Send Secret Messages (Self-Destructing) in Facebook Messenger

Facebook Tricks-Send Secret Messages (Self-Destructing) in Facebook Messenger. With One Billion users from WhatsApp and 900 million users from Messenger, Facebook is about to dominate the end-to-end encryption messaging wars. The social network giant has finally made “secret conversations” in Facebook Messenger

Facebook has said their messaging app is completely protected from any security leaks & they keep working to fix any loop holes in security. But to offer next level privacy which is not tracked by any company or government, Facebook has introduced “Secret conversation”in its messenger app.

What is Secret Conversation?

Secret conversations allow you to have a fully encrypted chat with another Messenger user that cannot be seen by anyone — not Facebook, the FBI, or the NSA. However, instead of automatically enabling the function for all users (in the vein of WhatsApp), Facebook has put the power in your hands. Consequently, you have to activate the encryption feature every time you wish to have a private conversation.

How to Activate Secret Conversations in Facebook Messenger?

Before actually sending a Secret Message to a contact first we need to activate the Secret Conversations in the app.

Step 1. Once you open the Messenger app, it will show you the previous chats, open the person’s chat to whom you want to send secret message. 

Step 2. Click the profile Icon in the top right corner of the app which will take to your Messenger profile and setting.


Step 3. Below you can see an option “Secret Conversations” after photos & media.

Step 4. Once you open this you’ll see a toggle button, click on the button.


Step 5. Now it will ask your permission to “Turn On” tap it to activate the Secret Conversations.

Once it had activated you can send a secret message to any of your contacts. Even now you cannot directly send the Secret message or Self-Destruct messages. To sent Secret messages, follow the below method.

How to send Secret or Self-Destructing Messages?

To send secret messages is almost same as Activating Secret Conversations. However, you need to go to the Messenger profile of the contact you like to send Secret Message instead of your profile.

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Step 1. Go to the chat box of the contact you wish to send a secret message or self-destructing message.

Step 2. Click on the button with “i” inside a circle which will take you to the Messenger profile of the contact.


Step 3. Below the Nicknames option you will have a new option called “Secret Conversation.”

Step 4. Once you tap on the option, you can see a new chat section for the contact.


All the messages you send in this chat box are entirely end to end encrypted which are unbreakable for anyone without device keys. All the messages you send in this, are self-destructing after 10 seconds the contact sees the messages. This can be turned off in timer which you can see with a stopwatch above the keyboard. In this option, you can either turn it off or prolong it to a day.

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This is everything you need to know how to activate and send Secret and Self-Destructing messages in Facebook Messenger app. With this cool option, you can send your more personal information & secure information like bank or ATM details, chat with someone you don’t want anyone to see without any risk.

Keep in mind that secret conversations cannot be applied to group messages, and do not appear on Messenger for desktop. You also have the option to delete all your encrypted chats in one go from within your Messenger profile tab.

Secret Conversation’s encryption protocol, Signal, comes from Open Whisper Systems, the non-profit that powers end-to-end encryption in WhatsApp, Allo, and Signal, its own messaging app.


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