with the options as Proceed anyway or Back to Safety. Here, you have to select the option Proceed Anyway, then you will get an entry ticket to the site.

#2. DNS Server Replacement;

In this method you have to change or replace the DNS server to get access over the blocked websites. Say, DNS server is the container which contains all the information regarding all the sites from the entire world. So, if any country blocks any website IP from their Country IPs, they block it in their own DNS server. Whoever uses those particular DNS servers will not be able to access the blocked websites. MNC Companies, Schools, Colleges generally use this method to block the sites. To bypass this situation we have a simple trick. These methods slightly vary for different users. Just follow the steps below.

#For Windows XP users

¶Click Start > Control Panel > Network Connections.
¶Now select your specific Internet connection with access problems, right-click, then select Properties.
¶Left-click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), and select Properties.
¶Follow the Step 5 instruction given above in properties.

#Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Vista Users

¶For Windows Vista and 7, go to Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center. If you’re using Windows 8, hit Windows key + C > click Search on the right-hand side > type Control Panel in the search bar > select Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center.
¶Click Change adapter settings, which is on the left sidebar.
¶Right-click the Internet connection (MTNL, Airtel, BSNL, etc.) on which you’re having trouble accessing websites, and click Properties.
¶Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IP), and then click Properties.
¶Click the radio button next to Use the following DNS Server address.
If you want to use Google DNS, enter as the Preferred DNS Server and as the Alternate DNS Server.
¶If you want to use OpenDNS, use and respectively. After entering these, click OK

#For iOS device Users

¶Open Settings > tap Wi-Fi > tap the Wi-Fi network the device is connected to.
¶Tap DNS and change the two values to Google DNS or Open DNS (explained in step 5 above). These two values should be separated by a comma and one space (,

#For Android users, these are the steps.

¶Open Settings > tap Wi-Fi.
¶Long press the Wi-Fi network you’re connected to > tap Modify Network.
¶Now tap the box next to Show advanced options. Scroll down.
Tap DHCP > select Static IP > scroll down and modify DNS 1 and DNS 2 (as explained in step 5 above).
¶Click the radio button next to Use the following DNS Server address. If you want to use Google DNS, enter as the Preferred DNS Server and as the Alternate DNS Server. If you want to use OpenDNS, use and respectively. After entering thes
e, click OK.

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#3. Use IP instead of URL:

Another smart method to get access to blocked sites is by simply using IP instead of using URL. In a local computer, doing a ping domain.com command in command prompt will return you the IP address. You can also find it via online with the search of Whatsmyip. If you are a MAC user then use Terminal. So, enter through the Internet Protocol Address rather than using URL.

#4. Short URL Conversion:

This method works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t.  The idea here is to convert the long url into short url. By using google short urls and other tools we can shorten the url of the main site and can get access through that short url.

#5. Cached Version:

Every site will have a cached version. In the same way, the blocked sites will also have the cached version. So, you can access the data of the blocked site with this Google Cached version. When you search for any site which is blocked, Search engine automatically shows you cached version. 

When you click on that you will be redirected to the site. Irrespective of whether the site is live or not, you can get access with the help of this method. The picture below will give a better understanding.

(Biggest Loot)Facebook Research App-Get $5 Per Month+$10 per Referral Upto $75

(Biggest Loot)Facebook Research App-Get $5 Per Month+$10 per Referral Upto $75

BigFreebie-Facebook Research App-Get $5 Per Month+$10 per Referral Upto $75. Exclusive research project being conducted by Applause Inc. Participants in this study have the opportunity to earn as much as they want each month with no work required.

(Biggest Loot)Facebook Research App-Get $5 Per Month+$10 per Referral Upto $75
(Biggest Loot)Facebook Research App-Get $5 Per Month+$10 per Referral Upto $75

BigFreebie-Facebook Research App-Get $5 Per Month+$10 per Referral Upto $75;

How to Get $5 Every Month + Invite Friends and Earn $10 per Referral:

#1. This is an Invite based program only, So Fill this Form with your Name and your email linked to Paypal

#2. If You dont have paypal account you Can create here and make sure to link and confirm you Bank Account and update you KYC with ID Proof. Or  you can Add that email to your Original Paypal account Using Add a email feature

Note : Please Fill this form only 1 time, Do not submit multiple times. Also use Age between 18-35 and Gender As female at Registration Page, Else you are not eligible.

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#3. You will receive an email in next 1-5 days “Applause Research Program – You’ve Been Invited!” (1st Email)

#4. You have to register for the project using the same email where you receive your invite email.

#5. Now again, You will receive another email from Facebook Research – Applause. (2nd Email)

#6. Confirm Your Install: If you haven’t already, make sure you have downloaded and installed the research application on your primary mobile phone:

#7. From your mobile phone, download and install the research application here: https://webapp.diawi.com/install/QRzwUJ

Note: Make Sure “Unknown Sources” is enabled on your device in order to Install the App. Please Goto Phone Setting and search for “unknown sources” and For Xiaomi users: Goto Phone Settings -> Additional setting >> Privacy -> allow unknown sources.

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#8. Launch the app and follow the in-app installation instructions. When asked, enter your unique installation code into the application: XxxxXx (See your email for the code).

#9. You will receive 3rd Email for entering your payment details (Put your Paypal Email address, Make sure it should be same as your Facebook research invite email).

#10. You’re done! No additional action is required. It can take up to three days for you to appear in our reports. We will send you a confirmation email once we’ve confirmed your participation in our reports, or we will contact you in the event there might be issues with your installation.

#11. Once installed, you will be paid for each month the application remains installed and active on your phone.

#12. Now you will receive 4th Email about “Facebook Research Program – Installation Confirmed!”. That’s it, Now You can Refer your friends and earn $10 for each Referral.

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#FaceBook Research App Invite & Earn $10 per referral:

1. Make sure you have received email with heading “Facebook Research Program – Installation Confirmed!” After that you are eligible for referring.

2. Click on “Refer a Friend Now” on that email and accept the terms.

3. Now a forms will open up, Enter your Name, email and referee Name, email and select his age.

4. That’s it, your friend will recieve Facebook Research App invite within 3 days and take more days in rare cases.

5. You will earn $10 per month when your referred friend will keep app installed every month.

Note: Device Requirements: iOS 8.0+, Android 6.0+, smartphones only (No tablets)

GooglePlus Trick-GPMatic Google Plus AutoPoster To Boost Site Traffic


GPMatic Google Plus AutoPoster To Boost Site Traffic. Google plus auto poster software is a revolutionary tool for social media marketing. You can manage multiple Google+ accounts to automate your tasks that you want to do on Google+. You can schedule your content on this software, and post them later automatically.

GPMatic Google Plus AutoPoster To Boost Site Traffic

GPMatic Google Plus AutoPoster To Boost Site Traffic:

GPMatic is a revolutional Google Plus Marketing Tool For Marketers and Business Owners Who want to Try The Magic Of Using G+ With Their Marketing , GPMatic It’s One Of The Best Google Plus Community Poster That Will Helps You To Join , Post and Generate Traffic From Googl Plus Communities. Get started today with a GPMatic.

You can buy GPmatic from here from this link and GET 40% Discount using Code gpmatic40

#Auto Join Communities: GPMatic Helps You To Join Hundrers Of Google Plus Communities Based On Your Keyword in Seconds

#Auto Post To Communities: The Main Feature of GPMatic is To Post On Communities , Forget about Manual posting. Just with simple Clicks You can schedule to tens of communities

#Generate Huge Traffic: Google Plus Communities Contain Thousands Of Daily Active Users , So Using GPMatic , Expect Receiving a Huge Traffic.

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Google Plus Community Poster To Boost Site Traffic

Feature of All in One Tool To Automate Google Plus:

#Coaching Sessions;

Learn How To Use GPMatic With a Live Coaching Sessions From Software Coaching Specialists.

#User Friendly:

Just With a Few Clicks , You can automate the whole of Your Google Plus Marketing Process , Everything is easy to use.

#Communities Manager;

Depend Of Your Keyword , You can join & Scrape hundred of Google+ Communities With Just One Button.

#Communities Poster;

Create Your Campaign and take a hot coffe while our Raccoon is Posting For You Smartly.

#Smart Timing System

We integred a great timing feature that let you post safely with auto pause process.

#Spam Detecting Bypass

Google is taking the auto Posting process seriously , this is why GPMatic is specialized to act/post like a normal human , you will never be detected.

#Work On Cloud:

We are offering a free VPS services that allows you to use GPMatic Cloudy ! You can shutdown your PC While the Raccoon is Playing.

#After Post System

GPMatic can do more than posting ! you can automatically Shutdown/Restart Your PC Just after finishing the runing Campaign.

Tech Trick-Coolest Ways To Use Phone To Control Home Gadgets


Coolest Ways To Use Phone To Control Home Gadgets. Many years ago, children watched “The Jetsons” cartoon and were entertained by the possibilities of a fully automated home. These days, smart home technology has become more of a reality than ever before. Many people are now using their smartphones to activate and control their smart homes through unique apps and voice commands.

Homeowners are now tapping into their lights, thermostats, and smoke detectors through mobile phones. In addition to those, ADT also allows you to automate your home security from your phone.

Coolest Ways To Use Your Phone To Control Your Home Gadgets

Coolest Ways To Use Your Phone To Control Your Home Gadgets:

Lighting has become much smarter:

The days of flipping a switch on or off to control lights are slowly fading out. Nowadays, there are smart homes which use smart light bulbs and hubs. These lights connect over the home’s Wi-Fi network and are controllable through phone apps. A number of companies are involved in the “smart bulb” revolution. Homeowners simply install the bulbs in locations around the house and set up an app.

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Once the setup is complete, lights can be turned on, off, dimmed, or switched colors from the tap of a button. In addition, some apps involve special settings to create “routines” for automated lights while away from home. Lights can be scheduled or “randomized.” That helps to create that look of being home when one isn’t.

Use Your Phone Control Your Home
Control smart home heating

Easily control a home’s inside temperature:

Another significant development among smart home device makers has been the creation of smart thermostats. Homeowners are able to regulate the temperature even while they’re away from the house. Some of these thermostats allow for specifying an increase or decrease in temperature while one is on their way home. With the use of an app on a smartphone, a homeowner can make sure they have the temperature just right ahead of their arrival.

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Many of these apps feature customized settings. These can help to create special routines to conserve energy when trying to keep one’s home warm or cool, depending on the latest climate or weather conditions. Some of these smart thermostats also respond to voice commands via phone or home speaker devices.

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Home security at the fingertips:

Many security companies and security device manufacturers have also created smarter systems for homes. For example, ADT allows you to automate your home security from your phone. A smartphone app allows a homeowner to easily arm or disarm their home security system by tapping on a button on the screen. Security camera video feeds can easily be monitored, recorded, and stored, or sent off to someone else for assistance.

The company is considered the leader in home security with over 140 years of experience in the industry. Thanks to their experts, homeowners are able to discuss the right setup for their home and have it easily implemented. An ADT security system might include security keypads, motion detectors, door/window sensors, and glass break sensors.

ADT has integrated their smart home technology into mobile phones, providing control of thermostats, lights, garage doors, and home security. Their technology will send an email alert in the instance that a door was opened or if the home security system has been disarmed. It provides reassurance and peace of mind that one’s home is being protected.

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Technology keeps getting better thanks to smartphones and smart homes. Years ago, the idea of controlling home functions from miles away using a device in one’s hand seemed absurd. However, technology is advancing rapidly towards the future. Many companies are paving the way for smarter homes. It’s now become easier for homeowners to integrate smart home technology like lights, thermostats, and security systems into their busy lives!

If you want some tips and tricks for how to make the most of your smartphone, check out our blog! We know you’ll find something that’ll help you and improve your life.

Gadget News-Xiaomi Mi A2 Launch Date | Specifications | Price | Comparision


Xiaomi Mi A2 Launch Date | Specifications | Price | Comparision. Now Xiaomi has Launched The Successor Of Popular Budget Android One Smartphone Mi A1. The New Android One SmartPhone Will Be called Mi A2 & Xiaomi Has already Launched The Mi A2 & Mi A2 Lite in Spain and China. Also They Have Unveiled The Next Flash Sale Date & Release Date Of xiaomi A2 In India.  The company at the event said that it will be coming to India on 8th August.

Xiaomi Mi A2 Launch Date | Specifications | Price | Comparision


Xiaomi Mi A2 Launch Date | Specifications | Price | Comparision;

Xiaomi Mi A2 Specifications:

  • 5.99-inch (2160×1080 pixels) Full HD+ 2.5D curved glass display with 1500:1 Contrast ratio
  • Octa Core Snapdragon 660 14nm Mobile Platform (Quad 2.2GHz Kryo 260 + Quad 1.8GHz Kryo 260 CPUs) with Adreno 512 GPU
  • 4GB LPDDR4x RAM with 32GB / 64GB (eMMC 5.1) storage, 6GB LPDDR4x RAM with 128GB (eMMC 5.1) storage
  • Android 8.1 (Oreo)
  • Dual SIM
  • 12MP rear camera with LED flash, f/1.75 aperture, Sony IMX486 sensor, 1.25μm pixel size, 20MP secondary camera with Sony IMX376 sensor with f/1.75 aperture, 4 in 1 – 2.0um pixels
  • 20MP front-facing camera with Sony IMX376 sensor, 4 in 1 – 2.0um pixels soft LED flash
  • Fingerprint sensor, Infrared sensor
  • Dimensions: 158.7×75.4×7.3mm; Weight: 168g
  • Dual 4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac (2.4GHz / 5GHz), Bluetooth 5 LE, GPS + GLONASS, USB Type-C
  • 3010mAh (typical) / 2910mAh (minimum) battery.

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Compare Xiaomi Mi A2 vs Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite | Specifications:

NameXiaomi Mi A2Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite
Display5.99-inch (2160×1080 pixels) Full HD+ 2.5D curved glass display with 1500:1 Contrast ratio5.84-inch (2280×1080 pixels) Full HD+ 19:9 2.5D curved glass display with 500 nits brightness, 1500:1 contrast ratio, 84% NTSC Color Gamut
ProcessorOcta Core Snapdragon 660 14nm Mobile Platform (Quad 2.2GHz Kryo 260 + Quad 1.8GHz Kryo 260 CPUs) with Adreno 512 GPU2GHz Octa-Core Snapdragon 625 14nm Mobile Platform with Adreno 506 GPU
RAM4GB LPDDR4x RAM with 32GB / 64GB (eMMC 5.1) storage, 6GB LPDDR4x RAM with 128GB (eMMC 5.1) storage3GB RAM with 32GB storage, 4GB RAM with 64GB storage, expandable memory up to 256GB with microSD
Operating SystemAndroid 8.1 (Oreo)Android 8.1 (Oreo)
SIM TypeDual SIMDual SIM (nano + nano + microSD)
Rear Camera12MP rear camera with LED flash, f/1.75 aperture, Sony IMX486 sensor, 1.25μm pixel size, 20MP secondary camera with Sony IMX376 sensor with f/1.75 aperture, 4 in 1 – 2.0um pixels12MP rear camera with LED Flash, Sony IMX486 sensor, 1.25um pixel size, PDAF, f/2.2 aperture, secondary 5MP camera with Samsung S5K5E8 sensor, 1.12um pixel size, f/2.2 aperture
Front Camera20MP front-facing camera with Sony IMX376 sensor, 4 in 1 – 2.0um pixels soft LED flash5MP front-facing camera
SensorFingerprint sensor, Infrared sensorFingerprint sensor, Infrared sensor
Dimensions158.7×75.4×7.3mm; Weight: 168g149.33×71.68×8.75mm; Weight: 178g
NetworkDual 4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 ac (2.4GHz / 5GHz), Bluetooth 5 LE, GPS + GLONASS, USB Type-C4G VoLTE, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS + GLONASS
Battery3010mAh (typical) / 2910mAh (minimum) battery4000mAh (typical) / 3900mAh (minimum) battery

Mi A2 Available channels : 

  • Flipkart India or Amazon India 
  • Mi India Exclusive Website 
  • Mi Home – The Offline Stores From Xiaomi in India

As Of Now Flipkart or Amazon Will Be Official Partner Of Mi A2 or Mi A2 Lite From Xiaomi & It Will Conduct Its Next & First Ever Flash Sale There.

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Mi A2 or Mi A2 Next Flash Sale Date & Time :

As I Have Mentioned Above Flipkart Or Amazon India will Be Official Sale Partner For Mi A2 or Mi A2 Lite Devices. Xiaomi Will Conduct The Flash Sale Of This Devices Every Week On Flipakrt , Amazon & Mi India & Mi Home. Users Can Buy The Devices Only From Flash Sale As Of Now & There is Not Details Regarding Availability in Offline Stores.

Xiaomi Mi A2 Launch Date | Specifications | Price | Comparision

Mi A2 & Mi A2 Lite Launching & Next Flash Sale Date & Time

Mi A2  Will Be Launching In India on 8th August 2018

According to Sources & Leaks , Mi A2 Lite Will Not Launch in India.

So You Can See In Above Tables , Flipkart & Amazon Will Host The Next Flash Sale Of Xiaomi Mi A2 & Mi A2 Lite On Week After 8th August. Users Can Buy The Smartphone From This Date. Its Flash Sale So Expect The Limited Quantity.

Mi A2 & Mi A2 Lite Price in India

Mi A2 & Mi A2 Lite Pricing & Availability Details Have Not Been Mentioned Yet From Official Sources From Xiaomi.

China pricing of the Mi 6X (Mi A2 In India) – 

4GB RAM and 64GB Version is priced at CNY 1,599 (roughly Rs. 16,900)

6GB RAM and 64GB Version is priced at CNY 1,799 (approximately Rs. 19,000)

6GB RAM and 128GB Version is priced at CNY 1,999 (around Rs. 21,000)

Spain pricing of the Mi A2 – 

Mi A2 4GB RAM and 32GB – €249 (~$290)

Mi A2 4GB/64GB –  €279 (~$325)

Mi A2 6GB/128GB –  €349 (~$408)

So Indian Pricing Of Mi A2 & Mi A2 Lite On Flipkart & Amazon Will be – 

Mi A2 4GB RAM and 32GB – Rs.15999

Mi A2 4GB/64GB –  Rs.17999

Mi A2 6GB/128GB –  Rs.19999

So Here is All details Regarding Mi A2 & Mi A2 Lite Next Flash Sale Date & Time. We Will Keep Updating This Post With Newest Dates Of This Device’s Flash Sale.


Internet Tricks-Google Advanced Search Tips


Google Advanced Search Tips. Most of us use Google to search a lot of things on a daily basis. We have voice search, image search, video search and other ways of finding what we look for. So, do we often get what we search, or do our search results come up as effective as we suppose them to be.Google Advanced Search Tips

Here is the List of Some Best Google Advanced Search Tips:

#1. Search for Famous Books

If you want to know all the books an author has written, then you can use this google search tip to know the same. Start typing in google:

books by author_name.

Example: books by chetan bhagat

advanced Google Search Tips

#2. Search for Songs in Google;

You know how difficult it is to find songs online. Now no more browsing through all that sites to get to your favourite songs of a singer. Google is there to make it easy with its search tips and tricks. Like above type in google search:

songs by singer_name.

For Example: songs by arijit singh.

Advanced Google Search Tips

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#3.Search within a site:

What would you normally do when look for certain things in a site? You have no option but to use the search engine of that particular website. We however know how poor quality of search engine most websites have. By using google you can search within site:

site:websiteURL followed by the search term

Example; site:androfyi.com use whatsapp as search engine

advanced Google Search Tips

#4 Search for Exact Phrases:

How do you often search? By using a phrase or name. Does this search fetch relevant results? No, because when we use a phrase, Google combines search items for different words in a phrase. This is where we can use quote marks around a phrase or name to search something specific. This kind of search is helpful in less relevant results.:

“Exact Phrase’

Example: “american revolution”

advanced Google Search Tips

#5. Search for related sites:

How would you find related sites or similar sites of any particular domain? Try this related:websitename, and Google will fetch results of same sites from the domain


Example related:facebook.com

advanced Google Search Tips

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#6. Google Cache

Did you ever clicked on a link on google search result to find that the visited site is offline or down for some reason? Still if you want to check something on the site, you can do it through google cache.

Google caches the pages of all the sites of the internet so that they can be viewed even when there’s some problem with the server. Just enter the word cache before your site url (website full address):

cache site_url or you can make a normal search and click on the down arrow at the end of url and click cached.

#8. Find Flights

With this google search tip you can find all the flights from a place to your destination. Suppose if you want to find the flights from Hyderabad to Delhi, type in google:

flights from Hyderabad to Delhi

Clicking on more option at the bottom the result will get you further details.

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#9. Distance Between Two Places

Planning for a holiday and want to know the exact distance between your city and your dreamland? Here is the google search tip in action:

distance between <source> to <destination>

e.g. distance between Delhi to Mumbai. To help you further, you will also find a guiding map from your source to destination at the right.

#10. Time Zone of a Place

With this google search tip you can find how much ahead or behind is the time at a place. It will give you the time zone (pre-defined longitudes) to which that particular area belongs. Type in google:

<place> time zone

Like Washington time zone or India time zone.

So these were some of the advanced Google search tips. One thing to note here is that most of the search tips work when you have turned ON the location option of your google search. They work only when you have allowed Google to access your location. You can turn it on by going to gear icon>search settings>location.

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Security Tips-Viewing Porn Online is Killing Your Computer


Viewing Porn Online is Killing Your Computer. Pornography is a controversial subject. Some claim that it’s perfectly healthy, others that it’s potentially harmful for your mental health. And some even claim that the circumstances in which many porn videos are produced are unethical. 

But we’re here to point out that sometimes, porn can be bad for your computer. Even if you have your online porn viewing under control, there are more immediate concerns, such as your computer health.

Viewing Porn Online is Killing Your Computer

Viewing Porn Online is Killing Your Computer:

It’s not the porn itself, but the website where you are watching it. Most professional pay sites don’t harvest much user data, but free websites run various embedded advertisement from traffic networks. They are often ‘iFrame’ ads that are usually served by the various advertisers. Some of them commonly send out spyware and malware packages they embed in the actual ads prior to being caught by the ad network.

Be certain to purchase protection for your computer and your  personal information. There are a number of different steps you can take to make sure that your computer is not compromised by your porn viewing.

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What exactly is a VPN? A VPN is a special network that is created through the use of public internet wires to connect you to a private network. It protects your personal IP address as well as other computer-specific data you might want to keep private. They’re legal to use in most parts of the world, but you’re going to want to check out where they aren’t just to be safe.


Get an inexpensive ad blocker add-on for your computer browser. It will stop iFrames from allowing viruses and malware to get into your mobile device and computer.

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If you must use free websites then only use encrypted sites. Encrypted sites have a website address or URL that begins with “https,” instead of the usual “http://www.”dreamstime_s_39797721

If you download rather than stream your porn, make sure that you only download video files with the suffixes wmv, mov, or mp4. These file formats are legitimate. It is impossible for these file formats to contain any viral payload.

Do not download films from a file sharing or torrent website. These sites are infamous for having files that contain scumware, malware, and viruses camouflaged as porn movies. If you insist on going there anyway do not touch any file that does not include a filename suffix.

If you choose to stream pornography, you should use an ad-blocker and only visit trusted websites. If you follow the above suggestions, viewing porn online should not kill your computer. Don’t forget to select a secure and safe password, too. Choosing something more original than “123456”, “password”, or your surname is the first place to start in protecting your computer.

But hey, since viewing pornography is recognized as a potentially addictive behavior that can damage mental health, you might as well just not risk it for both your and your computer’s sake, because sometimes, you just won’t be able to stop the viruses from infecting your computer.

Programing Tips-4 Tips For Managing A Java Virtual Machine

4 Tips For Managing A Java Virtual Machine

4 Tips For Managing A Java Virtual Machine. The runtime engine of Java’s platform, Java Virtual Machine (JVM), runs programs written in Java, or in languages compiled into Java bytecode.

4 Tips For Managing A Java Virtual Machine

Programs compiled into bytecode can be executed on any environment with JVM installed on it. As a result, Java software is highly compatible with several computing platforms.

4 Tips For Managing A Java Virtual Machine.:

Advantages of Using JVM:

JVM offers many technical advantages for business owners.

  • Correctness: Produced with incredibly high standards, JVM software isn’t likely to include any errors.
  • Platform Independence: Any program compiled into Java bytecode can run on any computing platform with a Java Virtual Machine.
  • Security: Allow programmers to secure Java programs with built-in security features.

#Managing JVM:

Managing a JVM requires one to be a perpetual student. It’s an ongoing challenge that requires constant monitoring to keep applications adequately tuned that operate in a scalable manner. It involves assigning new objects and disposing of objects no longer in use. Here are 4 Tips For Managing a Java Virtual Machine:

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#Garbage Collection:

Garbage collection (GC) is far more complicated than it sounds. The secret is to craft an optimization path that allows you to change GC and simultaneously profile. There are there are four Java garbage collector algorithms, each slanted to different needs, to choose from. It’s crucial here to optimize your applications. Otherwise, you’ll have no idea what you need in the way of GC algorithms.

The Serial Collector, Parallel/Throughput collector, CMS collector, and the G1 collector are your GC choices. Learn to optimize your applications and learn your system thoroughly so you can identify the GC algorithm that will work most efficiently for you.

#Java Heap:

To keep up with the memory requirement, the Java memory heap plays an important part. Start with a small heap assignment and gradually increase it while continuing to test. Often problems are resolved by increasing the heap size but if there’s a lot of GC overhead, it may not help you, and it can make the application unnecessarily slow.

The idea of old generation vs. new generation objects comes into play here while trying to determine the right heap allocation. At the end of the day, heap size depends on liveset (the memory size of objects), old to new generation object ratio, and previous GC optimization.

#Core Application Optimization:

The best way to optimize your Java application is core code optimization. If the application isn’t playing well with the GC and heap optimization efforts, your best course of action is to focus on how your application processes data and structural changes.

With smart algorithm choices and careful handling of objects, you can eliminate most of your issues. Custom instrumentation can be used to get extra application-specific visibility via easy-to-use network monitoring software. You can also use a java agent to provide automatic tracing and metrics for the JVM-based languages later.

#Optimal Functions:

Java features functions to handle performance. There are several ways to handle optimization on a code level that you might find helpful:

  • Using StringBuilder as opposed to simple String, you’ll get better performance results.
  • Using StringBuilder as opposed to + operator.
  • Don’t use iterator().
  • Use Apache Commons Language as opposed to regular expressions.
  • Make full use of the stack.
  • Since recursions use a lot of resources, avoid using it.

In Conclusion

While this article merely scratches the surface of this complex subject, hopefully, it will point you in the right direction when it comes to managing a Java Virtual Machine. In being a patient, willing student, you will begin to understand how the different elements in Java interact so you can best learn how to analyze and optimize your code. And if you’re looking for more articles, tutorials, and hacks, be sure to check them out here.


What is the JVM?
Java Agent
Apache Commons

Android Tips- List Of Best PicsArt Photo Editing Tips And Tricks


List Of Best PicsArt Photo Editing Tips And Tricks. PicsArt is the number 1 photo editor and pic collage maker on mobile. PicsArt is available for Android, iOS, and Windows.  You can perform many amazing editing techniques using this app.

List oF Best PicsArt Photo Editing Tips And Tricks

List oF Best PicsArt Photo Editing Tips And Tricks:

PicsArt’s collage maker provides 100s of free templates, & the PicsArt community uploads 1000s of new images every day that can be used as backgrounds. PicsArt lets you make grid style pic collages, templated collages & freestyle arrangement collages.

With 1000s of amazing features PicsArt includes tools to create cutouts, crop, stretch, clone, add text & adjust curves. It also has a full library of artistic photo filters (including HDR), frames, backgrounds, borders, callouts & more. All tools have a brush mode for fine-tuning & applying selectively on just part of your photo.

PicsArt provides 100s of fonts for adding text to your pictures & creating memes. PicsArt also provides a rapidly evolving set of AI-powered effects. PicsArt allows you to make double exposures using layers with adjustable transparency.

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Here are we have some of Best PicsArt Photo Editing Tips And Tricks:

1. Add Multiple Effects

PicsArt comes loaded with a bunch of cool effects. You can change the entire look of your image by adding an effect. To enhance your images further, you can even apply multiple filters.

To do so, open the image in PicsArt, tap the Effects option and apply the first filter of your choice. Then tap the two small square-shaped icons in the top bar. This will apply the current filter. Then, again, apply another filter. Once you are happy with your image, tap the tick icon at the top-right corner.

Note: At any point, if you want to go back to the previous filter, tap the undo button at the top.

2. View Original Image

While editing, you may want to compare the edited image with the original one. You don’t need to open it in the gallery. Just hold (long-tap) the image and you will see the original image.

3. Change the Effect Intensity

Apart from adding multiple effects, you can also change the intensity of each individual effect. Whether you want to increase or decrease its intensity, the app offers both.

To do so, once you apply the effect, tap on the effect option again. You will get the options to change the intensity.

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4. Apply Effect to a Portion Of Image Only

Further, PicsArt also lets you apply an effect to a portion of the image. This creates a dual-effect look. Tap the eraser icon at the top after applying the filter. Using the eraser, erase the effect from the areas where you don’t want to apply the effect. Kinda cool of you ask me.

5. Make Background Blur

While many apps let you blur the background of your images, PicsArt provides extra options. You can use the normal blur, smart blur, motion blur, radial blur etc. It also comes with an automatic portrait mode that will apply the blur effect to your portrait images.

To apply blur to a portion of an image, tap the Effects option and go to Blur mode. Select Blur. The blur effect will be applied to the full image. Now to remove blur from unnecessary areas, tap the eraser icon at the top and start erasing blur from the areas where it’s not required. Tap the Portrait icon to apply blur to your portraits.

6. Add Colorful Border Effect

With a little bit of playing around, you can add a nice colorful effect to the border of an image. Open the image in PicsArt and tap the Effects option. Then under FX, tap Vignette. Tap Vignette again to open the vignette effect options.

Then tap the color box to choose the border color. You can also increase or decrease the border size.

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7. Edit Stickers

PicsArt provides many stickers to put on photos. However, each person has a different taste and the sticker colors or effects may not appeal to everyone.

To avoid this situation, PicsArt lets you edit stickers too. To do so, simply add a sticker to your photo and then you will get multiple options to edit it. You can even remove a portion of the sticker by tapping the eraser icon at the top.

8. Create Shape Based Stickers

With the help of the Cutout feature in PicsArt, you can create stickers of any object or portrait. But what if you want to create a heart-shaped sticker or a square-shaped sticker? You can do that too.

Open the image and tap the Tools option. Then tap Shape Crop. Select your desired shape and tap the next icon at the top-right corner. You can then change the border of the sticker by changing its width and applying different colors. Once you are satisfied with your sticker, tap the Save button.

The sticker will be saved under Sticker – My sticker. You can then add it on any image by tapping the Sticker button.

These were some of the PicsArt photo-editing tips and tricks that you can use to enhance your photos.


Android Tips-List of Best Android Math Solving Apps To Help In Study

List of Best Android Math Solving Apps To Help In Study

List of Best Android Math Solving Apps To Help In Study. As useful as math is, it still remains one of the most difficult subjects for students to grasp. Something that you will need and use for the rest of your lives. While there were no smartphones and apps in my time, there is an app for everything now. Even for solving math equation.

List of Best Android Math Solving Apps To Help In Study

List of Best Android Math Solving Apps To Help In Study:

Here is a list of math apps that will help you solve all sorts of problems like algebra, calculus, and complex charts.

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#1. Photomath;

Developer: Photomath, Inc.
Price: Free
  • Photomath Screenshot
  • Photomath Screenshot

Photomath, as the name suggests, offers a dead simple way to solve math problems. Point your camera on the paper, snap a picture of the problem, and the app will quickly work out and come back with a solution.

Why this matters? Because this will help you understand the process and actually teach you a thing or two about math. A pocket tutor, if you will.

There is support for handwriting given it is good and not garbled. There is also support for logarithms, trigonometry, algebra, equations, integers, decimals, and more. Photomath recently added support for graphs to make it competitive against the growing competition.

#2. Mathaway:

Developer: Mathway
Price: Free+
  • Mathway Screenshot
  • Mathway Screenshot

Mathaway uses your smartphone’s inbuilt camera to decipher and solve math problems. Just point your camera on a piece of paper or whiteboard and click a photo. Mathaway will begin working its magic.

There is also an option to enter the problem manually using the keyboard. It comes with a scientific calculator that will help you enter and recreate complex problems.

Where Mathaway really shines is its ability to provide step by step explanation for every answer and how it was derived. There is support for statistics and trigonometry too.

The app is free and ad-supported but if you want to view the steps with detailed explanations, you will have to upgrade for $18.49/m.

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#3. MalMath:

MalMath: Step by step solver
MalMath: Step by step solver
  • MalMath: Step by step solver Screenshot
  • MalMath: Step by step solver Screenshot

MalMath is a good math solver app for students who are studying in both school and colleges. You can use it to solve algebra, trigonometry, logarithms, equations, and derivatives. It will show you the steps.

If you want to get some practice, the app can generate sample problems for you, with solutions. There is support for some foreign languages as well.

What I didn’t like about the app was the layout of its calculator. It is in a straight line rather than in keypad shape that most of us grew up using. This slowed me down.

You can save your calculations for future references. MalMath is a free app that comes with no ads whatsoever.

#4. Math Tricks:

Math Tricks
Math Tricks
Developer: Antoni Ion
Price: Free+
  • Math Tricks Screenshot
  • Math Tricks Screenshot

Math Tricks went a different route: Gamification. When you open the app for the first time, it will ask you to choose a theme. You then begin with the game. There are different options like single player, multiplayer, and training mode. I chose single player and minute challenge.

Depending on your preference, you will be presented with math problems that you will be required to solve. You get points for each right answer and the one with the highest points wins.

The interesting part is that the app will teach you some cool tricks too. You know those math tricks that let you calculate difficult looking problems without even writing them down somewhere? Yeah, those kinds.

The app is ad-supported and you can upgrade for $3.99 to remove them.

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#5. MathAlly Graphing Calculator;

MathAlly Graphing Calculator +
MathAlly Graphing Calculator +
  • MathAlly Graphing Calculator + Screenshot
  • MathAlly Graphing Calculator + Screenshot

A math app that is dedicated to the art of graphing. While there are other math apps that will allow you to solve graph problems, MathAlly makes it more interesting. It comes with a lot of settings and options like the ability to create your own keyboard. Yes, that can be handy if you are not happy with the default one.

You can also create your own custom keys for functions and expressions and add it to your custom keyboard. There is a full screen mode that will hide the status bar which is good if you are working on a smaller screen or don’t want to be disturbed by forwarding WhatsApp messages.

There is support for parametric and cartesian graph mode with workspaces to solve your work.

With this above list of math solving apps, you can now solve pretty much every math problem that comes your way. 

Cashkaro TeaBox Loot Offer-Shop Tea Of Rs 899 And Get Rs 970 CashBack


Cashkaro TeaBox Loot Offer – Here is another Loot Offer from Cashkaro, best part of this loot offer is that your Cashback will be approved in 15 days after delivery. You just have to Purchase or Buy TeaBox tea for Rs 899 & Get Rs 970 (920+50) CashKaro Cashback.

Cashkaro TeaBox Loot Offer

Cashkaro TeaBox Loot Offer-Shop Tea Of Rs 899 And Get Rs 970 Cash Back:

So you are getting Your Money back in your account with Product Plus Rs 70 Extra which will be approved in 15 days after delivery and then you can transfer it in Bank. You will get Rs 50 as a sign up Bonus.

Just Make Another New Account and Buy TeaBox Tea for Rs 899 or above & Get Rs 970 CashKaroCashback from newly made account to get Rs 50 Extra.

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How to avail Cashkaro TeaBox Loot Offer;

  1. Visit here and Create new Account in cashkaro [Sign up using this link only to get Rs  50 Extra else you will not get any Sign up Bonus]

Note – Don’t use your Old Cashkaro Account as you will not Get Rs  50 Extra and cashback will be not approved within 5 days after delivery, Use above link to sign up and get Rs 50 Extra Every time.

  1. Enter your Details and Verify your Account
  2. Now Visit here for Cashkaro TeaBox Loot Offer Page
  3. You will Offer Details of Buy TeaBox Tea for Rs 899 & Get Rs 920 CashKaro Cashback.
  4. Click on See Coupons with Cashback.
  5. Now You see Terms of offer Now click Visit Retailer.Cashkaro TeaBox Loot Offer
  6. Now you will be redirected to TeaBox website
  7. Now You see Various Teas add any tea above of Rs 899 in your kart or any Product From same site above Rs 899 to the kart.
  8. After adding in kart go to kart and Check out with any Payment mode after adding your address.
  9. Pay the Full amount on Teabox website.
  10. Now wait for few days, you will get Get Rs 970 CashKaro Cashback (Rs 920 cash back +Rs 50 Sign up* Bonous).
  11. This Cashback will be approved in 15 days after delivery. You can transfer this to Bank Account after 5 days after delivery.
  12. Now Follow Above steps by making new account to get another Rs 50 for Free.
  13. If you want to Loot Unlimited then you need to change Your IP Address and order again with fresh id.

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Terms and Condition for Cashkaro TeaBox Loot Offer

  1. Sign up using above link only to get Rs 50 Extra
  2. Your cashback will be approved in 15 days after delivery.
  3. You can Redeem your Earning via Bank Transfer once your Cashback is approved.
  4. For Any More Information Contact CashkaroTeam.
  5. Disable AD block if you are doing with computer.

Step To Reddem Your CashBack in your Bank account :

  1. Now after shopping you will See Your Rs 970 cash back amount in My account section in cash karo.
  2. Wait For Product delivery it usually takes 4 to 5 days to reflect your cash back after that you are ready to cash out your cash back after 30 days period verification.
  3. After receiving cash back Go to my account section Request cash back Payment option.
  4. Here enter Your bank account to receive Your cash back

The Panel Station Loot-Get 300 Paytm/Amazon/Flipkart Voucher By Survey

The Panel Station

The Panel Station Loot-Get 300 Paytm/Amazon/Flipkart Voucher By Survey Filling. Here is another Biggest Loot of This Year, This Is Panel Station survey offer where You just have to Fill The surveys and You will win Rs.300 Amazon/Flipkart/Paytm/Freecharge Vouchers vouchers for absolutely Free.

The Panel Station

This is very Easy to Win Rs.300 Free Voucher as Most of Surveys Take only Few Seconds to Complete and and Mostly You will get 50 to 1000 Points as per The Length of The surveys and PayOuts.

Panel Station Trick-Get 300 Paytm/Amazon/Flipkart Voucher By Survey Filling:

Daily You will Receive New Surveys on the Panel Station which Will Give You Good Amount on Complete up to Rs. 100. Suppose If You will get 3 surveys then You can earn up to Rs. 300 in 1 day so in Month You can Earn Rs. 9000+ by Spending daily 30 Minutes only.

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When You Participate in any survey It will Take only 2-3 minuites to complete it and Panel Station will reward You between 50-1000 Points where 100 Point=10 Real rs.  

So you can Redeem You Money In

  • Free Paytm Vouchers
  • Free Flipkart Vouchers
  • Free Amazon Voucher
  • And Many More Vouchers


1. First Of all Just visit This Link And Do SignUp

2. You will see a Form Like Below…Must fill Sign Up Form Like Below To Be Eligible For All Offers 

Must Select Gender As Female To Get Higher Offers

  • Your Name And Last Name – Must Be Genuine Name
  • City Name– This Campaign is For Tier 2/3 Cities , So Select Less Unknown City Like Varanasi , Ajmer , Allahabad etc. (Don’t Select Big Cities Like Mumbai , Chennai)
  • Pin Code– Must Be Of The City You Choose like 305001 For ajmer  (You Can Google it Like – “Pin code of Ajmer”)
  • Mobile Number – Its Must Now , If Your Mobile Number is Used Then , Use Your Relatives Number For Just OTP
  • Tick On Term and Conditions & Then Submit It

The Panel Station Loot

Now Now …

If You Get This “We Are Sorry Page” Despite Filling All Details As Above

The Panel Station Loot

Then Don’t Worry , You Have Selected Something Wrong – Again Click On This Link , Fill All Details As Above , Change Age & City & PIN Code , That’s it….

3. And Click On ” Start Earning Now ” Button

Next You will Get success page like This

4. Soon You will Receive mail From panel Station You Must Have to Verify Mail in order to Get activate Your Account.

5. Open Your mail and Verify it…Thats It

6. Now In Few Hours You will Get Your First Survey in your Account just complete it You will Get some Points From It.

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#How To Download Panel Station App For Android & Iphone

They Launched Android & IOS App for their Users by which you can Complete More Fastly With Great Experience & Navigation on your Mobile Phone

  1. Download app for Android [ Click Here ]
  2. Download App for Iphone Ios [ Click here ]


  • After you start Doing Surveys You will Get Some Points From it
  • When You Reach 3000 Points (=300 Rs.) You are happy to redeem it.
  • Now Go to Your Points and Click on Redeem
  • You can Redeem anything described above

PDF Trick-How to Convert PDF File To Word File So You Can Edit


How to Convert PDF File To Word File So You Can Edit. Several organizations require PDFs to be converted to Word documents which would enable data to be retrieved and altered when required. For instance, old paper documentation may need to be digitized into Word format.

How to Convert PDF File To Word File So You Can Edit

How to Convert PDF File To Word File So You Can Edit:

There are several occasions where we need to edit a PDF file urgently, but we don’t have any tools for it. As we know, we can’t directly edit the PDF documents. If you search for the same on the internet, you will find several websites that allow us to convert PDF to Word, however, they don’t allow us to edit it directly.

Another most important thing is, in an urgent situation, we don’t have time to search for an appropriate website to get things done. Therefore, we are going to explore an interesting trick that will help you to convert a PDF into a text document that you can edit. However, we must have a working internet connection to convert a PDF into a text document because we are going to use an online service Google Drive.

Well, for those who are not aware of Google Drive, it’s an online service from Google that can be accessed from any device with any operating system. Let’s check out how to use Google Drive to convert PDF to Word.

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#Convert a PDF File Into A Word Document:

To start, you need to open drive.google.com from any browser and then log in to your Google account. There you need to choose the option ‘File Upload’ from ‘New’ button and then upload your PDF file.

How to Convert PDF File To Word File So You Can Edit

Once uploaded, you need to right-click on the file and then select the option ‘Open With’ and then choose ‘Google Docs’. On doing this, your PDF file will be pop up in a new browser tab in the Google Docs interface.

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How to Convert PDF File To Word File So You Can Edit

Now there you can edit any of the text in the PDF document. You can also choose to do some text formatting. Once you are done with the editing, you need to click on ‘File’ and then choose the option ‘Download As’ and then select Microsoft Word from the drop-down list.

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How to Convert PDF File To Word File So You Can Edit

That’s it, you are done! This is how you can use Google Drive to convert a PDF file into an Editable text document. This trick is pretty useful because it doesn’t need to download any additional software.

Hope this article helped you share it with your friends too!

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Android Tips-5 Best Android Launchers For 2018 You Must Try

5 Best Android Launchers For 2018 You Must Try

5 Best Android Launchers For 2018 You Must Try. There are many third-party launchers available that replace your default launcher. But, why should you replace your stock launcher? This question has a pretty simple answer; the third-party launchers offer a lot of customization for users to suit their needs.

5 Best Android Launchers For 2018 You Must Try

5 Best Android Launchers For 2018 You Must Try:

Android launchers not only let you tweak your home screen’s appearance but also let you add a few nifty shortcuts. Not to mention the fully customizable gesture-based controls.

However, at the end of the day, not all launchers are built equal. While a few provide an all-in package, others go for a minimal look. So, which ones to choose?

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Here, we have put together a list of the 5 best Android launchers that you should check out right away. Let’s see what each of these brings to the table.

#1. Action Launcher:

Action Launcher is one of the popular launchers in the Android world. The new update not only brings a Pixel-like experience but also has a cool Google Now integration. On top of it, it beautifully blends the customization features such as app shortcuts and gestures.

Launchers that integrate gestures are seen as future-ready and Action Launcher is certainly one of them, considering its swipe gesture that doubles up as a shortcut. This gesture lets you open the primary app of a folder with a tap and then swiping up will reveal the contents of the folder.

Interestingly, this launcher also comes with options for notification dots and you’d be greeted by an information-oriented home screen similar to that of Android Oreo. So, if your phone manufacturer still hasn’t pushed out the Android O update, you can have a taste of it through this launcher.

What’s more, you can also bring your screen alive with an animated clock. Also, the app drawer on the left keeps your apps handy. Action Launcher is available for free on the Play Store, however, for some features you’d have to upgrade to the pro version.

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#2. Nova Launcher:

Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher
Price: Free
  • Nova Launcher Screenshot
  • Nova Launcher Screenshot

No best launchers list is complete without a mention of Nova Launcher. With its immense customization hacks and timely updates, it’s no wonder that this launcher has been an all-time favorite. If you haven’t used this app before, I reckon that you give it a shot and see what all the hullabaloo is all about.

First and foremost, it lets you adopt any style you want for your home screen and app drawer — whether it’s a neat professional look or a slightly cluttered look with folder shortcuts.

Secondly, it’s lightweight and has a ton of customization hacks. From cool app shortcuts and icon packs to a range of customizable gestures — it has them all.

What’s noteworthy about this app is that the updates are mostly instantaneous. As soon as a new feature is introduced, the same would make its way to the app.

Nova Launcher is free to install from the Play Store but you’d have to upgrade to Nova Launcher Prime for features such as gestures and hidden folders.

#3. AIO Launcher:

AIO Launcher
AIO Launcher
Developer: Evgeny Zobnin
Price: Free+
  • AIO Launcher Screenshot
  • AIO Launcher Screenshot

If you look around, you’d see that most of the launchers usually revolve around home screen tweaks and customization. However, AIO Launcher stands out from this crowd with its unique appearance. Gone are the fancy icon packs and animations. Instead, you’d be greeted by an information-oriented home screen.

The home screen will have your frequently used apps at the top along with unread text messages and frequent contacts. Time and weather information, alarms and RAM monitoring are given the top-most priority while a quick downward scroll will reveal your emails, call-log, and your news feed.

Nevertheless, if you want to search for an app manually, there’s a nifty process on hand. Tap on the search icon and type the first two-three letters of your query and everything from contacts to apps will be loaded instantly.

AIO Launcher is apt for someone who is looking to have almost everything at the tip of the finger. With minimal distraction and a no-nonsense approach, this app is worth every penny.

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#4. ADW Launcher 2:

ADW Launcher 2
ADW Launcher 2
Developer: AnderWeb
Price: Free+
  • ADW Launcher 2 Screenshot
  • ADW Launcher 2 Screenshot

Not too long ago, ADW Launcher was a popular name in the Android community. However, its popularity waned with time as the support for the app gradually diminished. Come 2016, and the makers launched ADW Launcher version 2 and since then, thankfully, it has seen regular updates.

This new iteration brings a plethora of configuration options. The interface is fluid and unlike other launchers, it also lets you download a couple of themes for free.

The highlight of ADW Launcher 2 is that it lets you travel down the nostalgia path with its quirky Android Marshmallow and KitKat themes. Other than that, you can have a number of features such as gestures for free, unlike other apps which ask for a paid upgrade.

#5. EverythingMe Launcher:

EverythingMe Launcher
EverythingMe Launcher
Developer: Everything_Me
Price: Free+
  • EverythingMe Launcher Screenshot
  • EverythingMe Launcher Screenshot
  • EverythingMe Launcher Screenshot
  • EverythingMe Launcher Screenshot
  • EverythingMe Launcher Screenshot

If you are paranoid about organizing stuff into neat little folders (don’t ask how many of these I have on my home screen), then the EverythingMe Launcher is your best bet. It’s a contextual launcher which neatly arranges all your apps, contacts and preferences into Smart Folders.

The gesture support is the cherry on top. A double tap will launch the camera by default while a swipe down will open the Quick Search feature. This launcher neatly arranges all your apps, contacts and preferences into Smart Folders

There’s also the provision for Quick Contacts and as expected it’ll fetch your frequent contacts all on its own — no setup required at all. Furthermore, the Quick Search feature will let you search for apps (and contacts) both within the phone and on the web. Two shots for the price of one, if you ask me.

EverythingMe Launcher gets better with time and the more you use it, the more accurate it becomes.

These third-party launchers can overcome such limitations. Not only will you be able to enhance your Android experience but you might be able to skyrocket your productivity too. Win-win, if you ask me.

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Facebook Tips-New Tips And Tricks For Facebook Messenger for Android

New Tips And Tricks For Facebook Messenger for Android

New Tips And Tricks For Facebook Messenger for Android. Up until 2016, you could text your friends from within the Facebook app without downloading another app. But, in 2016, Facebook removed the messaging option and forced users to download its separate chat app, the Facebook Messenger. It is available on both iOS and Android.

New Tips And Tricks For Facebook Messenger for Android

New Tips And Tricks For Facebook Messenger for Android:

While some loathed the idea of having a separate app, others loved the capability of the app that let them use Facebook Messages without having a Facebook account. Basically, you could enjoy all the benefits of the Messenger without the constant pressure of using Facebook.

Well, that’s not the only cool feature present in the Messenger. In this post, we will talk about some other interesting tips and hidden features of Facebook Messenger on Android. 

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Make Chats Exciting With Emoji Tips:

1. Change the Size of Like Button

You will find the popular Like button next to the typing area in the Messenger. If you press it once, it is sent to the other person. But hidden under this emoji is a cool trick. It may not be apparent at first but if you hold the Like button, its size increases. 

New Tips And Tricks For Facebook Messenger for Android

2. Change Emoji

Don’t use the Like button often? You can replace it with an emoji of your choice. You may keep different emojis in different chats. And, yes, you can change their size as well using the above tip.

New Tips And Tricks For Facebook Messenger for Android
New Tips And Tricks For Facebook Messenger for Android

To change the emoji, open the chat thread and tap the encircled i icon at the top-right corner. Tap on the Emoji option and select your favorite emoji from the list of emojis. You need to swipe left to access more emojis.

New Tips And Tricks For Facebook Messenger for Android

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3. Send Emoji Effects

Remember the animated heart emoji in WhatsApp? Facebook Messenger goes a step ahead. Instead of sending a simple animated heart, Messenger sends flying hearts when you send a red heart emoji. This creates a nice effect, making it a cute way to express love.

New Tips And Tricks For Facebook Messenger for Android
New Tips And Tricks For Facebook Messenger for Android

Before you get too excited to try it on all the emojis, we have some bad news. These special effects are available on two other emojis only – balloon and snow. Rest of the emojis haven’t been bestowed with special powers yet.

New Tips And Tricks For Facebook Messenger for Android
Facebook Fb Messenger Tips And Tricks 7

Note: Send these emojis only when the other person is online. If the other person is offline, they will only see a simple emoji when they come online.  

4. Play Hidden Emoji Games

Who would have thought that there are games hiding behind some emojis? Facebook Messenger never fails to surprise you. 

New Tips And Tricks For Facebook Messenger for Android
New Tips And Tricks For Facebook Messenger for Android

Use the basketball or the soccer emoji and they seem to be normal emojis. But if you tap on them after you have sent them, you will be surprised. Both these emojis start their own games that can be played within the Messenger itself.

Note: Facebook Messenger now has a separate games section. Tap the Game icon in the bottom bar to view all the games.

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5. Set Emoji Color

Unlike WhatsApp, where you can set color individually for each emoji, Facebook Messenger gives you a separate color setting. The color you choose will be applied to all emojis. To be honest, this makes more sense than separate colors.

To set emoji color, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Messenger and tap the profile picture icon in the top-right corner. Scroll down and tap Photos & Media.

New Tips And Tricks For Facebook Messenger for Android
Facebook Fb Messenger Tips And Tricks 11

Step 2: Tap the Emoji option and pick emoji color.

New Tips And Tricks For Facebook Messenger for Android
New Tips And Tricks For Facebook Messenger for Android

Enhance Conversations With Chat Tips

6. Change Conversation Color

Facebook Messenger doesn’t want to force blue color on you. If you don’t like it, they have given an option to change it. Interestingly, you can set a different color for each conversation.

To change the conversation color, open the chat thread. Then, tap the encircled i icon in the top bar. Choose Color and select the color of your choice.  

New Tips And Tricks For Facebook Messenger for Android
New Tips And Tricks For Facebook Messenger for Android

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7. Assign Nickname

There is always one friend whom everyone knows by his or her nickname. Since Facebook Messenger displays the Facebook account name, which usually is a proper name and not a custom name like WhatsApp, they have given an option to change names. In other words, you can add nicknames.

To add a nickname, open the chat thread of the person and tap the i (or the info) icon at the top-right corner. On the next screen, tap Nicknames and add the nickname.

New Tips And Tricks For Facebook Messenger for Android
New Tips And Tricks For Facebook Messenger for Android

8. Search in Conversations

Thankfully, Facebook Messenger lets you search in the conversations separately besides providing a general search. If you don’t remember the chat thread where a particular conversation took place, you can use the main search available on the home screen of the Messenger.

To search inside the chats threads, open the chat and tap the rounded i icon. Then select Search in Conversation followed by your search term.

New Tips And Tricks For Facebook Messenger for Android
New Tips And Tricks For Facebook Messenger for Android

9. View Facebook Profile Directly From Messenger

Anyone with or without a Facebook account can message you on the Messenger. The messages from unknown users are usually sent to the Filtered messages folder.

If the Messenger is linked to their Facebook account, you can directly view their profile right from the Messenger itself, without searching on Facebook.

To do so, again tap the encircled i, scroll down and hit View profile. You will be taken to their Facebook profile.

New Tips And Tricks For Facebook Messenger for Android

10. Block on Facebook Only and Not on Messenger

Facebook Messenger gives two options when blocking someone. In the first case, you can block them on Messenger only. They will be able to view your Facebook profile but won’t be able to call or message you on Messenger.

In the second case, you can block them on Facebook. They won’t be able to view your Facebook profile but can message and call you on the Messenger.

To access these two block options, tap the i icon in the top bar of the chat. Scroll down and tap Block. On the next screen, choose your block type.

New Tips And Tricks For Facebook Messenger for Android
Facebook Fb Messenger Tips And Tricks 27

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Modernize Chats With Sharing Tips

11. Share Real-time Live Location

Similar to the real-time location feature available in WhatsApp and Google Maps, Facebook Messenger also lets you share your live location. Once the location is shared, your friends can then continuously track your location for 60 minutes or until you manually stop sharing it.

To share your live location with a friend, open the chat and tap the plus icon in the bottom-left corner. Select Location from the menu and hit Share Live Location on the next screen.

Facebook Fb Messenger Tips And Tricks 22
Facebook Fb Messenger Tips And Tricks 23

12. Share Voice Recording

Unfortunately, Facebook Messenger doesn’t let you share all types of files as you can do on WhatsApp. While the feature is available on its website, it’s surprisingly missing from the mobile apps.

But let’s give credit where it’s due. The Messenger lets you share voice recordings. If texting is not your thing and you aren’t in the mood to call, you can send voice recordings.

To create a voice recording, open the chat and hold the mic icon on the left side of the typing area. Once done, remove your finger to send it. If at any point you want to cancel the recording, drag it upwards.

Facebook Fb Messenger Tips And Tricks 24

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13. View Shared Media

You cannot directly search shared images and videos on Facebook Messenger. However, the Messenger tries to do its best to make things simpler for you. Instead of scrolling through all the messages looking for a particular image, you can view all the shared files – images and videos separately.

To view the shared media files, open the chat thread and tap the i icon. Then scroll down and you will find all your shared content there. In case you are wondering how to view shared media on iOS and the Facebook website, check this post

Facebook Fb Messenger Tips And Tricks 20
New Tips And Tricks For Facebook Messenger for Android

Have Fun 

We hope you liked these Facebook Messenger tips and tricks. 

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Games Top Chart-List of Top 8 Car Racing Games for Android

List of Top 8 Car Racing Games for Android

List of Top 8 Car Racing Games for Android. Gaming is the only way for us to kill a boring time. Nowadays there are many Car Racing games available on the Play Store. The adrenaline rush, the smell of burning rubber, the soft purring of the engine waiting to roar; it all adds up to satisfy our need for speed.

List of Top 8 Car Racing Games for Android

List of Top 8 Car Racing Games for Android:

We are here with the top best Android car racing games.We have mentioned 8 best Android car racing games that will surely give you the enjoyable gaming experience. Go through the post to discover those cool games.

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#1. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt series has been a runaway success from Gameloft, one of the most successful car racing games for Android. Their last instalment, Airborne, brought death defying aerial stunts using curved ramps with a number of new tracks and cars to choose from.

List of Top 8 Car Racing Games for Android

The game is free to download and comes with in-app purchases. With over 190 cars and bikes, 2000 decals, and 40 tracks, Asphalt Airborne had my pulse racing in no time.

The graphics are cool and Gameloft has paid a lot of attention to detail when it comes to recreating the car specs and race tracks.

Asphalt 8: Airborne
Asphalt 8: Airborne
Developer: Gameloft
Price: Free+
  • Asphalt 8: Airborne Screenshot
  • Asphalt 8: Airborne Screenshot

#2. Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing:

Love off-roading? Riding high on the success of the Asphalt series, Gameloft decided to treat us fans with an off-road version of Xtreme Rally Racing. Dirt, rocks, sweat, and mean SUVs is the name of the game here.

List of Top 8 Car Racing Games for Android

There are monster trucks, dune buggies, pickup trucks, and muscle cars to satisfy your thirst for kicking some dust. Like Asphalt 8, there are big brands involved like Merc, Ford, Chevy, and others here. You can play with friends in multiplayer mode.

Another free game with in-app purchases which will offer a different kind of a racing experience to the Android racing game enthusiast.

Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing
Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing
  • Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing Screenshot
  • Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing Screenshot

#3. Mini Motor Racing:

Remember the remote control cars that you used to drive around all day, annoying the hell out of your parents? Home Alone series anyone? Well, they are back in the form of Mini Motor Racing. These tiny little cars are so much fun to drive around.

List of Top 8 Car Racing Games for Android

The visuals are stunning and beautiful to look at, the cars can be customized endlessly, and you will love to play it with friends.

The app will cost you $2.99 but it is well worth the price and the cars are a lot of fun to bash around.

Mini Motor Racing
Mini Motor Racing
Developer: The Binary Mill
Price: $2.99+
  • Mini Motor Racing Screenshot
  • Mini Motor Racing Screenshot

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#4. Real Racing 3:

If you thought Asphalt 8 had amazing graphics, Real Racing will leave your jaws hanging wide open. Everything about this game, from its tracks and location to its cars and their performance, is as realistic as it gets.

List of Top 8 Car Racing Games for Android

With over 100 cars and 2000 events, the car racing app will offer you a taste of what it feels like to race in real locations. You will notice there are rules like corner cutting penalty in place too, just like in the real world.

Real Racing  3
Real Racing  3
Price: Free+
  • Real Racing  3 Screenshot
  • Real Racing  3 Screenshot

#5. Road Fighter:

There is something about 8-bit games that simply clicks. Flappy Bird still brings back fond memories of frustration. Damn, that game was hard. Anyways, Road Fighter brought back fond memories of me fighting with my brother for the remote control!

List of Top 8 Car Racing Games for Android

The gameplay is itself really simple with no career modes, cars, and customizations to choose from. You simply launch the car racing app on Android, hit the start button, and begin zig zagging in and out of those familiar cars and road obstacles.

The app is free with no way to remove ads which is a little annoying because there are more ads than it should be.

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#6. Hill Climb Racing 2:

I think Temple Run brought the endless gameplay concept to the forefront of the gaming scene. You know, where you begin running, or racing in this case, and continue to do so until you die or crash yourself into something.

List of Top 8 Car Racing Games for Android

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a fun little game that is easy to begin with. There are a limited number of cars and tracks to choose from. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to beat your own previous record high. Start your car and hit the road.

You can change cars based on tracks and upgrade them to improve your survival rate. Another free racing app to spend your time when you are waiting for your friend to show up. It is amazing how simple games like these can be so addictive.

Hill Climb Racing 2
Hill Climb Racing 2
Developer: Fingersoft
Price: Free+
  • Hill Climb Racing 2 Screenshot
  • Hill Climb Racing 2 Screenshot

#7. Beach Buggy Racing:

Beach Buggy is an off-road kart racing game where you will find yourself driving beach dunes, lunar rovers, and monster trucks in deserts, forests, and Mars! I guess, Elon Musk won’t be the first one to colonize it after all.

List of Top 8 Car Racing Games for Android

Beach Buggy Racing offers a number of powerups which you will not find in other car racing games for Android like teleportation and flame-throwers. There are 15 tracks to choose from in this free app that comes with in-app purchases.

Beach Buggy Racing
Beach Buggy Racing
Developer: Vector Unit
Price: Free+
  • Beach Buggy Racing Screenshot
  • Beach Buggy Racing Screenshot

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#8. NFS Most Wanted:

For the longest time, NFS has been the torch bearer of car racing games so much so that they even made a movie on it. Pity, it was a dud.

NFS Most Wanted made the list because it comes with a story mode. Needless to say, the graphics are amazing and there are some world class cars to drive around and apply mods on.

List of Top 8 Car Racing Games for Android

The story goes like this: You are a young enthusiast who wants to make a name for himself/herself in the underworld of street racing. As you climb up the ladder, the police force gets hot on your tail.

NFS Most Wanted, one of the best racing games for Android, will cost you $4.99 with in-app purchases.

Need for Speed™ Most Wanted
Need for Speed™ Most Wanted
  • Need for Speed™ Most Wanted Screenshot
  • Need for Speed™ Most Wanted Screenshot

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Droom Loot-Get Droom Helmet At Rs 79 (MRP 750)(25 April)Proof Added

Helmet Get Set Helmet Drooms

Droom Loot-Get Branded Droom Helmet At Rs 79 (MRP 900) Proof Added. Droom.in is one of the largest online buying selling network of used automobiles. You can sell or buy second hand vehicles from all over India.Helmet Get Set Helmet Drooms

Droom Loot-Get Branded Droom Helmet At Rs 79 (MRP 900)(24th April)Proof Added:

Today Droom is offering quality helmets verified by ISI mark in flash sale at just Rs 79. You need to register for this Flash Sale and after that Droom notify you via SMS & Email. So Hurry up and register for Flash Sale .

The Original price of Helmet is Rs 750 which is going to be sell at Rs 79 during Flash Sale which is available at 25 th April 2018 at 11 am. So Ready for this Sale.

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How to Get Branded Droom Helmet At Rs 79 From Droom.in :

#1.  Visit Droom Helmet Offer Page from Here

#2.  Now enter you email ID, name and mobile number & click on Remind Me

(Note: We will recommend you to make Login account at the time of registering for sale, As on the sale day the site may be slow due to high visitors)

#3. That’s it, The sale is on 25th April 2018 at 11 am.

#4. They will remind you via SMS and Email before sale.

#5. On the sale day (25th April, 11 AM), you will see buy now option

#6. Click on it and add the product to your cart. (Site may be slow or showing error sometime but keep trying)

#7. Now Login or Signup for your Droom.in account.

#8. Now Select The Helmet From The List And Apply Promo Code GETHELMET or 25APRHELMET79 And Checkout.

#9. Enter your delivery address.

#10. Finally, place your order by paying Rs 79 only.

#11. Delivery will be done within 10 to 15 business days and shipping is free of charge.

Also Check-

Proof Added :

We have ordered two Helmet in last sale and Get delivered in 15 Days 

Droom Helmet At Rs 9 Droom Helmet At Rs 9

About Droom.in Website:-

Founded in April 2014 in Silicon Valley, Droom is India’s first & largest marketplace to buy and sell new and used automobiles and automobile services. Droom has taken a completely innovative and disruptive approach to build trust and pricing advantages for buyers.

Enjoy Looting Deals and share with your friends. 🙂

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Whatsapp Trick-How to Schedule Messages And Auto Reply On WhatsApp

How to Schedule Messages And Auto Reply On WhatsApp

How To Schedule Messages And Auto Reply On WhatsApp. Now days WhatsApp is almost perfect app. This app which started out as a simple instant messaging app has changed with time and has imbibed all the essential features. But It still doesn’t let you schedule messages.

How to Schedule Messages And Auto Reply On WhatsApp

How to Schedule Messages And Auto Reply On WhatsApp:

So, in this Post, we show you some tricks to how we can schedule messages and auto-reply on WhatsApp on Android. Since these are not built-in features, we need to use third-party apps. The apps that are going to help us in this scenario are SKEDit and AutoResponder for WA.

While SKEDit is for scheduling messages, the latter will help in replying to WhatsApp messages automatically. Let’s see how to get these apps to work.

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1. Setting Auto Reply on WhatsApp

AutoResponder for WA was released on the Play Store on August 2017 and since then it has raked in 4.4 stars out of 5 and has been downloaded more than 100,000+ times.

The good thing about this app is its immense customization options and an easy-to-use interface.

Step 1: Make a Rule

Tap on All to set a reply for all your WhatsApp contacts or, you can set a reply for specific messages. Having done that, enter the text which you want to send as a reply. 

Additionally, you can also add a variable after the message, such as date, time, name, etc. For example, my auto-responder is set to Hey! Whats up, [name] when somebody texts me a Hello.

Note: AutoResponder for WA needs access to your incoming notifications to work.

Step 2: Assign Contact or Group Name

The next step is to add the receiver. This can be either a WhatsApp group or a contact.The name needs to be exactly same as it’s saved on your contact list. 

Schedule Messages And Auto Reply On WhatsApp

Schedule Messages And Auto Reply On WhatsApp

An easy hack is to copy the name from WhatsApp and paste it here. Separate the contacts by a comma. Similarly, you can also add a few ignored contacts. As you may have guessed, AutoResponder for WA won’t send replies to these contacts.

Note: The auto-reply function may not work on group names which have special characters.

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Step 3: Sit Back and Relax

Once the rule is ready, tap on the Tick icon to save it. Now all you need to do is sit back and relax and let the app do its job.

The best thing about this app is that if someone sends you some generic messages like Hello, Hi, etc, you can simply let this app handle the job for you. 

How to Schedule Messages And Auto Reply On WhatsApp

Add a personal touch such as the name after the message and you’ll be sorted. So, the next time you’re busy, just make a rule as per the need of the hour and let the app take over you for a bit. Automation, they call it!

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2. Schedule Messages on WhatsApp

SKEDit is a scheduling app not just for WhatsApp but also for a handful of other apps and services like Emails, text messages, and Facebook. 

How to Schedule Messages And Auto Reply On WhatsApp

How to Schedule Messages And Auto Reply On WhatsApp

But before we get started, let’s talk about its drawback. SKEDit, like any other WhatsApp scheduler, will only work as long as the phone isn’t password protected. The Swipe to unlock method works, however, patterns, pins or passwords won’t. If you are okay with this, let’s see the setup process.

Step 1: Draft Message

The SKEDit app needs the Accessibility Permission to work. Once that has been set, all you need to do is select the contact, draft the message and select the time.

How to Schedule Messages And Auto Reply On WhatsApp

How to Schedule Messages And Auto Reply On WhatsApp

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Step 2: Ask for Your Permission

Having done that, you can also set the app to ask for your permission before the message is sent. Toggle the Ask me before sending switch on.

How to Schedule Messages And Auto Reply On WhatsApp

Once all the settings are in place, the app will send you a notification when the message is ready to be sent, and the rest of the job will be taken care of by the app. You’d just need to tap on Send when the app notifies you about the time.

However, this is an optional step and you can opt out if you want.

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All Done:

This was how you can automate the process and schedule messages and auto-replies on WhatsApp. Given that how busy we are, the auto-reply feature is a boon, especially for friends who take offense when they don’t see a reply. Hope it works smoothly for you. 

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WhatsApp Trick-List of Top New Whatsapp Tricks 2018

Whatsapp Trick 2018

List of Top New Whatsapp Tricks 2018. WhatsApp keeps on adding new features to the app every month. Whatsapp is the most famous mobile messaging platform till date. But do you know some of the secrets tricks of whatsapp which can take you to the next level.

Whatsapp Trick 2018

List of Top New Whatsapp Tricks 2018:

We are here with  List of Top New Whatsapp Tricks 2018 in this post so let go and check out.

NOTE: While these tips are mainly for WhatsApp on Android, some of these may also apply to iOS.

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#1. Read Messages Without Going Online or Changing Last Seen:

We have all been in a situation where we wanted to read WhatsApp messages without opening the WhatsApp app. In other words, reading messages without changing our last seen or going online.

Well, there’s a simple way of doing so. And no, we are not talking about the Airplane mode trick. All you need to do is use the WhatsApp widget on Android. Whenever you get a new message, it will be shown in the widget. You can then check messages without changing the last seen.

To do so, long-tap any empty space on your phone’s home screen and tap Widgets. Scroll down and look for WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Tricks 2018-1

Whatsapp Tricks 2018

Hold the widget that has messages in it and drag it to your home screen. If you have any new messages, those will be shown in the widget.

Whatsapp Tricks 2018

You can add or remove this widget any time. It’s not necessary that you should have added this widget before you receive a new message. Even after you receive a message, you can create the widget to read messages.

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#2. Send Messages Without Changing Your Last Seen:

Similarly, using another trick you can also send messages without opening WhatsApp. Meaning, your WhatsApp last seen will not change and your friends won’t be able to see your online status.

To do so, you need the help of Google Assistant. First, you need to set up Google Assistant, in case you haven’t yet. Then, open Google Assistant by holding the Home button of your Android device.

Tell the Assistant the following command: “Send a WhatsApp message to”, followed by the contact name. For instance, if I have to send a WhatsApp message to my friend Trump, I will say the command, “Send a WhatsApp message to Trump.”

Whatsapp Tricks 2018-4

Whatsapp Tricks 20185

The Assistant will then ask you to dictate the message. Finally, when you have spoken the full text, the Assistant will confirm before sending the message. Sending messages by this method will not change your last seen. By the way, while you are exploring Google Assistant, check these powerful Assistant tips and tricks.

Important: While sending the message using this method, if the Assistant opens WhatsApp, remove WhatsApp from your recent apps .

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#3. Send APKs, ZIP Files:

Last year, WhatsApp introduced the functionality to share all types of files. You can send APK, ZIP, RAR or any other file type through WhatsApp now.

To do so, open the WhatsApp chat thread and tap the Attachment icon. Tap on Document from the list of the options. Select your file and send it.

Whatsapp Tricks 2018

Whatsapp Tricks 2018

Thanks to this feature, now you can also send uncompressed photos and videos. For the unaware, when you send photos and videos by selecting Gallery in the WhatsApp attachment option, it reduces the size of media affecting its quality. So, to send a file in its original size, use the Document attachment option as mentioned above.

#4. Check the Name of Unknown Numbers:

Many times, we receive messages from unknown numbers on WhatsApp. While the Truecaller app could help in identifying the person, you can use the built-in feature of WhatsApp to view the name of an unknown number in case you don’t use Truecaller.

To do so, open the chat thread of the unknown number and tap the top bar where the number is present. On the next screen, you will see the senders name on the right side of the phone number in the top section. The name will be shown only for numbers that are not in your contact list.


Whatsapp Tricks 2018-8

Whatsapp Tricks 2018

Note: A person can change this name any time. It is the same name that you enter while creating your WhatsApp profile. You can change it in the WhatsApp settings as mentioned below.

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#5. Change Your WhatsApp Name:

To change your WhatsApp name, tap the three-dot icon in the top-right corner of WhatsApp and select Settings from the menu.

Whatsapp Tricks 2018

Whatsapp Tricks 2018

Then tap the first option and enter your new name in the Name section. WhatsApp clearly mentions that this is not your username or pin, but it’s simply a name to identify you.

Whatsapp Tricks 2018

Whatsapp Tricks 2018


#6. Listen to Voice Recordings Privately:

WhatsApp plays voice recordings on speaker, by default. It’s fine when you’re alone, but might not be a good idea when you’ve got people around (especially friends who love being nasty).

WhatsApp knows this and hence it has given us a hidden feature to listen to voice recordings via the microphone of our device.

To do so, all you need to do is tap the play button on the voice recording in WhatsApp and take your phone near your ear as if you are talking to someone. This will play the voice recording privately via the microphone. Neat,

#7. Hide Chats:

While WhatsApp doesn’t have a built-in mechanism to lock the app or even hide chats with a password, you can use the Archive chats feature to hide your chats. This feature puts all the chats that you archive under the Archive list, present at the bottom of WhatsApp.

This might be a good way to hide your chats from prying eyes. However, keep these two things in mind while hiding your chats using this method.

First, if you receive a new message in the archived chat thread, it will automatically come out of the Archive list and will be visible like normal chats. Second, Archive chat is just a simple way to hide chats and not the best one. You can check these tips to secure your WhatsApp properly.

To hide a chat, hold the chat thread that you want to archive and tap the Archive icon in the top bar. You will get a pop-up at the bottom saying Chat archived.

Whatsapp Tricks 2018

To view your Archived chats, scroll down on the home screen of WhatsApp and tap Archived chats. To unarchive a chat, hold the archived chat thread under the Archived chats followed by tapping the Unarchive option.

Whatsapp Tricks 2018

Whatsapp Tricks 2018

#8. Share Live Location:

I’m assuming most of you know that you can share your current static location with your friends on WhatsApp. But, do you know that you can also share your real-time location with your friends? Meaning, your location will continuously change on their map as you move. This feature is quite helpful when you want to keep track of your friends.

To share live location on WhatsApp, open the chat thread with whom you want to share your live location and tap the Attachment icon followed by Location.

Whatsapp Tricks 2018

On the next screen, choose Share live location and select the time period for which you want to share your location. You can choose from 15 minutes, 1 hour and 8 hours. Finally, tap the Send button.

Whatsapp Tricks 2018

Whatsapp Tricks 2018


#9. Pin Chats:

WhatsApp lets you pin up to 3 chats. These chats will always be present above the other chats on WhatsApp. Even if you receive a new message in the other chat threads, the pinned chats will not change their position.

To pin a chat, hold the chat and tap the Pin icon. To unpin a chat, hold the pinned chat and tap the unpin option.

Whatsapp Tricks 2018

Whatsapp Tricks 2018

#10. Creating Home Screen Shortcuts:

If you want to open more number of chat threads quickly, you can use another trick apart from pinned chats. For this, you will have to create chat shortcuts on your home screen.

When you create a chat shortcut, just tap the shortcut and then you can directly start chatting with that person. You don’t have to open WhatsApp separately and then look for your favorite contact.

To create shortcuts, hold the WhatsApp chat thread and tap the three-dot icon in the top-right corner. Select Add chat shortcut. Go to your phone’s home screen. Tap the newly created chat icon to chat with the person.

Whatsapp Tricks 2018

Whatsapp Tricks 2018

#11. Convert WhatsApp Into a Diary or a Notepad:

Since we tend to use WhatsApp frequently, we can use it to jot down quick notes. No, you don’t need to send messages to others. We are going to tell you a simple way to make WhatsApp your daily diary.

To do so, open WhatsApp and create a group by adding any one of your friends. Once the group is created, remove your friend. WhatsApp doesn’t delete the group even if it has only one member. By the way, if you are part of an annoying group, here’s an easy way to mute group notifications permanently.

So, basically, now whenever you need to note down something, open this group chat and write it down here. You can use the above-mentioned tips ( chat pin and add shortcut) to quickly access this chat.

Whatsapp Tricks 2018

#12. Send Multiple Contacts:

Just like sharing a single contact, you can send multiple contacts to your friends. To do so, tap the Attachment icon followed by Contacts. Then tap on each contact to select them. A green checkmark will be shown next to each selected contact. Once you have selected the contacts, tap Send button to share it.

#13. Change WhatsApp Language & Font Size:

The WhatsApp language and font are independent of your phone’s language and font. Meaning, you can keep a different language in WhatsApp and also increase/decrease the font size irrespective of your phone’s settings.

To change the WhatsApp language and font size, open WhatsApp, tap the three-dot icon in the top-right corner, and select Settings.

Under Settings, tap Chats. Then tap App Language to change WhatsApp’s language. Tap Font size to select font size according to your preference. In case, you want to change fonts on your Android device, check this.

#14. Type Using Voice:

If you are tired of using your fingers to type messages on WhatsApp, you can now use your voice to dictate messages. This time it’s your phone’s keyboard that will help you.

Most of the popular keyboards come with the voice-typing feature. When you tap the voice-typing icon, which looks like a microphone, your phone will convert your words to text using the built-in speech-to-text feature. And, don’t worry about speed. It’s fast.

#15. Let People Message You Without Saving Your Contact:

WhatsApp has a very nice link feature that lets people text other users without saving their contacts. The feature goes by the name Click to chat. You can also set a pre-defined text that will be automatically added in the typing area. All you need to do is click the link and WhatsApp will directly open the new chat thread.

To create the link for a number, use https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=911234456789. Replace 123456789 with your phone number preceded by your country code.Here, we have taken 91 as country code. Do not add + or 0.

Similarly, to create a link with a pre-defined text, use the following link: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=whatsappphonenumber&text=YourText. Replace YourText by the text that you want to pre-fill in WhatsApp. Use %20 instead of spaces as shown in the following image.

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#16. Search Emojis and GIF:

We use many emojis in our daily conversations on WhatsApp. Emojis add a flavor of emotions to our chats. And so do GIFs.

Since there are many emojis and GIFs on WhatsApp, while sending one, it becomes a difficult task to look for the right one. Thankfully, last year, WhatsApp added a feature to search emojis and GIFs. When you enter an emoji search term, WhatsApp will show all the related emojis.

To search emojis, open the WhatsApp chat thread and tap the emoji icon present on the left side of the Type a message box. Then tap the search icon at the bottom-left corner and enter your search term.

For instance, if you are looking for cats, type cat and you will get all the cat-related emojis. Similarly, use the search feature in GIFs to look for GIFs.

#17. Unsend or Recall Messages:

Last year, finally, WhatsApp introduced the unsend feature. It goes by the name Delete for everyone and lets you unsend messages after you have sent them. By doing this, WhatsApp actually deletes messages from both the sender and receivers side.

WhatsApp, however, keeps on changing time restrictions for recalling the message. The feature was launched with a limitation of 7 minutes and has now been extended to an hour on Android.

To unsend a message, open the chat thread and long touch the message that you want to recall. Tap the Delete icon in the top bar and select the Delete For Everyone option. The message that you have deleted will be replaced by the ‘You deleted this message’ text.

Whatsapp Tricks 2018

Whatsapp Tricks 2018

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Applock Hack-How to Unlock AppLock Without Password

How to Unlock App Lock Without Password

How to Unlock AppLock Without Password. Wondering how to unlock app lock without password in android phones? Is it possible to bypass the Applock folder-lock on apps without even knowing the password? Yes, it is possible, and here it is how. It is very annoying to see every app locked by Applock in your friend’s phone and you want to access it for some reason.

How to Unlock AppLock Without Password

How to Unlock AppLock Without Password:

If your friend is nearby then he may tell you the password but what if he isn’t and you really want to use the phone right now (maybe for booking the last movie ticket)? In such cases, you may find this trick to unlock app lock without password very useful.

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How to Unlock Applock Protected Apps:

So, how to unlock Applock? It is very easy, and you can do it in just seconds. You can use the below two tricks to unlock the Applock.

#Trick 1:

Long press the Applock icon in the app drawer and uninstall it. Problem solved! Now since there is no Applock, no password is required, and you can access any app or folder on the phone. You can also uninstall the Applock by going to settings>>apps>>applock>>uninstall. After you finish the work, just reinstall the app.

 Now, what if you don’t want to uninstall the app? Read on.

#Trick 2:

  • Go to Settings>>Apps>>All apps
  • Find the Applock app in the list
  • Tap on Freeze or Force Stop

That’s all. Now the Applock app will be stopped or froze. That means it will not work for now. Now you can open any app on the Android phone which was protected by Applock earlier. It will not ask for the password now. Once you finish the task, you can tap the Applock icon in the app drawer or home screen to open it.

Now the Applock will move from freeze state to running state and normally work like earlier asking you for a password. This way your friend will not even know that you unlocked app lock without even knowing the password.

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#Applock Advanced Protection

So now you know how to unlock app lock. But what if you don’t want to become a victim of this. There are few measures here which will protect the Applock app from being opened without a password.

#Password Protect Settings App

One way is to use a password lock for Settings app using Applock so that no one can uninstall or force stop it. But still it is not very effective and fully protected. No one can force stop Applock by going to Settings app. But it can be easily uninstalled from the phone by long pressing Applock icon in app drawer and tapping uninstall. So it’s limited protection.

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#Hide the Applock Icon

Going a step further, you can hide the applock icon from the home screen so that no one can uninstall it from app drawer by long pressing. Open your Applock app. Go to Settings>>Settings Icon>>Check Hide Applock option. Now Applock icon will disappear from the home screen and no one can see it. Now we are fully secured.

If you want to unhide Applock then you can do either of these:

  • Go to Phone app and dial *#*#12345#*#*. It will open the Applock app.
  • Go to Browser (or any other like Chrome) and open domobile.com/applock. For this to work, you need an active Internet connection.

#Making Applock Device Administrator

After installing the Applock app, you can make it a device administrator so that no one can uninstall or freeze it. Go to Settings>>Security>>Device Administrators, you should find applock option there. Give applock the administrative rights by checking the applock option.

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#Using Applock Advanced Protection App

There is also an inbuilt option in Applock which when enabled prevents other from uninstalling or freezing the Applock. Go to Applock>>Settings>>Settings Icon>>Check Advanced Protection. Doing this will download a side app for Applock called Advanced Protection which prevents other from uninstalling or freezing the app.

This app works in a similar way as above by getting the administrative rights on your phone and controlling system functions like installing, uninstalling, etc.

That’s all for now as this post on how to unlock Applock without password has become smaller and how to secure Applock has become longer  Share this post with your friends on your favorite social networking sites or via email. I think you will share this post with your friend only after trying it on him/her 🙂

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Google Drive Trick-How to Remove Connected Apps From Google Drive

How to Remove Connected Apps From Google Drive

How to Remove Connected Apps From Google Drive. Third-party Chrome apps that you connect to your Google Drive are a blast to use. They allow seamless access on any PC or Mac, and the fact that these apps utilize native Google Drive functionalities.

But, there are a lot of apps that masquerade around as being free, while you do in fact need to pay to access even the most basic of functionalities. Unfortunately, getting rid of these isn’t as easy as removing a Chrome extension.

How to Remove Connected Apps From Google Drive

How to Remove Connected Apps From Google Drive:

Apps connected to Google Drive takes some effort to get rid of, especially since some of them are integrated into Chrome as well. In addition, there are various permissions granted to these apps, so you also need to double-check for any lingering access issues on your Google Account.

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Here are some Tips & Tricks mentioned below:

#1. Disconnect From Drive

The option to disconnect an app from Google Drive isn’t readily visible, which means that you need to dive into the Settings panel.

Step 1: Open Google Drive and click the cog-shaped icon, located on the upper-right corner of the screen. On the drop-down menu, click Settings.

How to Remove Connected Apps From Google Drive

Step 2: Click Manage Apps.

How to Remove Connected Apps From Google Drive

Step 3: Click the Options button next to an app that you want to disconnect, and then click Disconnect From Drive.

How to Remove Connected Apps From Google Drive

Step 4: Click Disconnect on the pop-up.

How to Remove Connected Apps From Google Drive

That’s It! Simply repeat the procedure for any other apps that you want to disconnect.

However, this doesn’t remove certain apps from Chrome itself. Don’t worry. You’ll find out how to do that in the steps below.

Note: The Manage Apps screen not only lists connected apps but also includes services and extensions connected to the Google Drive. You can disconnect them using the same procedure. The screen even lists apps that make use of Google Drive to save user data — WhatsApp, for example.

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#2. Delete App From Chrome

While you can simply disconnect an app from Google Drive and leave it at that, certain apps — not all — are still listed in the app launcher screen in Chrome. Although the Web browser doesn’t give the app launcher prominence anymore, you don’t want useless app icons lying around if you still use it periodically.

Step 1: Go to the Chrome app launcher screen. To do that, type chrome://apps in the Address bar on a new tab and press Enter. 

If you find the disconnected app on the app launcher, right-click it and select Remove From Chrome.

How to Remove Connected Apps From Google Drive

Step 2: On the confirmation pop-up, click Remove. You can also check the box next to Report Abuse if you want Google to know of any issues that you faced while using the app — excessive advertisements, for example.

How to Remove Connected Apps From Google Drive

Repeat for any other apps that you’ve already disconnected.

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#3. Manually Remove App Permissions

You disconnected the app from Google Drive, and you also removed it from the Chrome app launcher. Usually, this takes care of the app for good and also disables any permissions that you’ve granted earlier. However, it’s always a good idea to double-check things, and the following steps are more of a precautionary measure than anything else.

Cool Tip: You can also use the steps below to simply remove an app’s permissions to your Google Account without actually disconnecting it from Google Drive. Very useful if you want to keep your apps intact, and only use them when you really want to.

Step 1: Visit the My Account portal on Google.com. You need to sign in with your Google Account credentials to access it.

Next, locate and click Apps With Account Access under the Sign-in & Security.

How to Remove Connected Apps From Google Drive

Step 2: Click Manage Apps under Apps With Access to Your Account.

How to Remove Connected Apps From Google Drive

Step 3: Under Third-Party Apps, check for a listing with the name of the app that you disconnected from Google Drive. You most likely wouldn’t, but, if you do find one, click on it.

How to Remove Connected Apps From Google Drive

Step 4: Click Remove Access.

How to Remove Connected Apps From Google Drive

Step 5: Click OK to remove any lingering permissions that the app might’ve had.

How to Remove Connected Apps From Google Drive

Nice job! You don’t have to worry anymore about disconnected apps still having access to your Google Account.

Note: You should also find any services or accounts with third-party websites — accessed using your Google Account. Feel free to remove permissions for any unwanted sites from this screen at any time. You’d be surprised to find the number of sites that you simply signed in with your Google Account and forgot later on.

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WhatsApp Trick-How to Forward WhatsApp Videos Without Downloading

How to Forward WhatsApp Videos Without Downloading

How to Forward WhatsApp Videos Without Downloading. Yes it is possible to forward WhatsApp videos without downloading. There is very simple trick to do that but Before that let’s see why you need to know this WhatsApp trick.

How to Forward WhatsApp Videos Without Downloading

How to Forward WhatsApp Videos Without Downloading:

So how exactly can we forward WhatsApp video without viewing it? For this, we will utilize WhatsApp Web. For forwarding videos, we can use a desktop or even mobile.

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Forward WhatsApp video through desktop:

  • Open http://web.whatsapp.com from any browser.
  • Open WhatsApp on your phone, click on options menu at top right and choose WhatsApp Web.
  • Scan the QR code on the desktop, and you will get logged into WhatsApp web.
  • Now open any video in WhatsApp web. At the top, you will find a forward icon. Click on the icon and forward it to as many people as you want. The video will be forwarded.

Forward WhatsApp video using mobile:

Here you require two mobile phones. Suppose you have your WhatsApp account in phone-1.

  • Open Google Chrome in phone-2 and go to http://web.whatsapp.com.
  • Now click on options menu at the top and click on Request Desktop Site. You will see a page asking you to scan QR Code.
  • Open WhatsApp in phone-1, click on options menu at top right and choose WhatsApp Web. The phone camera will open.
  • Now scan the QR Code of phone-2 using phone-1. You will automatically get logged into your WhatsApp account in phone-2.
  • Rest is the same procedure as described in Sending WhatsApp Video Through Desktop above.

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Why Do We need to Forward Whatsapp Videos Without Downloading?

#1. You may have watched a WhatsApp video earlier, and the same video was forwarded to you by your friend. But now you know that this sent video is the same that you watched a few days earlier (you can know it by seeing the video thumbnail).

Suppose now you want to send this received video (which you haven’t downloaded yet) to others. So it makes no sense in downloading the video and forwarding rather than just forward the video without downloading.

#2. Whenever you forward a video (or any file) to many friends or groups, the same video gets saved in your internal storage for that many times.

Suppose you forwarded a video to 5 groups and 3 of your friends, then that video will be saved in your phone storage for eight times, and you don’t want this to happen. So you can utilize this trick to send WhatsApp videos without downloading.

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Freecharge UPI Offer-Get Free Rs 50 Cashback on First UPI Transaction


Freecharge UPI Offer – Get Free Rs 50 Cashback on First UPI Transaction. Recently Freecharge Added UPI Payment Method to Pay Easy, Fast & Secure. Get Rs.50 Cashback Offer on First Transaction on Recharges & Bills. Offer is Valid for All Users but Only For Upi Transaction.

Freecharge UPI Offer-Get Free Rs 50 Cashback on First UPI Transaction

Freecharge UPI Offer-Get Free Rs 50 Cashback on First UPI Transaction:

Many Upi Apps offering Virtual Address Also Called VPA by which we Can pay by Entering this Address, To increase More FreeCharge Upi Transaction they are giving Flat Rs.50 Cashback on transfer money in offer Period

If you don’t Know How to Pay via Upi On Freecharge then Don’t worry, Here you will get Step by step guide to grab your Freecharge Cashback. Offer Valid only for those Users who still Didn’t used UPI transaction Method On Freecharge app.

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 How to get Free Rs.50 Cashback on First UPI Transaction on Freecharge?

1. Download Freecharge App.

2. Open and Sign up on Freecharge.

3. select BHIM UPI on Freecharge HomePage. (Update App if it is not Available)

4. Create your FreeCharge UPI ID.

5. Send money by entering Receiver’s UPI ID/Bank Account.

6. Done. You will get 100% Cashback up to Rs.50 on Wallet.

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Terms and Conditions –

  • Send money via FreeCharge UPI and get 100% cashback into FreeCharge Wallet
  • No minimum transfer amount. Max cashback of Rs.50.
  • Offer is valid from 22nd Mar ’18 to 25th Mar ’18.
  • Offer is valid once per user /Account & is linked to on which offer is received.
  • Valid only on money transfers made using ‘@freecharge’ UPI handle.
  • Offer is valid only on the latest version of the FreeCharge android App.
  • Cashback will be credited on the subsequent days(If the transaction is done on Monday cash back will be credited on Tuesday by 6 pm), except for Friday- Sunday, where the cash back will be credited on Monday.
  • Cashback will be credited to your FreeCharge Wallet which can be redeemed within 1095 days from the date of credit and is non-transferable.

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Mi Exchange Offer-Exchange Your Old Mobile Phone With New MI Phone


Mi Exchange Offer-Exchange Your Old Mobile Phone With New MI Phone. Mi Exchange Program Offer comes as a surprise to Xiaomi product lovers with a concept that you can exchange your old phone for a new one of your choice with a good discount.

MI Exchange Offer-Exchange Your Old Mobile Phone With New MI Phone

Mi Exchange Offer-Exchange Your Old Mobile Phone With New MI Phone:

Previously Xiaomi India launched exchange offer in association with Cashify, which is a universal platform for exchanging your old phones. This time Xiaomi directly created a landing page dedicated to exchanging mobiles.

Exchange your old phone and get a new smartphone at a lower price with instant exchange coupon, hassle-free quality check, and most important a free pick-up.

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Step by Step Guide for Mi Exchange Offer:

Click Here to Exchange

1) Evaluate you old smartphone device

This is the most important step where you need to select the device which you want to exchange. Here Xiaomi will evaluate the best discount offer by calculating from your inputs. They will ask you bunch of questions which will be deciding factor for how much discount you can get for that device.

2) Avail Xiaomi Exchange Coupon

After evaluation, you will be provided with exchange coupon instantly with a Mi account. This coupon will be used at the time of purchase of your new Xiaomi smartphone from Xiaomi Mi India store.

3) Place a new order for Xiaomi smartphone

Now go to the product page of your favorite Xiaomi smartphone which you want to buy and place an order for that smartphone. On the checkout page, make sure to use your Exchange Coupon to avail the discount.

4) Keep your old Mobile ready for Pickup

On the day of delivery, you need to hand over your old smartphone to delivery agent and get your new smartphone at the same time. Make sure to backup and clean the old device before handing over to the executive.

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FAQs for mi.com Exchange Offer

  • How do I avail the Exchange Offer?
    1. Select the device which you wish to exchange. We’ll help you unlock the best exchange value basis device condition & the current market price
    2. On accepting the exchange value offered for your device, your Mi account will be credited with the exchange value coupon, instantly.
    3. Place a new smartphone order & use the exchange value coupon during checkout.
    4. Handover your old phone to a new smartphone at the time of delivery to our executive.
  • How do I send my old phone back?Your old phone will be picked up by us at the time the new one is delivered. Kindly keep your old phone ready with all your data backed up.
  • My phone is listed as eligible and exchange is available in my location. Are there any more conditions to avail the offer?Well, as long as the phone is in working condition and not physically damaged, it is good for exchange. Your phone also needs to have all the screen locks disabled and accounts unlocked for the exchange to be successful at the doorstep.
  • How do I find the IMEI number of my mobile phone?The IMEI number can be found by dialing *#06# on your phone. You can also find it by removing the battery. It is printed on your phone below the battery slot. You can also find it on your phone’s original packaging. If you still need assistance in identifying the IMEI number, contact no. 18001036286
  • Should the device be in working condition to qualify for this offer?Yes. We hope you understand that for the phone to find a new owner it needs to be in working condition with no physical damage. Your phone also needs to have all Screen locks disabled and the device should be unlocked for the exchange to go through.
  • Can I exchange more than one device towards a purchase?No. You may only exchange one device at a time.
  • What’s the bill value when I avail the Exchange Offer?The invoice sent to the customer will have the final adjusted amount.
  • Can I provide one address for pick up and another for delivery?No. As the pickup and delivery happen simultaneously, the address needs to be the same.
  • In case I wish to return the new phone I bought in the Exchange Offer, will my old phone be shipped back to me?Unfortunately, the old phone cannot be shipped back to you.
  • Can I hand in a different phone for Exchange?You can only exchange the phone for which you have provided details.
  • Any reminders before I exchange my phone?Kindly ensure all your data is backed up and cleared from your old phone before the exchange. You may also remove the memory card. Xiaomi or its affiliates will not be responsible for any misuse as a result. In the event, the device is not working or the delivery executive is not able to do an unlock check or screen lock check / IMEI check due to a phone being “factory reset”, the exchange might not go through at the doorstep.

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I hope you liked this post on how to avail Mi Exchange offer in India to replace your old smartphone with new Xiaomi smartphone at a huge discount rate.

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Jio Trick-List of Reliance Jio USSD Codes To Check Balance, Data & SMS

List of Reliance Jio USSD Codes To Check Balance, Data & SMS

List of Reliance Jio USSD Codes To Check Balance, Data & SMS. Reliance Jio got popular in very short time in india. Jio Giving Most Affordable Services in cheap prices compared to other networks like airtel, idea, vodafone, bsnl. Many users have ported/ converted to JIO Sims from Other network services. Now Every people are suffering to get jio balance check and validity and check my jio number.

List of Reliance Jio USSD Codes To Check Balance, Data & SMS

List of Reliance Jio USSD Codes To Check Balance, Data & SMS:

In This Post We Will List All The Working Jio USSD Codes Which You Can Use To Check Jio 4G Data , Call Balance Usage, SMS Balance Usage.

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#List Of All Working Jio USSD Codes:

Details Jio USSD Codes
check Your Jio NumberDial *1#
Check prepaid balance & validitysms BAL to 199
Check 4G Daily data usagesms MBAL to 55333
Check 4G Data balanceuse MyJio app
Check your current tariff plansms MY PLAN to 199
Know Your Postpaid bill amountsms BILL to 199
Activate data PlanCall 1925 or sms START to 1925
Know balance/talktime*333#

(1) Dial This Code – *333# – On Your Dial pad To Get Jio Balance Details Of Main Account  –  (Not Working Now)

(2)SMS MBAL To 53333 : Sms To This No. For Checking Main Account Balance, You Wont Be Charged As It Is A Free Service No (Not Working Now)

(3) Reliance Jio Hasn’t Provided Any Official USSD Codes List , But As Like Other Operators When We Close The Data We Get Popup Of Remaining Data Balance

Either way, you can use MyJio app for tracking the data usage & voice call duration.

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#How To Know Your Jio Mobile Number :-

1. Download Jio 4GVoice From Here

  • Jio4GVoice Screenshot
  • Jio4GVoice Screenshot

2. Install And Open App . Now Click On Screen As App Prompts . In Short Log In .

3. When You Will Be Logged In You Will See A Menu Option Which Has Three Dots Vertically In Top Right Of Screen

4. Click On It And Click Settings

5. You Will Be Able To See Your Jio Mobile Number

6. This Also Works When You Are On Jio Internet.

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#How To Check Jio 4G Data Usage Through MyJio App – 

1. Download MyJio App From Here Or If You Have Leave This Step

2. Now Just Open MyJio App And On Open Beside My Account As Given Below In Screen Shot.

List of Reliance Jio USSD Codes To Check Balance, Data & SMS

3. Now Click Sign In With Sim As Given Below In Screen Shot .

4. Now Click On Balance As Given In Screenshot .

5. Now You Will See Your Data Usage Of The Day As Given Below In Screen Shot

List of Reliance Jio USSD Codes To Check Balance, Data & SMS

That’s It

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#How To Check Jio 4G Balance Through Misscall

This is Probably The Simplest Method to Check Jio SIM Balance

1, first Of All Just Open The Dial Pad Of Your SmartPhone

2. Dial This Number “1299”

3. Instantly Phone Will cut & You Will Get The Message Including Your Active Data Plans & Balances & Even Expiry Dates

List of Reliance Jio USSD Codes To Check Balance, Data & SMS

4. You Can Check Every Active Plans in Your Jio SIM There Also You can Check Your Jio Balance There

5. That’s It.

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#Trick To Activate Free CallerTune With Jio USSD Code:

1.First of All Just Open Your Messaging App

If You Have VoLTE Supported Phone Then Use : Default SMS App

If You Have Non VoLTE 4G Phone Then Use : Jio4GVoice App

2. Now just Send The New Message As Like Below

Write  :  JT and Send it to 56789

If You want to Specific your favourite Song Then Write like Below

Write :

MOVIE <movie Name> send it to 56789

SINGER <singer Name> send it to 56789

ALBUM <Album Name> send it to 56789


3. In Just Few Second You Will Receive Another Message in Your Inbox With ” Full Songs List

4. Just Select Any Your Favourite Song with Number and send

5. You will Get Another SMS for Final Confirmation

Just Reply ” Y “ To That Message

6. Congrates !! You have Activated free Callertune In jio SIM for 30 days

7. You can Follow Same Steps to activate again After 30 Days.

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Window Trick-How To Backup-Restore Registry In Windows 10


How To Backup-Restore Registry In Windows 10. The Windows Registry is the nerve center of Windows. So if the Registry gets corrupted or deleted in any way, the whole deck of cards is going to come crashing down. A good move is to backup the Windows 10 Registry and tuck it away someplace safe.

How To Backup-Restore Registry In Windows 10

How To Backup & Restore Registry In Windows 10:

Some of you may be asking by now why a simple System Restore would not be better. Well for several reasons :

  • Some people have it switched off, knowingly or unknowingly.
  • A system restore takes much longer to do and requires your system to restart at least once.
  • If your System Restore is automated, it may not have a Restore point at the exact moment your system encountered an error. The last Restore point may be from a day or two days previously, which could cause you to lose valuable new files.

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Backup The Windows 10 Registry In Three Easy Steps:

Backing up the Registry is easy and straightforward, and for me, I haven’t had to do a system restart when restoring from a backup. A Registry backup should ideally be done daily before you start work.

#Open Up The Run Box:

Holding down the Windows key, also tap the R key. The Run box will now appear.

How To Backup & Restore Registry In Windows 10

Type in regedit and click OK. This will now open up the Registry.

How To Backup & Restore Registry In Windows 10

#Begin Exporting The Data

Go to File–>Export.

How To Backup & Restore Registry In Windows 10

Navigate to the area on your computer where you would want to keep the file and give it a name. Hey, here’s an idea. How about….registrybackup?

How To Backup & Restore Registry In Windows 10

As I said, do this on a daily basis and maybe keep the backup files for the previous three days to be on the safe side.

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Importing (Restoring) a Registry List

This is also quite easy but before you import/restore a Registry list, there are two things you need to do first.

Do You REALLY Need That Program?

First, you need to shut down as many running programs as possible. When I first started experimenting with restoring the Registry, it told me it had failed because of “running processes”.

So open the CTRL+ALT+DEL combo and then the File Manager. Start shutting down all non-essential programs.

Have An Extra Insurance Policy In Case Of Complete Registry Failure

Secondly, you should do a System Restore point. Microsoft also recommends this because quite simply, the Registry is a finicky thing. It can react in many different ways. A restore could work one day then decide the next day to blow your hard drive up. If you get the error about the running processes for example, that could cause things to start to go wrong.

A system restore would put the computer back to the way it was before, errors and all. But a few system hiccups is a hell of a lot better than a complete Windows meltdown.

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Doing a System Restore Point

Hit the Windows key and bring up the menu. Start typing “Create a Restore Point” then hit “Enter“.

How To Backup & Restore Registry In Windows 10

On the System Protection tab, choose the drive with all of your operating system settings on it (in my case, the C drive), and click Create. You will be asked to give the restore point a unique name.

Wait while the Restore point is being made. It will tell you when it is done.

Click the “System Restore” button at the top and check to see if your restore point is there. It would be the very first one.

Import The Latest Registry Backup

Now that you have your insurance against the computer being nuked by the Registry, you can now import the most recent backup. When it is completed, it will overwrite everything already there.

In the Registry Editor, click File–>Import. Then navigate to the location of the backup and click on it.

It will then start importing and overwriting the previous settings.

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There’s one good simple reason for making this a regular habit. Manually fiddling around with the Registry is a very bad idea. If you make a mistake, thinking you can just reverse it with a click here and a click there is a recipe for disaster. You will just make things worse.

Better that you just use a very recent backup and let that do all the heavy lifting for you.

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Gadget News-Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+Launched-Specification and Price


Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+Launched-Specification and Price. South Korean tech giant Samsung is all set to launch its latest smartphones Samsung Galaxy S9+ and Galaxy S9 on March 6 in India Online on Flipkart.

Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+Launched-Specification and Price

#Samsung Galaxy S9 Launched-Specification and Price:

Both the devices are already available for a pre-order via the online and offline stores in the country and interested customers need to pay Rs 2,000 to book the 64GB variant of Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+. The offline pre-bookings for the smartphones are available at select Samsung stores.

#Expected Price:

The 64 GB variant of the Samsung Galaxy S9 with the model number G960FD will be priced at Rs 62,500, while the 256 GB variant with model number G960FH will be priced at Rs 71,000.

On the other hand, the 64 GB version of the Galaxy S9 Plus with G965FD will go on sale for Rs 70,000 while the 256 GB variant with model number G965FH will be priced at Rs 79,000. The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are to go on sale on March 16 globally, and the company will likely follow a similar date for the Indian market.

Samsung Galaxy S9

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#Design & Display:

You can expect the same design like its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S8, the Galaxy S9 will have a 5.8 inch QHD+ infinity display rolling nearly closer to the edges of the phone. Again super AMOLED screen with more immersive display technology.

#Camera Reimagined:

Samsung Galaxy S9 is all about the camera. It has a single 12-megapixel rear camera. The new camera is Samsung’s first with a mechanically adjustable aperture (not counting the China-only flip-phone launched late last year), which can switch between a very bright f/1.5 to a smaller f/2.4 depending on exposure conditions.

The camera includes second-generation dual-pixel autofocus tech for faster and more reliable focusing, improved multi-frame noise reduction for a claimed 30 percent better low-light performance, and the ability to record slow-motion video at up to 960 frames per second (at 720p resolution). All the modes in the camera will be available on the top of the camera app in a tabbed manner and you can swipe between them.

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#Make your own AR Emoji:

Samsung has integrated a tech AR Emoji Technology to there camera app. It lets you capture an image of your face, and using over 100 points. It builds a 3D character which will look like you. The app then creates 18 animated GIF “stickers” that are accessible on the keyboard for use in messaging apps. Yes, you can customize the Emoji as per you. You can change the look of your character with different hairstyles, glasses, and outfits, as well.


Snapdragon 845 chip possibly the best smartphone processor in the world will be in new Galaxy S9. Samsung can release the device with its own Exynos processor too. 4GB/6GB RAM variants might be released with 64GB and 128GB on-board storage. A 3000 mAh battery will power the new smartphone.

#Face Unlock Security:

Real-time 3D scanning of your face is just only for the fun activities but it also make your device more secure. Samsung is going to use it further to build additional security for your next smartphone device. Galaxy S9 will also feature Face Unlock Security along with dedicated fingerprint sensor.

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The S9 has launched with Android 8.0 Oreo. Samsung has redesigned parts of the Bixby app, most notably the camera features, which can now be used to estimate calories in food and provide a faster real-time translation. Samsung has signed up new partnerships with retailers such as Sam’s Club and Nordstrom so now it will let you purchase items directly through Bixby, as well as makeup from Sephora and Cover Girl.

#Design & Display:

The design for the Galaxy S9 is pretty much the same as Galaxy S8,  the Galaxy S9 has a 5.8-inch QHD+ infinity display rolling nearly close to the edges of the phone. Again super AMOLED screen with more immersive infinity display technology.

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#Pricing and Availability:

The Samsung Galaxy S9 price in the US starts at $719.99 (roughly Rs. 46,600) for the unlocked model. The phones are being launched in Midnight Black, Coral Blue, Lilac Purple, and Titanium Grey colors, and will be available from March 16. It might cost you around 70000 INR in India. Flipkart is the official online partner, will reveal prices upon the launch.

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HDFC OnChat Loot-Flat ₹50 Discount On ₹100 Recharge Upto 5 Times


HDFC OnChat Loot-Flat ₹50 Discount On ₹100 Recharge Upto 5 Times. There are 3 offers on HDFC Bank OnChat. It is a new way to promote service. There is no need to download any App. It is easy and a fast way to gather people on their network. A new way to promote service.Let’s talk about the HDFC Bank OnChat Offers. There are three offers given by HDFC bank OnChat.

HDFC OnChat Loot-Flat ₹50 Discount On ₹100 Recharge Upto 5 Times

HDFC OnChat Loot-Flat ₹50 Discount On ₹100 Recharge

HDFC OnChat Loot-Flat ₹50 Discount On ₹100 Recharge:

It is for both HDFC and Non-HDFC Bank Users

Offer Highlights:

  • Rs 50 On Joining HDFC OnChat.
  • Rs 50 Per Fb Friend which you invite.
  • Rs 100 Cash back on 1st Transaction.
  • No minimum Criteria for using Your On chat points.

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(Offer 1) First Transaction : Flat Rs. 50 discount on your first transaction worth Rs. 100.After Registration, you can avail this offer.  You can avail this offer 5 times per user account

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(Offer 2) First Movie or Bus Booking : Flat Rs. 100 Cashback on your first Movie or Bus Booking.

(Offer 3) Refer & Earn : Earn upto Rs. 500 when you refer your friends.You can earn cashback, not money. Means for each referral you will get Rs 50 cashback. On recharge or bill payment, you can avail this cashback code. 

Are you still confuse? Let me tell you all the offer in details.To avail any offer you have to first register yourself on HDFC Bank OnChat Service. Here is the Step By Step Guide to avail this offer. 

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How To Avail HDFC Bank OnChat Offer ? 

  • First Connect your messenger with HDFC Bank OnChat Service –Click Here
  • Accept & Continue. Messenger will open.
  • Click on Get Started.

HDFC OnChat Loot-Flat ₹50 Discount On ₹100 Recharge

  • You have to enter your No. and then OTP on chat. No need to add extra words. Just type your number and OTP.

HDFC OnChat Loot-Flat ₹50 Discount On ₹100 Recharge

  • Now you can Enjoy Chat service by HDFC. It is powered by Niki.
  • You can ask for recharge, bill payment, Movie tickets, Bus Tickets etc.
  • Done!!! 

How To Use HDFC Bank OnChat Service?

  • It is easy and automatic. It needs a single word to do your work. Means, they will ask for everything.

HDFC OnChat Loot-Flat ₹50 Discount On ₹100 Recharge

  • To use any service you can click on the Text shown in blue colour. To get your referral link, click on More.
  • To know the offers click on Offers. If you don’t want to use this service then click on Cancel.

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Any Existing OnChat User can refer to maximum 10 new users and collect Cashback worth Rs.50 for each successful referral and the new user gets cashback worth Rs.50 on first transaction. Any user will get a Cashback worth Rs.50 on first successful transaction with HDFC Bank OnChat

Terms and Conditions:

  • Value of 1 Cashback point = 1 Rupee
  • Offer will be valid from 26th Feb 2018 to 10th March 2018
  • Successful Referral: A successful referral will be considered when the new referred user has signed up on HDFC Bank OnChat
  • Maximum Points: A user can collect maximum 500Cashback points through referrals.
  • Maximum Referrals:  First 40000 successful referrals will be eligible to earn Cashback points.
  • First Transaction Offer: Only valid for first 10000 transactions during the offer period.
  • A user can redeem 50% of available cashback points or 50% of transaction amount (whichever is lower) as in a transaction
  • The 10% discount + Rs. 100 Cashbackon the first transaction can be availed only on minimum transaction value of Rs.100
  • Cashback points and discount cannot be availed for Cabs and Movie Booking Transactions
  • These offers are provided be HDFC Bank
  • The services are powered by Niki.ai
  • HDFC Bank may change the offer terms and conditions or withdraw an