COVID-19 Lockdown: Know How to find Food, Night shelters on Google Map


Food and Night shelters on Google Map: Google on Monday said it will now show the locations of food and night shelters on Google Maps in cities across India to help people find these essential services during the ongoing lockdown.

The search giant(Google India) is in collaboration with the Government of India. The list of these government-run shelters can be accessed on Google Maps, Search and even by using Google Assistant.

According to Google, the feature is currently available in over 30 cities. The search giant will be adding more locations to this list. Currently, the feature is only available in English language but Google claims that the feature will soon be rolled out in Hindi and other regional languages too.

To look for these locations, the user will have to simply type ‘Food shelters in or ‘Night shelters in . The same commands can be given as an invoice. Users on JioPhone can also use Google Assistant to get the list of shelters.

Google India Senior Programme Manager Anal Ghosh has said that- “As the COVID-19 situation develops, we are making a concerted effort to build solutions that help people during these times of need. In addition to this, “With the help of volunteers, NGOs, and traffic authorities, we hope to convey this important information to the affected people, many of whom may not have access to a smartphone or mobile device during this time,” he(Anil Ghosh) said.

This new move would be an alternate, for massive migrant, who exodus from most major Indian cities after the 14-day lockdown was put in place. The migrants moving to their hometowns had mostly taken off on foot due to the lack of transport. These food and night shelters may provide some respite to the homeless.

Here are the step by step procedure to find food, night shelters on Google Maps

Follow the below-given steps to find food on Google Maps.

Step 1: Open Google Maps on your device.
Step 2: Next you need to search.

  • For food shelters, enter ‘Food shelters and city name.’
  • For night shelters enter ‘Night shelters and city name’

Step 3: The address will be displayed on the screen.

Google Maps will display a list of options for food shelters and night shelters. Hence, by following the above-given steps users will be able to find food location on Google Maps and night shelters in India amidst the COVID-19.

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