How to Update iTunes to the Latest Version


Looking for update iTunes on your mac or windows? Then you’ve come to the right place in techindroid we will show you how to check for updates on iTunes so that you can easily update to the newest version of iTunes.

Download iTunes latest update for free: The new version of the famous audio player iTunes is now available. iTunes update supports several audio formats, such as mp3 and m4a, and syncs with portable devices like the Apple iPod, iPhone, and iPad, allowing the user to update and modify the music files stored in such devices.

A noteworthy iTunes feature is Ping, a social network dedicated to music that lets you know what songs your friends and favorite artists hear, and what songs are trending or being recommended. It also has a tool called Genius, which automatically creates playlists doing an analysis of your personal library of songs. It’s very easy to use – you can start interacting with the application in just a single click.

In the Windows version, you are offered to buy digital music online in the same way and under the same conditions that were already enforced to Mac users before, with the same music catalog available, at a cost of 99 cents per song. In the following version, iTunes added the ability to purchase movies online. They can be viewed on your PC, iPod, iPhone or Apple TV.

Version 9 featured support for books in PDF format, to synchronize your collection of documents and e-books between PC or MAC and/or some of the devices mentioned earlier.
The big news in version 10 of iTunes was access to iCloud, a new service that allows you to store music and other content in the cloud, within a free space associated with each account.

iTunes is the latest version of the audio player. Launched in March 2018, it features many changes and several improvements, mainly focusing on its new interface, simple and minimalist. It also improves overall performance, and achieves better integration with iCloud, with the ability to stream your content directly from the cloud. It also improves support for podcasts and fixes some security issues. Without giving further ado lets see how to get the latest iTunes for windows 10, 8, 7 and mac.

How to Update iTunes on Windows PC / Laptop

Steps to follow for get the latest version of itunes for windows 10, 8, 7 both (32-bit & 64-bit): 

How to check for iTunes version? To check for iTunes current version Open “iTunes” and select “Help > About iTunes“.

1.) How to check for iTunes updates: Whenever iTunes receives new update it will notify us to download the latest version, For that you will need to get connected with internet. Either you can check for iTunes updates by Open iTunes app, then click on “Help” and then select “Check for updates”.

check for iTunes updates


2.) If your system received new iTunes update you will see the small pop-up box that shows A newer version of iTunes (12.x.x), There you’ll need to click on “Download” button an then a pop-up windows will ask you choose the apple products that you want to update. Make sure you have marked the iTunes box as shown in the screenshot.

3.) Finally click on Install button, that’s all wait for some moments to download get finished once completed allow the permissions and follow the installation steps if asked by the setup. And Done! yeah, you already have current version of iTunes installed on your machine. We have tested this steps with Windows 10 (64-bit) OS, and the newest version of iTunes for windows 10 available is (


iTunes upgrade

How to Update iTunes on Mac

Learn how to upgrade iTunes on mac to the newer version, To update iTunes on mac just follow these steps:

  • At first Open the App Store” on your Mac.
  • Click on “Updates” option at the top of the window.
  • There you’ll able to find all the updates available for your MacOS, If iTunes updates are available, Update it from there. As you can see get latest iTunes for mac is quit easier than windows scenario.

How Do i Update my iTunes to the most recent version manually?

If iTunes not updating by following the above methods, here is another method which you can use for download iTunes manually. iTunes 12 is certainly a great tool for playing and organizing multimedia files and you don’t need to worry about how expensive it may be: it’s free. This version is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 10. Some users may have problems to install iTunes on Windows 10 64-bit: if you’re one of these users, you must choose an installer for older versions of video cards.

This new iTunes update will allow downloading the latest version of Apple ‘s operating system, iOS 11, and will allow syncing via Wi-Fi with devices that have iOS 11 installed. The update adds support for the new iPhone 8 and X, but still supports previous editions (iPhone 4, 5 and 6) and iOS 8.0, 7.0, even 6.0!

For more information about how to install iTunes, sync your devices, create playlists, and other questions that may arise, you have a series of video tutorials on Apple’s official site.

To Download latest version of iTunes you can use this download link as per your Operating system standards.

But, when you upgrade iTunes by this way maybe face bugs when installing, if you have got installed successfully then you’re in luck. If your system not supports later follow this iTunes new version download link: Just open this from you desktop browser (chrome recommended), Once you’re in apple’s website will automatically fetch your system information and give you the iTunes update that your machine’s hardware / software supports.

How to connect wifi on the device?

You can simply use Router Admin Login IP Address –

What do you think about updating iTunes on your computer?, Have you got the newest iTunes update for your windows or mac PC by following this guide? Do let us know in the comments we’ll appreciate you and try to make this guide up to date.

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