OnePlus 7 Pro gets A+ rating from Display Mate ahead of launch


OnePlus CEO Peter Lau recently revealed that the new OnePlus 7 Pro will come with an impressive display.

The handset will be made official at a press event on the 14th of May, although Display Mate have already tested the device out ahead of its official launch.

Display Mate have given the new display on the OnePlus 7 Pro an A+ rating, this means that it has one of the highest scores from Display Mate.

Whether it’s the colour accuracy, brightness, contrast accuracy or pixel density, the OnePlus 7 Pro scored exceptionally well across every parameter, providing a markedly better, sharper, and more enjoyable viewing experience to the viewer.

Additionally, users can also adjust the display’s colour gamut and colour temperature to get the most suitable screen calibration for themselves.

Not only does the display on the OnePlus 7 Pro provide an impeccable viewing experience, but it also better protects your eyes even after prolonged hours of use.

Our display has also received the ‘Safety for Eyes’ certification from the independent and neutral VDE Testing and Certification Institute for its ability to better filter out harmful blue lights. Its upgraded eye protection features allow for an adjustable temperature and brightness to enhance eye comfort.

We will have more details about the new OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone when it is made official on the 14th of May.


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