Review-Best Free Online Screen Recorder RecordCast


Best Free Online Screen Recorder RecordCast

Best Free Online Screen Recorder RecordCast

How to Make Screen Videos? Use RecordCast

In the life of a freelance strategist, there are tools that really change existence. Today I’m talking to you about my meeting with RecordCast, an online service but also usable on the Windows, macOS, and Chromebook platform, which will save you a lot of time in crazy phone calls with customers.

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When a video is worth a thousand words

Suppose you also manage Facebook accounts, various Business Managers, adv campaigns on social networks. In that case, you know very well that when the customer calls you because he does not find the invoices to download from the advertising account. He does not understand the report you sent, or he does not find a post who wrote, the hours on the phone are spent in more or less articulated explanations trying to explain where what is.

Personally, it has happened to me many, too many times, to take screenshots of pages, profiles, accounts, and send them by email with detailed explanations on how to find invoices, accounts, posts, and millions of other things.

Then one day, I don’t even remember how I find RecordCast and boom! My life has really changed.

Best Free Online Screen Recorder RecordCast

What is RecordCast and how it works

The tool is called RecordCast, and quickly and intuitively, it allows us to create video tutorials, with the possibility of maintaining a “real” voice contact with our users.

RecordCast has two different modes of use:

1.browser sharing only,

2.sharing the entire desktop (deciding what you want to record)

Best Free Online Screen Recorder RecordCast

Here are the features of RecordCast, which, you will understand, is a relatively complete tool for video capture, without being complicated to set up and rather easy to use. It is also possible to integrate the video into the FlexClip video maker platform connected to RecordCast.

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Finally, you can edit the video with various advanced features. With the Trim function, the first and last seconds of your video will be cut out. It is also possible to exclude the audio and add a new voiceover for simple video screencasting.

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The features announced at the moment are:

100% free

No download required

Flexible recording

Fast download & edit

What videos can you make with RecordCast

Space for imagination! With RecordCast, I happened to make the most disparate videos, and here are some examples:

Explanation of even complicated social media marketing reports. Since I create the presentation on Google Drive, I just need to record a video as the slides pass, and everything is more straightforward;

Various indications on Facebook and the Business Manager. When customers have “logistical” doubts with RecordCast in a moment, I can show them what campaigns we have active, how much we are spending, live results;

Small tutorials on how to read Analytics data, access the website or Facebook page, or on where there are apparently disappeared posts.

When I consultations and check-ups, I always send the reports accompanied by a RecordCast video before fixing a Skype call or a live appointment.

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Final words

I love RecordCast because, in a few minutes, it clears the distances and saves a lot of time and words that are sometimes much less effective than videos.

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