Mozilla launches Firefox Lockbox for Android (Video)


Firefox Lockbox for Android

Mozilla has announced the launch of its new Firefox Lockbox for Android, the app is designed to keep all of your passwords in one place.

This new app with work with your Firefox account and give you access to the passwords that you have already saved in Firefox.

Like Firefox Send, a free encrypted file transfer service which keeps people’s personal information private unveiled earlier this month, Firefox Lockbox is based on another successful Test Pilot experiment. Since its iOS launch, Firefox Lockbox has had more than 50K downloads, and was most recently optimized for iPad. As we continue to evolve our ecosystem of privacy-first solutions, Firefox Lockbox for Android was the next step in our efforts to give people the advantage when it comes to keeping them safe online with trusted tools and services from Firefox.

Unlike a traditional password manager, Firefox Lockbox is a simple app that gives easy access to the passwords you have already stored in your Firefox browser. No extra set-up necessary. This makes Firefox Lockbox the perfect solution for people who want to secure their personal information, but may not have time (or the recall) to choose and transfer all of their passwords into a password manager.

You can find out more information about the new Firefox Lockbox for Android over at Mozilla at the link below.

Source Mozilla

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