Samsung reported to have fixed their Samsung Galaxy Fold


Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was supposed to launch last month, the launch of the device was delayed after reviewers of the device reported issues with it.

Now it would appear that Samsung has fixed the issues with their Galaxy Fold smartphone, according to a recent report the issues have now been resolved.

Samsung has now apparently tucked the protective layer on the display into the body of the handset, what this means is that the protective layer can now not be peeled off the handset.

When they layer was peeled off previously, this allowed debris to get under the display and then caused the display to lift. These changes that Samsung has made to the device will apparently stop these issues from happening.

We can expect some sort of announcement from Samsung soon on when the device will launch, the company’s CEO recently confirmed that they are looking to launch the handset before the end of May. As soon as we get details on the new release date for the Samsung Galaxy Fold, we will let you guys know.

Source Sammobile

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