Samsung talks about the new Galaxy S10 Display


Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 range of smartphones come with a new display, the handsets feature a small cutout for the camera. This is a much better solution than the notch that other manufacturers like Apple have been using for their devices.

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 recently got a high score from DisplayMate for the handsets screen and now Samsung has shared some more details about it.

On top of being able to render over 16 million colors, the Galaxy S10 line’s Dynamic AMOLED Display also supports high definition, providing the user with optimized high picture quality for every image, and as the world’s first smartphone display to support HDR10+, for every frame of a video, as well. Much like how the pupils in our eyes dilate and contract depending on the amount of light around us, the Galaxy S10’s display features Dynamic Tone Mapping technology that adjusts and optimizes picture quality according to the light-dark contrast on the screen.

The display has also received a ‘100% Mobile Color Volume’ certification for its realistic image rendering – the first smartphone range to ever do so. In order to achieve such display prowess, not only has Samsung been tirelessly working on AMOLED organic material research, but also on its proprietary picture quality engine, ‘mDNIe (Mobile Digital Natural Image Engine)’.

You can find out more details about the display used by Samsung in their new Galaxy S10 range of smartphones at the link below.

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