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10 Best Android HD Games August 2017. Android has become the best popular platform for the smartphones as well as tablets. With every new day, the Android quality is becoming more efficient due to the release of all new apps.

Now talking about the games apps only, no one can search and progress through so many games to look for the best one! Yet according to the user reviews and number of downloads to the quality of games could be judged, and we have found the best apps out of those reviews for the Android gaming category.

10 Best Android HD Games August 2017

So as we have written above, we have listed the best gaming apps in this article according to the latest rankings. Take a tour of this article and hence know about those best apps!

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10 Best Android HD Games August 2017:

Below we had selected some the best android games that you need to try on your Android for the better gaming experience with all new things that have been introduced in these games.

#1 Ace Attorney:

Dual Destinies: This paid game tagged with a price of about 20 dollars power install tops the list of best apps. The reason is simple, this game could easily make any player delve into it for much longer. This game is about the Phoenix that you control and he has to fight with the corrupt court systems for justice!

#2 Angry Birds Evolution:

The best and the most popular game Angry Birds would be known very well to every game. This game was on the top lists for a long time and keeping this in focus the developers had launched the upgraded version of this game named Angry Birds Evolution. The style of game is almost same and the players have to play with the Angry Birds and gain the level ups!

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#3 Asphalt Street Storm Racing:

Asphalt Street Storm Racing
Asphalt Street Storm Racing
  • Asphalt Street Storm Racing Screenshot
  • Asphalt Street Storm Racing Screenshot

Excellent car racing game that is made tough enough to squeeze the enjoyment out of players. The tracks are enforced with weather conditions that are harsh, the roads are full of issues. And all of these issues and strategy combinations make this game a great racing game!

#4 The Elder Scrolls:

This game is completely similar to the Clash Royale, HearthStone. We choose this Game because it outperforms in its category. The users have to collect cards, make the deck and then survive the attacks by other decks. The ultimate challenge is to make the biggest kingdom!

#5 Farming Simulator 18:

Farming Simulator 18
Farming Simulator 18
Developer: GIANTS Software
Price: $4.99+
  • Farming Simulator 18 Screenshot
  • Farming Simulator 18 Screenshot

Utilize all the 50 different farming machines inside this game and hence make your own vast farm. Prevent from the attacks and bugs and complete your goal!

#6 Ghouls’n Ghosts MOBILE:

Ghouls'n Ghosts MOBILE
Ghouls'n Ghosts MOBILE
  • Ghouls'n Ghosts MOBILE Screenshot
  • Ghouls'n Ghosts MOBILE Screenshot

The game is priced at approximately 2 dollars per install. As you can judge by the name of this app, It is a game in which players need to kill various kinds of ghosts or monsters and hence achieve the benefits!

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#7 Pokemon Magikarp Jump:

In this game, your patience and strategies will be tested. You have to train your Magikarp and hence let it compete with others! This game is available for free of cost but there are some in-app purchases which you can think to buy but it is not necessary.


#8 Mordheim: Warband Skirmish:

Warband Skirmish: This is a kind of strategy game in which you have to control one mercenary faction and make it fight with other two. In this game, you will get some tough challenges but toy will surely love it.

#9 The Horus Heresy: Drop Assault:

Choose your side in the intense civil war that erupted amongst the Emperor’s Legions of Space Marines in the 31st Millennium. As a Captain of your troops, customize your army and engage in fierce tactical battles. Create a Chapter with your friends and challenge rivals around the world in Live Skirmish combat.

#10 Zombie Gunship Survival:

Zombie Gunship Survival
Zombie Gunship Survival
Developer: Flaregames
Price: Free+
  • Zombie Gunship Survival Screenshot
  • Zombie Gunship Survival Screenshot

Protect your base from the attack of zombies by killing them through the plane you fly. You will see numerous zombies all through the game and you know very well that you have to kill these more and more

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We hope that you will like this article and all those apps provide in the list above. According to our survey and all the best games that we have found, the list contains every possible best app. Certainly, if you find that there are some apps which we haven’t listed, then just let us know about that apps through the comments box!


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