Google Advanced Search Tips. Most of us use Google to search a lot of things on a daily basis. We have voice search, image search, video search and other ways of finding what we look for. So, do we often get what we search, or do our search results come up as effective as we suppose them to be.Google Advanced Search Tips

Here is the List of Some Best Google Advanced Search Tips:

#1. Search for Famous Books

If you want to know all the books an author has written, then you can use this google search tip to know the same. Start typing in google:

books by author_name.

Example: books by chetan bhagat

advanced Google Search Tips

#2. Search for Songs in Google;

You know how difficult it is to find songs online. Now no more browsing through all that sites to get to your favourite songs of a singer. Google is there to make it easy with its search tips and tricks. Like above type in google search:

songs by singer_name.

For Example: songs by arijit singh.

Advanced Google Search Tips

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#3.Search within a site:

What would you normally do when look for certain things in a site? You have no option but to use the search engine of that particular website. We however know how poor quality of search engine most websites have. By using google you can search within site:

site:websiteURL followed by the search term

Example; use whatsapp as search engine

advanced Google Search Tips

#4 Search for Exact Phrases:

How do you often search? By using a phrase or name. Does this search fetch relevant results? No, because when we use a phrase, Google combines search items for different words in a phrase. This is where we can use quote marks around a phrase or name to search something specific. This kind of search is helpful in less relevant results.:

“Exact Phrase’

Example: “american revolution”

advanced Google Search Tips

#5. Search for related sites:

How would you find related sites or similar sites of any particular domain? Try this related:websitename, and Google will fetch results of same sites from the domain



advanced Google Search Tips

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#6. Google Cache

Did you ever clicked on a link on google search result to find that the visited site is offline or down for some reason? Still if you want to check something on the site, you can do it through google cache.

Google caches the pages of all the sites of the internet so that they can be viewed even when there’s some problem with the server. Just enter the word cache before your site url (website full address):

cache site_url or you can make a normal search and click on the down arrow at the end of url and click cached.

#8. Find Flights

With this google search tip you can find all the flights from a place to your destination. Suppose if you want to find the flights from Hyderabad to Delhi, type in google:

flights from Hyderabad to Delhi

Clicking on more option at the bottom the result will get you further details.

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#9. Distance Between Two Places

Planning for a holiday and want to know the exact distance between your city and your dreamland? Here is the google search tip in action:

distance between <source> to <destination>

e.g. distance between Delhi to Mumbai. To help you further, you will also find a guiding map from your source to destination at the right.

#10. Time Zone of a Place

With this google search tip you can find how much ahead or behind is the time at a place. It will give you the time zone (pre-defined longitudes) to which that particular area belongs. Type in google:

<place> time zone

Like Washington time zone or India time zone.

So these were some of the advanced Google search tips. One thing to note here is that most of the search tips work when you have turned ON the location option of your google search. They work only when you have allowed Google to access your location. You can turn it on by going to gear icon>search settings>location.

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