How to Control Your Computer With Your Android Phone. There are so many things you Can do with your Android Smart Phone, But several time your need to use of your PC. You may need to access a file, or you may actually need to run a program. So you have to go to Computer for that.

But now, you can remotely access your Computer  via your Android phone or tablet. Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop Application can be used with Android Smart Phone.

Control Your Computer With Your Android Phone

Chrome Remote Desktop has been announced by Google and it makes your life much easier, by allowing you to control your computer from your Android device.

Chrome Remote Desktop is available free of charge from Google Play and it’s used in conjunction with Chrome Remote Desktop on your computer. This is a Chrome app, so you’ll need to have Google’s web browser installed on your computer.

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Setting Up and Using Chrome Remote Desktop

Step 1: Install the Chrome Remote Desktop Chrome app from the Web Store. I don’t need to tell you that this has to be done in Google Chrome and that you need to do this on the computer you want to control (but I said it anyway).

Chrome Remote Desktop

Step 2: The app will be found in your Chrome Desktop Apps menu. Don’t start it just yet.

Chrome Remote Desktop Chrome Apps

Step 3: Install the Android app from the Google Play Store. It’s free, of course.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop for Android install

Now that the Android app is installed, you’re getting closer to enjoying all the benefits of Chrome Remote Desktop on your Android device. There are, however, a few more steps to go through before you’ll be able to do that.

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Step 4: Launch the app on your Android device. You will find it next to all of the other installed apps if you have disabled the auto-creation of homescreen shortcuts.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop for Android start

Step 5: You will be told that no computers are currently registered. This is your cue to return to your computer.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop for Android no computer

Step 6: Start the Chrome Desktop app from the respective menu on your computer, that we’ve talked about a bit earlier. You’ll be asked to grant the app permission to your computer. If you’ve done everything as told and you’re the owner of both devices, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t be safe to do it.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop permission

Step 7: Once you’ve granted access, in the next screen you’ll see the possibilities Chrome Remote Desktop offers. Namely, you can control your own computer (which is the direction we’ve been following) or provide remote assistance. To do the latter, click Get Started under the respective section.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop on

Step 8: Things get easy from here. If you want someone to control your computer, click Share in the next screen. You’ll be provided with an access code, which you’ll give to the other person, allowing them to control your computer.

If you want to control someone else’s computer, you’ll click access and input the code the other person has received by doing the above. Either way, both of you will need to have the Chrome Desktop app installed.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop share

Now let’s get back to controlling your computer from your Android device.

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Step 9: Click Get Started in the second section, the My Computers one.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop on

Step 10: Now, click Enable remote connections.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop enable

Step 11: If you were afraid that someone stealing your Android device will get access to your computer too, you were wrong. You will now be asked to set a PIN, at least six digits long. Remember it and everything will be safe. You will be asked to confirm it once again, anyway.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop PIN

Step 12: You’ll get a confirmation that remote connections are available, if everything has gone according to plan.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop enabled

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Step 13: Go back to your Android device. Your computer should already show up in the app. If it doesn’t, tap the Refresh button on the top right side. Tap your computer’s name and enter the PIN code.

Chrome Remote Desktop computer

Step 14: Do whatever you want on your computer, straight from your Android device! The whole process works quite nicely and, once you get used to it, you’ll probably love it.


The handy features of Chrome Remote Desktop have a variety of uses, for both work related and personal activities.

For example, being able to access your work computer from home is an extremely useful feature. Additionally, you can provide real-time support to friends, family members and colleagues from anywhere in the world, by taking control of their computer.

With remote access, the benefits and possibilities are quite literally endless.


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