Top 10 addictive video games of the 90’s. We all know that the 90’s generation experienced the most playful childhood. We were the ones who played the Nintendo games and enjoyed the original Cartoon Network.

It was fun playing with the wired remotes and getting busted in Road Rash. And if you ever played as Luigi in The Super Mario, you were definitely the younger sibling. We have proudly experienced the best of video gaming technology.

So let’s give a throwback salute to the addictive video games of the 90’s.

# Mario

Top 10 addictive video games of the 90's

Mario has been the most popular game on consoles from the early 90’s. Missions for saving the princess made it grow successfully big and many sequels were introduced year after year.

# Road Rash

We won’t ever forget this game, the bad ass bikers, speeding bikes, beating the opponents to win the race and then getting busted.


# Mortal Kombat

It was a game based on the famous movie Mortal Kombat. It gained a lot of popularity due to the features and the choice of characters.

# Dave

This game released back in 1998, with a simple plot of collecting gold cups without getting burnt or caught by the spitting dragons.


# Doom

Doom was an interesting game that vented out all the aggression. The concept of this game was to locate the exit room that leaded to the next area by surviving all hazards on the way.

# Adventure island

Adventure island

It was somewhat like Mario. With the mission of saving a princess it was a fun game with an adorable animation.

# Contra

Contra was one of the popular games played by the boys. It was a legendary game with a plan of saving the earth from the Red Falcon terrorist group.

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# Duck Hunt

Duck Hunt


Shooting the birds and then acting like real hunters was a trend in 90’s. Hunting those flying ducks was so much fun back then. The only annoying part was the dog who mocked if we couldn’t shoot any of those ducks.

# Aladdin



This game became popular soon after its release and sold out over 10 million copies. It surely was an interesting game which did not belong to the Nintendo era.

# Bomberman

Bomber man

Get bombing everything in this all-time classic strategic puzzle and skill game. Move around the board placing bombs at certain points to inflicting maximum damage on all obstacles and enemies without blowing yourself to pieces!






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