How to Find Wifi Password Of Connected Networks. If Your computer or Laptop is connected to a WiFi network but you don’t known the password or you forgot the password of WiFi network then this trick will hell you find WiFi Password.

Find Wifi Password Of Connected Networks

This trick will let you Find Wifi Password Of Connected Networks in Windows 7/8/10

Microsoft Windows stored every WiFi passwords  of network you have ever connected. By this method you can easily find WiFi Password by two methods as described below:

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#1 Method-By Using Command Prompt:

Easy way to find WiFi password on Windows is by using the command prompt. This will also works for WiFi networks, that you  were connected in the past. But for recovering  past WiFi network password you need SSID (Network/WiFi Name) in proper cases.

Follow the these below steps:

#1. Open Command Prompt (CMD) as administrator.

CMD#2. Now type command “netsh wlan show profile” this will show all network names that are stored in that computer.

netsh wlan show profile


#3. Now Type this command in a “netsh wlan show profile wifi name key=clear.” press Enter.

netsh wlan show profile wifi name key=clear

(Here, replace the “WiFi Name” with SSID (Name of the network of which password you want to know). For Example i had select “OnePlus3” wifi name(SSID) from list as shown in Step 1.)

#4. Thats it, Scroll down and you will see password in security setting next to key content.

netsh wlan show profile wifi name key=clear pass

#5. Under security settings, in key content, you can see the Wi-Fi password for that network.

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#2 Method-Using Network Settings(For Current Connected Network Only).

By this trick you can get Wifi password for current connect network using Network and Sharing Center. (This method is work for current network password only). Just Follow the below steps.

#1. Go to your Network and sharing center. Right-click on the Wireless Network icon in the taskbar and click “Open Network and Sharing Center”.

Network Sharing

#2. Next click on the connetions WiFi name.

Wifi Name

#3. Wi-Fi Status Tab window will open,

#4. Now click on Wireless Property

Wifi Status

#5. Click the Security tab and check the Show characters checkbox, to see the hidden password.

Wifi Password


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I hope this article will help you to find out the password of the WiFi network that you are connected to on different devices. If you find this article useful please share with your friends or comments below.

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