How to Reset Windows 10 Admin Password. If You Forgot Windows Admin password then what you can do? The first thing will come in minds to tries to do a fresh re-installation of Windows or take the PC to a repair shop.

There are so many softwares to reset a forgotten password, but here we bring a simple hacks to reset forgotten Windows 7/8/10 password using the sticky keys method.

How to Reset Windows 10 Admin Password


How Does This Hacking Method Work?

Sticky Keys is part of Windows Ease of Access features that allows a user to tap the Shift, Ctrl, Alt or Windows key once to achieve the same effect as holding the key down. If you press the SHIFT key 5 times in a row at Windows login screen, the Sticky Keys application (sethc.exe) will launch and ask if you want to enable sticky keys feature.


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How to Reset Windows 10 Admin Password [Including Windows 8.1,8,7,Vista and XP]. 

This hacking method works by replacing the sethc.exe file with cmd.exe. When you boots to Windows login screen, pressing the SHIFT keys 5 times will launch an elevated Command Prompt.

From the Command Prompt, you have sufficient privileges to reset a lost password without knowing your current password. This method works flawlessly with all versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.


  • Any Linux Live CD/DVD/USB with Live option.If you don’t have one download any Linux distribution ISO file and Make a bootable CD/USB Or you can use Windows Windows 10 installation DVD.
  • Basic knowledge of CMD (Command Prompt), Boot menu etc.


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How To Hack Windows 10 Login Password?

  1. Insert the live CD/USB and boot from it. [You may need to turn off Secure Boot feature for UEFI BIOS]
  2. Locate the drive where Windows is installed. (C drive) Go to Windows/system32 folder.
  3. Find out a file named ‘cmd.exe’ and rename it to ‘cmd1.exe’
  4. Next find another file with the name ‘sethc.exe’ [It is the program for windows sticky keys] Rename sethc.exe to cmd.exe.
  5. Finally rename cmd1.exe to sethc.exe. [Swapping the sticky keys program with Command Prompt] So whenever Sticky Keys program is called it runs Ms DOS (CMD) and vice versa. ]
  6. Great! Now Shutdown and boot into Windows.
  7. When the log-in screen appears, press shift key five or six times periodically.
  8. Now the command prompt will open up. Type this without quotes and hit enter: “net users”
  9. Now you can see the list of active accounts [User Names] in the PC. Make a note of the Account Name you need to hack.
  10. Type the following command without quotes and hit enter: “net users <space><Account Name><space> NewPassword”
  11. For example: Net users Administrator Androfyi (User is”administrator” & Password is”Androfyi”)


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Note:  <space> means hit the space button. <Account Name> means replace it with the account you need to hack for example Administrator.

Done! You can login with the new password now.



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