There will be at least two different versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10


Samsung Galaxy Note 10

We previously herd a rumor that Samsung would launch more than one version of this years Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and it has now been confirmed that there will be two different versions of the handset.

The model number for the two handsets have been revealed, they will be SM-N970 and SM-975 and the two handsets are expected to have different display sizes. We also heard previously that the handsets will not have any physical buttons.

The display sizes are said to measure 6.28 inches and 6.75 inches and these two handsets will comer with a triple camera system for the 6.28 inch Galaxy Note 10 and a quad camera system for the 6.75 inch model.

We previously heard there may be up to four different versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, these are said to also include the model numbers SMN-971 and SM-976. At least one of the four handsets is expected to be a 5G device, Samsung may actually launch two 5G versions.

Samsung are expected to launch their new Galaxy Note 10 smartphones some time in August, as soon as we get some more details about the handsets, we will let you guys know.

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