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Guide-How to Get Paytm QR Code For Shopkeepers & Retailers

How to Get Paytm QR Code For Shopkeepers & Retailers. Paytm is one of the most famous website in India. Paytm is introducing new services to its users every day to increase user satisfaction and also for increasing their users base.

Recently Paytm has launched a new feature i.e. Paytm QR Code through which user can pay using Paytm wallet on retail shops near their home.

Get Paytm QR Code For Shopkeepers

Nowadays every Retailers and Shopkeepers want to install  Paytm QR CodeThere will be no Annual Maintenance charges, and the transaction fee will be 0%.

As the Government of India is striving hard to make all the transactions digital, they have demonetized ₹500 and ₹1000 notes. Now, More number of shopkeepers, Autowalas, and small business people are accepting Paytm payments.


So If you are unable to generate Paytm QR Code for shop, then this Tutorial will be very helpful for You.

How to Generate Paytm QR Code ?
  1. First connect your Android Mobile or Desktop to the Internet and open the Browser in it.
  2. Now you have Visit Paytm QR Code Generator Page Here.
  3. If you are not English, then please Click here for Hindi.
  4. Please provide contact information in the form.
  5. Fill up your all the required details Like – First Name, Last Name, Mobile Number, Email ID, Business/Outlet Name, Pincode, City, Business Address etc.
  6. After that, Click on “Submit” Botton.

That’s it!! Once the all process has complete, Then Paytm team will give you call back in 48 hours.

Get Your Paytm QR Code Instantly :-

  1. Download Paytm app on your smartphone & sign up using your mobile number.
  2. After Fill this Form and generate your Paytm QR Code Instantly.
  3. Print and Paste your QR Code at your counter.
  4. Ask your customers to tap Pay or send button, scan your QR Code, enter amount and Pay.


How to Accept Payments via Paytm QR Code

1. Once, your Paytm QR code is generated, Take the printout of the same and paste it at your shop counter.

2. Ask your customers to Tap Pay or Send Button on their Paytm App and scan your QR code, enter the amount and make the payment ?

That’s it! You will receive the Payment to your Paytm Wallet Instantly. As I mentioned earlier, there will be no Transaction Charges or Annual Maintenance Fee.

Receiving cash in your Payment Account is free of cost. Also, Till 31st December all KYC merchants can transfer money to their Bank account without any charges.

Non-KYC merchants will be charged 1% on the Total amount transferred to their bank account.

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