How to transfer Contacts from Blackberry to Galaxy Note 8

How to transfer Contacts from Blackberry to Galaxy Note 8. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been blast since the day it is launched. It has countless new and innovative features that you can never get bored of. So, if you were using a Blackberry or any other Android smartphone before buying your new exciting Note 8 then you must be wondering how to migrate the contacts from Blackberry to Note 8?

Well, truth to be told, transferring contacts is not similar to transferring music, videos, pictures, etc. because unlike multimedia files, contacts are not saved in SD cards but rather they are saved in internal memory in un-readable database forms.

How to transfer Contacts from Blackberry to Galaxy Note 8

How to Transfer Contacts From Blackberry to Galaxy Note 8:

Today, in this tutorial, we will about to show a lavishing and easiest way to transfer contacts from Blackberry to Galaxy Note 8 using MobileTrans – Phone to Phone Transfer software.

MobileTrans is a very popular and easy-to-use smartphone data transferring desktop program that helps to move all data from your old device to the new one with just 1 click on your mouse. The basic principle of MobileTrans is to create a bridge connection between both phones, so that you can move the files from one phone to another effortlessly. No other program available on the internet has this much power that can migrate everything from your phone to new one like MobileTrans does.

Of course MobileTrans supports Blackberry and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and in fact, it supports over 5000+ smartphone brands and models with different operating systems such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows. It can be installed on both Windows and Mac computer and additionally, it has many miscellaneous features that could be helpful like erasing old data from your previous phone, backup your device and so on.

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Top Features:

  • Transfer and exchange data between over 5000+ smartphones including Samsung, Sony, LG, Nexus, Blackberry, iPhone, etc.
  • Transfer over 40+ data types such as messages, contacts, music, videos, pictures, notes, documents, apps, etc.
  • Restore backup files directly from iTunes, iCloud, Kies and so on.
  • Completely working with latest Android 8.0 and iOS 11
  • Free life time upgrades and support.

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Transfer Contacts from Blackberry to Note 8 with MobileTrans:

This program is pretty self-explanatory and very easy to use. But still, for your convenience, we will write down a step by step guide to show how to use MobileTrans software to exchange data between two phones.

Step 1. Go to the official website via your favorite browser and download the latest version of this program. It is available on both Mac and Windows, so make sure to download the compatible version with your system.

Step 2. Now, install the program on your PC by keep clicking on next and then finish it. Next, launch the program upon finishing the installation process and get your Note 8 and Blackberry phone connected to PC with two separate USB data cables.

Tip: If your CPU doesn’t have enough USB ports then you can purchase a USB hub port to connect multiple devices with your PC.

How to transfer Contacts from Blackberry to Galaxy Note 8

Step 3. From the home screen of the tool, click on “Phone to Phone Transfer” and on the next screen, it should show both smartphones side by side. Make sure to check that the source shows your Blackberry device and Note 8 under the destination tab. If the positions are wrong, then click on the flip button to switch the positions.

How to transfer Contacts from Blackberry to Galaxy Note 8

Step 4. Well, now you are just one click away from transferring all the contacts collection from your Blackberry to Note 8. Simply select “Contacts” from “Content to copy” menu and press the “Start Transfer” button.

How to transfer Contacts from Blackberry to Galaxy Note 8

Now wait and watch while the program successfully migrates your contacts list from Blackberry to Note 8. It shouldn’t take more than few seconds and then you can remove both phones from your computer.

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Phone to phone transfer software is extremely helpful if you switch smartphones very often. Transferring data from old device to new one has been always challenging especially, when both phones uses different operating systems. But thanks to Phone to Phone Transfer software, it support all kinds of operating system and assists to transfer data from one phone to another with easement. Now, you will never have to leave any data behind even if you change your phone daily.


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