Tips-Advantages Of Ecommerce That Will Turn Your World Upside Down


Advantages Of Ecommerce That Will Turn Your World Upside Down

Before we start about this, let’s first understand E-commerce.

Ecommerce in general means selling goods online. It means that there would be no physical store where products will be displayed. Ecommerce is like that you can do shopping from any country and from any brand from all over the world.

This digital selling and buying technique is popular all over the world. The Internet plays an important role in this process. The entire world is on your reach now. Don’t you think it sounds interesting?

I’m sure you all have numbers of the question at this moment like:

What will be the future of the e-commerce industry in the upcoming time?

To understand the above-mentioned question we all need to understand that the future is unpredictable. Like we all are going through with the current pandemic situation of the Year 2020 where only the e-commerce industry got survived because of less gathering, the physical appearance of the person, etc. For sure this time of pandemic will be not last long and passed very soon.

But, in this duration people who worked in the retail sector lost their job. This time is an awareness and learning for all of us to get our products & services digital and survived in adverse conditions of the time. The advantages of Ecommerce industry to a business are the selling and purchasing of products and services online has no resting time.

They are active 365 days and 24×7. For a better understanding lets understand the average growth rate of 25.6% in ecommerce sales over the period of 2014 to 2017 Upcoming time will going to be more and more digital. So, you’re on a right direction of your future. Hope, till now you have made your vision.

Advantages Of Ecommerce:

#1. Dead Offline And Live Online :

Nowadays, at the current situation as several brands got shut down just because their priority was offline and brands who values both or having just online they are surviving in this pandemic of year 2020. It is expected that global online market is going to grow in 2021 and beyond. So, be prepared for this adventurous time of boom in ecommerce sector. Lifestyle has been changed and will change further.

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#2. Universal Customers Use Social Media :

The time is up to chase customer all over the world. Promote your product any where all over the world by the help of social media. Online is about testing your potential customers and not to rely on retail partners. It won’t be like that you opened a store and after six month or a year that you don’t have potential customer in your reach.

Advantages Of Ecommerce: 

There are so many tools available online to search and fix the issue. Now, desire to purchase a product from a country will no more, it’s just a one click away. This is the best way to make business relationship with customers all over the globe. The can easily reach out to you. Everything under your command sale, promotion, feedback, etc. It helps to build your every type of customer data from country to country.

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#3. Mobile commerce is increasing day by day :

A Person live either in developed country or in developing country or undeveloped country, but they surely use mobile. Mobile becomes the necessity of today’s world. In mobile ACCELERATED MOBILE PAGES and PROGRESSIVE WEB APPS drives the mobile commerce. Mobile commerce is expected to be more widespread worldwide.

Advantages Of Ecommerce: 

By making website and it will be easier to introduce your product to your niche customer or client. Making a website is not finish the work. But, just because your digital platform theme offers a responsive site doesn’t mean you’re proving a great mobile experience. Need to focus on conversion rate as well. We have to check the health of the site that it should be open in less than three seconds as per the protocol otherwise customer will leave your web page.

Study says that bounce rate of mobile is approximately 20% higher than the desktop. Usage of desktop is lesser than mobile and most importantly on festival season. It is often checked that there are less sitting jobs where person can access site through desktop. Desktop is the object which is of weight and people love to carry mobile more.

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#4. Globally eCommerce is booming :

Ecommerce is a growing sector year by year. More and more shoppers are likely to purchase online in upcoming time. Ecommerce cuts the mediator part due to which on online we get number of discounts. Ecommerce has customers all over the world, it’s just you need to pick the right thing at right time.

Advantages Of Ecommerce

Ecommerce has customer of all class so it’s an opportunity to sell reasonable product as well as luxurious products. You can Target those countries which are highly populated and fastest growing ecommerce countries.

#5. Automation encourages productivity :

Businesses will run on the autopilot mode in the upcoming years, doesn’t sounds great? Automation helps top level management to think additional to their business more and expand business worldwide.

Advantages Of Ecommerce

Automation helps to eradicate manual, time consuming, repetitive works which directly impacts the productivity of the business. Automation helps to remove human error mistakes which generally take place at store level and things which hamper the shopping experience of a shopper. Automation helps to stop any kind of fraud.


Advantages Of Ecommerce To Business:

  1. Ecommerce helps to remove physical stores as well expand customer base worldwide. It makes international customer aw well can experience your product.
  2. Ecommerce helps to save store rent, electricity, maintenance, fixed salary with incentive, etc all those costs which are associated with a physical store.
  3. Ecommerce eliminate long line – a site can bear more than 1000 customer in a go which a store can’t handle as they don’t have that much of manpower at their store.
  4. Limited stock display – Stores are divided into a category base sometimes only a category receives the stock and C category doesn’t.
  5. Want to have a look on highly recommend product, varieties at the same time which is not possible for customers to have a look in the store due to spacing issue.

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