How to Unlock CDMA Modem/DataCard/Dongle For All Network Sim. Almost all internet Data card are locked with one network you can’t use another network sim with it but in this tutorial you will learn to unlock your CDMA modem to use other network cards.


It is already known that CDMA modem are difficult to unlock but in this tutorial I will try to make as simple as possible to learn for newbie you can simply follow the steps one by one so it will be very easy to unlock CDMA data card for other networks.

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Unlock CDMA Modem fro all Sim

  1. First of all download CDMA Workshop
  2. Connect your CDMA Modem
  3. Now click Windows key and type Device manger and open it and expand ports and see in which port your modem is.device manager
  4. Now run CDMA Workshop and select COM PORT in which your modem is connected Then click on ConnectCDMA workshop port
  5. Now open Security tab you need to enter SPC value 000000 and click SPC button then send.CDMA workshop security
  6. An information window will popup “SPC is correct. Phone unlocked” press OK.
  7. Now open Other tab from R-UIM Config select R-UIM only then click Write.CDMA Workshop other
  8. That’s it now you can use any network sim in your modem

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Note: After unlocking your CDMA modem you can use any CDMA sim card because CDMA modem can support only CDMA sim card so don’t expect you will use GSM sim after unlocking.


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