Any Android 7.0+ device can now be used as 2FA security keys for Google


security keys for Google

Google has announced that any Android device running Android 7.0 and above can now be used as a two Factor Authentication when signing into your Google account.

The search giant have revealed that you can now use your phone as your security key if it is running android 7.0 and above.

Now, you have one more option—and it’s already in your pocket. Starting today in beta, your phone can be your security key—it’s built into devices running Android 7.0+. This makes it easier and more convenient for you to unlock this powerful protection, without having to carry around additional security keys. Use it to protect your personal Google Account, as well as your Google Cloud Accounts at work. We also recommend it for people in our Advanced Protection Program—like journalists, activists, business leaders and political campaign teams who are most at risk of targeted online attacks.

You can find out more information about this new security feature for Android over at Google at the link below.

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