How to Make Android Phone Faster with Simple Tricks. Android is one of the most used Smartphone Operating System. Its work  good in beginning as its free from all other extra Apps and usage data like caches. But,After some time spent its getting Slower and getting Lag and Hang.

It doesn’t matter, which Android Device you using. Everything held with lagging & battery drainage. Many users find Rooting there phone is a solution. But, it isn’t right way to get rid of Android Slowing Problem.

Make Android Phone Faster

Why your android phone become Slow?

After the android smartphone ussage all your smartphone apps cache, temoprary files are accumulated in your smartphone memory which may cause this type of issues. Either if you’ve installed dozens of apps and bomabarded your home screen with lots of stuff will be the culprit to ruin smartphone performance.

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Easy and Excellent Ways to Make Android Phone Faster.

Investing in the Best android phone has become as fashion according to the current trend. It essential to make sure your smartphone performance will satisfy your needs before your proceed to buy. Here we have complete lists of activity that you need to follow to make your android phone faster.

#1. Get Rid of Bloatware

Bloatware’s hinders your smartphone performance for the great extent. If you have RAM above 2 GB, you don’t have to worry about bloatware but only under certain circumstance. But if you are budget-oriented smartphone owner, you need to take this step seriously.

Go ahead and uninstall the apps that you no longer use, it may show the positive effects on your smartphone efficiency. Some of the apps can’t be uninstalled, for that you have to Root your device.

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#2. Update the Phone Regularly

The free Android update contains the bugs fixation and other security related aspects. If you were out-dated, you might end up with some serious problems later on.

You need to update your complete Android OS whenever your manufacturer releases it. Most of the updates come with Over The Air (OTA), and just go to,

Settings >> About Phone >> Software Update

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In some Smartphones, there is a Pre-installed app named, Software updater or similar, you can either perform your update process by this method. If your software manufacturer not providing your latest update you can go with Custom Rom but for that your Need to Root your Phone.

#3. Turn Off Automatic Syncing

If you are using multiple Gmail accounts or any other Social Networking  & Instant Messaging apps like Facebook Messenger  Whatsapp, Snapchat or Facebook accounts automatic syncing. These accounts automatically synchronize all your data. The automatic syncing is making your Android Device Slower and it also effect your phone battery life.

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You need to remove the old or unused accounts and turn off the syncing to make your Android run faster.  To disable Automatic Syncing go to,

SettingsAdd Account  > Uncheck all Accounts


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#4. Clear Apps And System Cache

Android stores the temporary files, caches in your phone storage for the immediate result. If this storage space exceeds the standard limit, it might even ruin your smartphone’s performance. Since the stored app caches consume your RAM space and CPU that may slowly reduce your android user experience.

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It is necessary to clear Apps cache that you no longer using for speeding up your Android phone. Follow the process to clear cache data:

Setting> Storage> Click to Cached Data


#5. Make Home Screen Simple

Android home screen is the first thing will arrive when your android phone is unlocked. This is one among these culprits that will ruin your smartphone performance and reliability. If you need to use the fewer Shortcuts in your home screen. One more thing you  need to pay attention is, you need to completely avoid the live wallpapers for a Speed kick.

When you consider my words, I say to use the simple and clean looking wallpaper, remove the unwanted apps shortcut, demolish the unused widgets. You can use some of light weight third party best android launcher instead of using default android launcher. 

Android Homescreen


#6.Turn Off Or Reduce Animations.

Majority of the time people experience lag issues while opening Apps or anything. 90% of the time its the Animation bug, Turning off the Animation would fix App launch lags or black screen.

Image result for Turn off or reduce animations.

To turn Animations Off Goto Developer Options ( If you can’t see it, Goto About Phone > Tap on the build Number for 6-7 times. Now, Go back to find Developer Options just above the About Phone) Find the options in the image & set it as mentioned below :

  • Set Window Animation Scale to “Animation off”.
  • Set Transition Animation Scale to “Animation off”.
  • Set Animator duration Scale to “Animation off”.


#7. Restore Phone To Factory Settings

Factory reset is another result giving method to make Android faster. After a while using your Android phone, you’ll notice a drastic reduction in the performance. As far as you don’t take the plunge, it would be the same.

By simply factory resetting your Android phone you can easily clear the cache that has collected on the account of applications and other system configuration. You feel your Android Phone Faster after Factory Reset.

Image result for Restore Phone To Factory Settings

Warning – Before Factory Reset Take backup of your personal Data like Videos, Images, Text SMS, & Contacts Etc.

#8. Install Antivirus and Modifier Apps

Security is the top notch thing that you need to pay attention when you started your work to speed up your mobile phone. Though the inbuilt defense system of the android phone has enough power to fight against the malware and virus, you need to have the best antivirus for your android phone to reach the high-peek in your performance graph. The stronger your android phone security the better its performance. Say don’t ignore this if you need to make android run faster.

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#9. Move Apps to SDcard :

Move your Apps to SDcard to free up Internal memory for system utilization. Make sure you use a good quality SDcard as it could drastically effect your device’s performance. Prefer Class 10 SDcard to avoid Lag & slow reading issues.

Image result for Move Apps to SDcard

To go to the options for transferring the app from or to SD card, you need to go to Settings > Apps > and here, the “Downloaded” section is where you can tap on one of the apps that you have downloaded from Play Store.

#10. Timely Restarts Your Device

It’s easy to forget that our phones need a good restart every once in a while, just like any other type of computer. Before you take any other measures, try shutting down or Restarting your phone..

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#8. Install Custom ROM 

By installing a custom ROM, you’re essentially replacing the system files for Android with new ones that may add new features, as Android Authority explains. Since the code for Android is open-source, anyone can modify it. CyanogenMod and AOKP are two of the most popular ones.

If you have an older Android phone that’s no longer receiving software updates, installing a custom ROM will allow you to run more recent software on your phone. This could make it run faster if your phone’s current performance is sluggish.


Be warned: you need to Root your Android phone to install any custom ROMs, which voids the warranty.


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