People using their smartphones at public places like markets, subways, and shopping malls is a common sight.

But the thing that makes them feel awkward are those unfamiliar eyes trying to glance at their smartphone screens. No matter Facebook and WhatsApp come up with end-to-end encryption so that no one can read our secret conversations on the network. People can’t do anything to stop those anonymous faces to stop looking at our smartphone screens.


A Kurdish inventor Celal Goger has a perfect solution that could help us overcome these uncomfortable situations. He has created an invisible screen that only you can see. No, the screen is not invisible itself but the content displayed on the screen is.

You need to wear a special pair of glasses to see the content displayed on a white screen. The glasses are equipped with a chip which enables the glass to communicate with the smartphone and thus, the content could only be seen by the person wearing the glasses.

The prototype of Goger’s invention is currently available for the iPhone. He made the first one in around 6 months, but currently, he has enough speed to make one in just 10 days.

He says that he must get his invisible iPhone screen copyrighted before hitting the market. He plans to make a nano-chip variant of his invention which be made compatible for any pair of glasses.


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