How to Protect Laptops From Physical Damage. Laptops are very portable. That’s why we love them, but being moved around can expose them to accidents and damage. Here are four items that will help protect your device.

How to Protect Laptops From Physical Damage

#Laptop case

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The single most important thing you can do to protect your investment is to buy a proper laptop case. Do not attempt to use a regular backpack or purse. These cases are specially designed with padding to lessen the impact if the case is dropped or bumped, and they are more sturdy than a day bag. Some cases look like backpacks or purses but check the compartments to make sure they have padding. There should be room for a power cord and mouse.

Hardcover cases also shield against hard drops, like on sidewalks or pavement, and environment and moisture. If you are caught in a rainstorm, the covering will offer some level of protection. Accidents happen, and cases save the laptop from liquids and spills while traveling. Make sure to select the right size case.

The laptop should fit snugly in it and not bounce around. Be sure to close the case entirely before moving between offices, home, and traveling on airplanes. There are locking cases available. When traveling through airports or entering some corporations, you will need to remove the laptop. Make sure the lock is easy to handle. You should be able to lock and unlock it quickly and easily.

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Screen protectors

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Screen protectors are extremely thin sheets of clear plastic. They cover and protect the screen from accidental scratching. Some screen protectors act as glare guards or anti-glare shields, which help you see in overly bright situations. There are also things known as privacy screen protectors, which are used to help prevent onlooking passerby from reading your screen as they sit near you on the train or in the cafe.

In most cases, it usually works for those who are looking from the side, and makes the screen look darker and harder to read for them, while it looks completely normal to you as you sit directly in front of your screen. Most screen protectors are easily wiped clean and easily replaceable if cracked, which is much more affordable than replacing an entire laptop screen.

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Surge protectors

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A surge protector will protect your laptop from spikes of power. The surge protector is different from a power cord. A power cord allows you to plug in lots of devices to one power source. The surge protector will cut the power to your device when it senses the spike. This also results in protecting your files during a power surge, so you’re much less likely to lose that important presentation for work that you’ve been working on for weeks.

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Cooling Pad

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If you are going to be working in a warm environment, the laptop fan may not be able to keep up. The device may overheat. One method to keep it cooler is to place it on a specially designed cooling pad, which lifts the laptop up off the table so it can get more air flowing around it. Some pads come with fans built in them also.

You can find ones that are quiet and don’t disturb you with the fan sound as you work. They also make things convenient when you’re working on your laptop in bed on your lazy days.

These four devices are simple products specifically designed to protect a laptop from physical damage. They also make traveling convenient, and they adapt to many work environments. For more tips on laptop care or program usage, check out our other articles!


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