In This post we are showing some Best Methods of Hacking Accounts Password used by Hackers. There are number of methods out their used by hackers to hack your account or get your personal information. Online Accounts like Facebook,Gmail, Yahoo and many others ensure the privacy of your data.

Hacking Accounts Password

But you need to be careful that hacker are always on work and they are Inventing new methods to take over your account by Hacking Your Account Password. Here are some of the Best Popular Methods of Hacking Accounts Passwords which are used by Hackers.

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#1.Password hashes:

Passwords that you type in your computer operating systems are stored somewhere on the disc in the form of hashes.These hashes are not in clear text therefore to access these hashes root/sysadmin privilages are required.In windows operating system these hashes are stored on the local disc in the SAM file,while in linux stores these hashes in /etc/shadow file.

Hence to encrypt out the password out of these hashes the root access is required and therefore the password can only be cracked by this process only if the operating system can be in your control for some time or you can use the system by your own. 

As the hashes are not in clear text so we has to find the password out of that by some method.Here are some methods that are used preferably to do so:

a) Dictionary:

Using dictionary attack to find the password out of hashes is the simplest and fastest method.It just runs through dictionary of words and tries each one of them to check whether it works or not.It could seem to be impossible if it has to be done manually as one cannot try so many passwords at a time but the best thing is that your computer can do so in just a minute or even less to find up the password.

Use this trick and find out the password from the hashes where some programs available on internet will help you find the correct password out of the bundle of text of hashes.

b) Rainbow table:

Most systems now a days uses hashes to store the password but as we know these hashes are encrypted files.To crack up the encryption is to take the dictionary file that we has found in above step and hash it again and then compare it with the hash file that was accessed previously from the system.That takes a lot of time and uses intense CPU but this process checks the password that we got through dictionary of hash file to be correct.

#2.Using Software to hack:

There are many software available on the internet that do help you to crack the various accounts.These software uses some commands and some information to find the encrypted password and then crack it.

Some software can even hack the accounts in few minutes which is great but every password cannot be cracked by this method.Still this method is used mostly to crack the accounts as it the easiest method to do so.You just has to provide the required information and the rest of process will be done by software only.

Here are some of the best hacking software used till date:

a) John The Ripper:

The world’s best known tool to crack up the passwords that can crack up the password for linux operating system strictly using the command line.

It uses built in default password cracking technology and attempts to crack password first by dictionary attack and if that fails it then tries combined dictionary words and still if that does not works it tries the hybrid attack of dictionary words with special characters and words.At last if that all does nothing then it uses its special brute force feature that will be enough to find the required account password.

b) Ophcrack:

It’s a free rainbow table-based password cracking tool for Windows and is among the most popular password cracking tools and can also be used on linux and mac systems.It crackes LM and NTLM hashes.Although this program can crack the password only if you have the hash file of the operating system without that it is of no use.Still it can probably crack most accounts.

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#3.Online account hacking:

Accounts can be hacked using online hacking tools that uses some information about the account and using that it can crack up the accounts.Online tools are pre-program ed to do so and can be the easiest way to hack passwords if you are familiar with some of the information of account.Following are some of the best online hacking tools that you can use:

a) Brutus:

Many consider it to be the fastest online password hacking tool and is also free and available for both Linux and Windows.It supports password cracking in HTTP,POP3,FTP,SMB,Telnet and other types such as IMAP,NNTP,Netbus,etc.Brutus is open source tool and is best for doing online hacking of many types of accounts.

b) THC-Hydra:

Probably the most widely used online hacking tool that is capable of hacking web form authentication and when it is used with other tools like Tamper Data,it can become a powerful and effective tool for cracking nearly every type of online password authentication mechanism.

#4.Password cracking Hardware:

These are special type of machines designed only to perform some type of operation to hack up the data or the accounts of the system when connected to it.These machines or these type of hardware is amazingly powerful and can perform any task in about 1 million of time that general hardware may take.

These hardwares can be available on rent for hacking systems or accounts.Some of the best password cracking hardware are:

a) Botnet:

These machines are simply a function of brute force computing power and these machines are basically used for cracking the passwords in very very less time than that of general computers.The same can be done to network also and it can access about network of one million machines.

b) ASIC:

These are application specific devices that can work about to hack any system or account.These machines can work faster than over 100 CPU working together.

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#5. Hidden Softwares:

Look like if you are using someone else computer or smartphone and your account was found to be hacked after some days but you remember to log out all the sessions on that system.You could be amazed to know that your login could be recorded on the computer or smartphone by some sort of software or application that remains hidden to other people and can record their passwords and account data also.Here are some softwares that can do up the same trick:

a) Key-loggers:

Key-loggers is a specifically designed software that can record the account logins and send it to a file at a particular location in your storage.That records contain the account details and their passwords also.This software is very popular to hack the accounts if your device is used by others to access their accounts.

b) Key-counter:

Similar software that also uses the recorded information like Keyloggers. This also is another popular software that is used to hack the accounts using hidden recording of the login details and password.

Conclusion: Hacking accounts is a no easy task even the professional hackers do fail sometimes to hack the accounts.Here in this article are the most accurate and easy ways that are even used by pro hackers also.These
ways are also mostly used ones to hack the accounts of almost any type.





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