PhotoScan by Google

PhotoScan by Google Makes Old Memory Pics Digitization Easy. Most of us have tried to digitize our Childhood Images, Old Printed photos and we know its very difficult  without  use of high resolution scanner.Since many people don’t have scanner to digitizing photographs, they use their smartphone cameras to Scan. But using phone camera to scan old images i not so easy its very tedious Job and take results are also not so much impressive. 


This is where Google’s new app, PhotoScan, comes into play. It’s a free application that is available right now on the Play Store.The team behind Google Photos has released a new app that save your old physical prints and give you a digital copy to save and upload to Google Photos. The premise is pretty simple; take a picture of your picture and let the app crop, zoom, and adjust the image automatically for you. Then you’ll have a copy saved in your Google Photos library to do anything with. 

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Now your photos look better than ever – even those dusty old prints.Photos are automatically cropped, rotated, and color corrected. You can save them to Google Photos with one tap and then, when you want to find them, you can just search for “scans” inside Google Photos and they’ll all come up.

Photoscan is a lot faster than using a scanner, if you have one to begin with. You could of course try photographing the image directly using the camera app, but we’ve done that in the past, and it could involve multiple attempts to get the focus right, the lighting right, and the framing right, and ends up taking almost as long as scanning would. 

Back up your scans with the free Google Photos app to keep them safe, searchable, and organized. Bring your scans to life with movies, filters, and advanced editing controls. And share them with anyone, just by sending a link.

Download PhotoScan by Google Photos


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