How to Track The Location Of a Smartphone Without Installing Software

how to track the location of a smartphone without installing software 1 How to Track The Location Of a Smartphone Without Installing Software

Privacy will always be important. People usually want to remain hidden while doing certain activities on the Internet, and personal information is something not everyone should be able to have. However, sometimes you need to know everything the people around you do while connected to the Internet. This is the case for employers, worried parents, and some marriages.

It’s not precisely easy to maintain an activity log of all the things others do online, even if you’re there checking everything. Applications and specialized software, designed to track specific activities, are being commercialized since quite long ago. One of the most important things is the location – you can track someone’s location to know where they are at all times. It’s even useful if your phone gets stolen since you will be able to see where the thief is! But it’s not that easy to track someone without installing apps on the selected phone. And doing so without informing the user would violate their privacy.

We have good news for you today – you can track the location of a phone without installing any software! And in this article, we’ll show you how to do this. Keep reading!

What Can I Do To Spy On Someone Else’s Phone?

Most of the known alternatives to track smartphones are available to iOS users, so we’ll focus on that first. iCloud could be seen as the easy way since you don’t need external software or apps of any kind to use it effectively, but it’s not your only option. You can also use the FindMyPhone software or the mSpy app.

Follow these steps if you choose the mSpy alternative:

1.) Enter the mSpy page and create an account.

2.) Choose the target device. Enter the iCloud ID and password used in that device.

3.) The site will start tracking the device’s location. If you want to see it, click on the Location tab, in the dashboard.

If you want to use the FindMyPhone alternative, follow these steps instead:

1.) Download the app from the App Store.

2.) After installation, go to Settings. Choose iCloud as the startup method. You’ll need to enter your Apple ID and turn on FindMyPhone after this step.

3.) Once you’ve done this, you can enter FindMyPhone from another device if you install the app on it and enter the device’s account details.

FindMyPhone is a tracker, mostly designed to maintain your iOS device secure and safe, even in case of theft. However, you should always ask for the owners’ consent before installation.

If you want to use iCloud to know the location of one of your devices, do this:

1.) Enter the iCloud website. Log in using your Apple ID.

2.) Go to the dashboard and tap the Find My Phone icon.

3.) After the map appears, click on My Devices. Choose the device you want to locate.

4.) Now you can track the device’s location, and you are also able to play sounds on the smartphone, block the screen, and erase all data.

Keep in mind that the iCloud method will only work with all the devices that use your Apple ID.

If you own an Android, you can use mSpy as well. Sadly, you do need to install the app on the phone in this case, as currently there is no method available for Android that doesn’t involve installing a software. It’s still very easy, though:

1.) Enter the mSpy page and create an account.

2.) Install the mSpy application for Android in the target device. You can find the app here: After this, hide the app icon.

3.) Access your account, or install the mSpy app on your device. You can see the other device’s location from any of the mentioned options.

Now that you know what alternatives do you have, you may choose the best one for you. Did you know of any of these methods already? Do you know of other methods that can be used to track someone’s location without installing software? Go ahead and tell us about it in the comments! Your feedback is always appreciated.

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