Convert Any Non-Touch Laptop-PC Into a Touch Screen. Laptops and notebooks in today’s world are now coming with a touchscreen display.

Touchscreen display makes computing very simple as the notebook can be used as a tablet and you can carry it with yourself anywhere with ease.For example the microsoft surface has a tablet feature and the HP envy series.But these touchscreen laptops are very expensive due to their touch feature.

So if you can not buy these due to your low price budget then you can convert your existing non-touch laptop into a touch screen with all touch.Yes it is possible to convert a non-touch screen laptop into a touchscreen laptop

Convert  Any Non-Touch Laptop-PC Into a Touch Screen

Trick-Convert Your Any Non-Touch Laptop/PC Into a Touch Screen

Here is an exciting device which will allow you to turn your non-touchscreen laptop into a touch screen laptop.This Cool Device is named as AirBar which is a Plug and Play Device Comes for 11.6 inch to 15.6 inch Laptops.

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What is AirBar and How does it Work?

AirBar is a small plug-and-touch bar that attaches magnetically to the bottom of your machine’s display.
When connected to your laptop via an available USB port, AirBar starts emitting a beam of invisible light across your screen that is used to track touchscreen movements and gestures.
The movements and gestures are then translated into corresponding inputs, making you able to use all the gestures including poking, pinching, swiping, zooming and scrolling around with your hand, in the same way, like on a touchscreen PC.

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This Device Works with Brushes, with brush you can drag and drop the brushes to make a painting this is very interesting in this device because most of the touchscreen laptops doesn’t allows you to use brushes on the screen.

And another interesting thing is that it also works with Gloves also means if you are wearing a gloves and you want to work on your laptop without removing your gloves so its amazing you can work smoothly.


Now is there a simple question in your mind what operating system does it requires to work smoothly??
So here is your answer the minimum requirement of operating system is Windows 8 and other newer versions of Windows & ChromeBook.

Now the second question comes in your mind is this device works with MacBook???
The Answer is No, there is no official support for this device in MacBook or OSX Operating System but, if you have MacBook you can try it out.

This Device is not launched yet it is scheduled to launched in the middle of 2016. & the price is not yet fixed but you can pre-order it from its official website AirBar


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